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Top 5 Horror & monster Movies

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Top 5 Horror & monster Movies


Going back 15 years in 1963 on Halloween Night, Michael Myers, a six-year-old boy, inexplicably stabs his teenage sister to death with a knife. Michael is institutionalized, and his supervisors hope that his discharge will never be approved because of his condition.

On his way to a hearing that will determine his fate, Michael steals the car, escapes the sanitarium and becomes a free man in the city.
With a compulsive desire to kill, Michael sets out to the scene of his childhood crime, targeting and following a new teenager and her friends until the right opportunity comes to kill her.

Samuel Loomis, a physician, is looking for him to realize the seriousness of his condition, which he describes as the living embodiment of evil, and he is trying to get one of the officers and the families of these teens to get to him in time for his crime.


On Amity Island, a calamity occurs when they find the remains of a disfigured young girl on the beach. New police chief Martin Brody, asserting that the girl was the victim of a deadly attack by a huge shark at sea, calls on Martin to close the beaches for the swimmers to be safe. This demand is rejected by the city's greedy mayor as the city's economy is based on tourism on these beaches.

A team, made up of Officer Martin, expert shark hunter Quint, and sea scientist Matt Hopper, set out into the ocean to hunt him on a difficult mission in the face of a bloodthirsty adversary.

The film was an unreported success, reflected in record-breaking revenues, making it an industry model for box-office success. He received many acclaim from critics for being impressive, terrifying, and exciting, as well as for the cast's performance and Spielberg's directing skills. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards, winning three of them: Best Sound, Montage, and Soundtrack.

Day later 28

A group of animal rights activists storm a laboratory where strange and dangerous tests are being performed on a number of chimpanzees and attempt to free the animals.

They succeed even though scientists have been warned of the consequences, since the chimpanzees carry a virus that can be transmitted to humans.

And indeed this is what happens when the chimpanzees attack the group that has freed them and the virus starts to capture them in just 20 seconds.

Jim's story begins 28 days later when he wakes up in an abandoned hospital and finds that life has vanished from London. He then meets some individuals who are infected with the virus and try to attack it, but is luckily rescued by some who have not yet contracted the virus and explain the situation to him.
It was ranked one of the best zombie movies.


Marion Crane works as a secretary for the real estate man George Lowry, and one day trusts her to deposit $40,000 in the bank. Along the way, Marion, burdened by life's troubles and hardships, decides to steal that much money and run away with it and start a new life.

Halfway out of the city, she becomes tired and is disrupted by a weather storm, forcing her to stay at the Bates Hotel.

The lack of guests in the hotel, which is managed by the suspicious young Norman under his mother's command, seems to be behind him, as Marion is murdered on the night of her stay, remorseful of returning with the money she stole.

After her disappearance, her lover and sister, as well as a private investigator who was hired by George, all arrive at the hotel, but fail to respond to the actions of the hotel manager.
It was rated one of the best movies in history.


The film follows the story of the spacecraft Nostormo returning to Earth with a crew of seven hibernating. The ship receives signals from a moon next to them, and its mind awakens the crew, who, despite an engineer's interception, are heading to explore the signals and the moon.

These signals appear to come from an abandoned spaceship, and deciphering the signals, they find it a warning message. During their exploration of the ship, they mistakenly launch a deadly alien that infiltrates their ship as they return to Earth and begins to attack and kill them.


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