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Top 5 Funniest Skits in A Black Lady Sketch Show (Season 1) (Spoilers)

Shanea Patterson is a writer based in New York. She's worked with clients like Instacart, Tailwind, Columbia, Esurance, and LifeLock.


A Black Lady Sketch Show is probably the funniest comedy skit show created by a black woman. If I’m wrong, correct me.

But if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to get HBO Max now and watch it. It’s already got three seasons and it’s only getting funnier.

Here’s what I consider to be the top 10 funniest skits in A Black Lady Sketch Show (Season 1).

1. The Second Skit in Episode One – The Ice Cream Shop

The ladies (Gabrielle Dennis, Robin Theade, Quinta Brunson, and Ashley Nicole Black) dress up as R&B singers in a group called The Boppers from back in the day, complete with suits (with glitter lining), slicked back hair, and bowties.

We know something is about to happen because Robin Theade’s character tells them, right before the curtains go up that he’s about to flip and dip it and that they should try to keep up.

Their heads snap in “his” direction, their faces riddled with confusion.

The fact that they’re dressed up like men is only half of the comedic recipe in that scene.

The other half is that the lyrics they’re singing. It starts off innocently with the group singing about holding hands in the ice cream shop. You know, because songs back then were much more innocent than they are these days. So it gives a nice little contrast for what’s about to happen.

The first time Robin’s Theade’s character goes off script, saying, “A girl like you should never be alone. Come taste the flavor of my ice cream cone.”

That throws the rest of them and from there, we watch as the rest of the group tries to continue on with the show, despite Robin’s character’s antics.

Another line: “Your two scoops leave me at a loss. I’ll cover them in my chocolate sauce.”

And Gabrielle Dennis’ character spouts: “We’re just here to ask you out…” Gives Robin Theades character *a look* and continues, “That’s what this song used to be about.”

The group tries to get Robin’s character back on track with lines like: “Chocolate sauce goes on dessert. Not on the Milk Duds under your shirt.”

The whole scene is hilarious. I laugh every time I go back and watch it.

But the real kicker is when they reveal that the most outrageous acting member of the group (played by Robin Thede) has died…but that his legacy will live on through the music of his grandson, Chris Brown!

I’m dead.

2. The Dr. Haddassah Olaynika Ali-Youngman Skit

See, see, see…Sorry, I had to do it.

If you’ve watched A Black Lady Sketch Show, you already know that those are the first words that usually trickle out of the mouth of critically acclaimed author, world-renowned philosophizer, she’s Pre-PhD.

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Who has a HERtep Masterclass Called: Polygamy is Only Working if a Woman Doesn’t.

One of the first lines she spouts is: “White people will have you thinking our original sin is our existence. But theirs is putting raisins in food where it doesn’t belong. Jesus only ate his grandma’s Mac and cheese and so do I.”

The ridiculousness she spouts as the skit goes on just gets funnier and funnier.

For example, she says, “The white man will tell you that the black man invented the traffic light. What they won’t tell you is he invented the colors yellow, red, and green.” Hilarious!

Not to mention, Robin Theade (who’s playing Dr. H) is dressed in traditional African garb, head wrap and all.

But I don’t want to give too much away. Go. Watch (if you haven’t already).

3. The Skit Where Quinta Plays a Lesbian Who Gets Abducted By Aliens

In one of the skits towards the end of episode one, Quinta Brunson plays a lesbian woman with straight backs who’s in the club, with her friend, Robin Theade.

She starts dancing to “My Neck, My Back” and she notices that across the club, someone is copying her dance moves. So she switches up and does something different. They copy that.

Quinta’s response?

“Oh, hell no. I did not watch ‘Hotline Blin’ 42 times to be disrespected like this.”

She’s sure this person is copying her moves at first and Quinta’s face while it’s all happening is just too much to bear.

So the girl who’s copying Quinta leaves out the back door and Quinta follows her. Only to be seemingly assaulted by the girl.

When her friend finds her out in the back alley, she’s lying on the ground.

Two minutes later, they’re back in the club, strangely. Robin asks Quinta if she’s sure she’s okay.

Quinta’s response: “Man. I’m Gucci. You think I’m tryna leave the turn up just ‘cause I passed out in an alleyway under mysterious circumstances?”

I was dead!

When Quinta starts dancing again, though, she realizes she can’t dance anymore. Neither of them can.

They both yell out: “That bitch literally stole our dance moves!”

Cut to: An alien dancing on a space ship using the moves it stole from Quinta and Robin.

4. When Ashley Reveals She Doesn’t Wear a Scarf to Bed

If you’re a black woman, or you’re familiar with black hair care, you know that we sleep with a bonnet, scarf, du rag, or hell, even a silk pillowcase.

Mostly because our hair doesn’t retain moisture as well as other types of hair. That means, we need to take extra care of it so that it doesn’t dry out.

One season one, episode two, while the girls are looking at what they all packed for “the end of the world,” the discussion comes up about wearing a scarf to bed.

Because Gabrielle Dennis asks Ashley if she can borrow an extra scarf.

When Ashley reveals that she doesn’t wear a scarf to bed, all hell breaks loose. The women sneer at her like she’s got three heads.

Quinta asks, “Because you sleep in a bonnet?”

Ashley reveals that just simply doesn’t cover her hair at night.

This truly baffles the girls…along with every black woman in America. This is a cardinal sin. It’s something we just don’t do, which is what makes this scene so funny.

Gabrielle Dennis immediately yells, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” And you know we’re all wondering the same. Like, why? How? Huh?

5. The Skit Where Ashley’s Character’s Broke Boyfriend Proposes to Her

In season one, episode three, Ashley is walking down the street with her boyfriend. What she doesn’t know is that he’s about to propose to her in a big way – with a flash mob.

She starts seeing people she knows, like her high school band teacher, a girl she went to vacation Bible school with, among others.

She’s starting to get suspicious and asks, “Dwayne, what is happening?”

The camera cuts to a group of choreographed dancers and the couple watches them. She asks him what he did as they watch the performance.

He pulls her into the middle of the group, gets down on one knee, and asks her to marry him.

Totally unexpectedly, she asks, “Nigga, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you propose? You just lost your job.”

Ignoring all of that, Dwayne yells, “Surprise! I quit my job to devote myself to organizing this flash mob full-time.”

They continue arguing about the whole thing as the dancers are still posed in position doing spirit fingers, waiting for her to give a “yes” or a “no.”

He tells her, “It’s what you’ve always wanted. A viral proposal.”

Hilariously, she responds, “No, what I’ve always wanted was to find a black lady therapist in-network, but I guess I dream too big.”

You can’t help but laugh at the hysterical commentary. It’s a reality many a black woman has faced.

Then, her mom and best friend (Quinta) show up and her mom’s way to excited about being on the internet and her best friend can’t seem to stop dancing, even though the flash mob is gone.

The scene has even more delightful commentary about her long-lost father, personal finance issues between her and Dwayne, among other things.

And ends with Quinta still dancing as the camera pans away. It’s comedy gold.

What are some of your favorite skits from A Black Lady Sketch Show? Let me know in the comments.

© 2022 Shanea Patterson

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