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Top 10 Detective Shows on Netflix Right Now



If you know anything about British TV, then you already love Nicola Walker. She continues to be amazing in this series as a partner to a tortured detective, perhaps past his prime (Stellan Skarsgard). It's a little slow at the start, but give it a little time and you'll be hooked.



More salty European detectives. And it's Kenneth Branagh! He's broody and deep in this series (shocker!) but the cases are intricate and the stories are addicting. Keep your eyes open for a little bit of young Loki in the opening episodes.



Richard Harrington makes for an oh-so-yummy no nonsense investigator in this Welsh series. There's no way you'll be able to follow without the assistance of subtitles, but the mysteries are gripping and the cast is incredible to watch.



The long running series based on the Agatha Christie novels showcases a new mystery in each episode. David Suchet plays the Belgian detective to perfection with class and sass.



Anna Friel is superb in this British drama, showcasing her talent to be both relatable and phenomenal. You will fall in love with Marcella's shortcomings and clever intuition all at the same time as she works a very personal case.

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The Fall


While Jamie Dornan plays an interestingly torn suspect, Gillian Anderson is absolutely chilling as detective Stella Gibson in this series about a serial killer in Ireland. This is one of those shows that will make you look suspiciously at everyone you know.

The Killing


A mismatched pair of detectives tackle horrifying cases in each episode. Mireille Enos brings a quiet determination and tenacity to her character, who seems to be up against more than she can handle. The stories are complex which make the endings that much more satisfying as all the pieces weave together.



Of course! This delightful series has some of the most well-developed characters with a script that brings out the chemistry in each scene. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are undeniably one of the best crime-solving duos on TV. Each episode brings a new mystery, decipherable by only the incomparable Mr. Holmes.



Another one you'll binge in a weekend. Both of the seasons in this series are gripping and powerful. Olivia Coleman and David Tennant are spectacular as an average detective and her boss with a compelling past, working to solve a murder that makes a suspect out of everyone in their seaside town.



Idris Elba absolutely mesmerizes in this British detective series. Luther is the show that will have you writing letters to producers demanding more. The entire cast is first-tier, and the storylines are unparalleled. By far, the best show on Netflix right now.

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