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Top 5 Show Tv

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Top 5 Comedies

The office

One of the most famous foreign comedy series is The Office, which is derived mainly from a British work.

The series talks about the employees of an office of a paper company, their daily lives, and their relationship with their manager, an apparently eccentric.

The crew adopted single-camera Settings and laid off viewers in the studio, in order to simulate reality. The main character in the series is director Michael, Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert, and we will see the evolution of everyone's relationship due to the accumulation of years, friendships and problems, which will put us in a comedy and fun situation.

The series is one of the most nominated comedies, with 24 nominations. The awards are four Emmy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, and others. The work is still popular and views are still circulating on Social Media sites to simulate similar factual situations.


The series ran over 110 episodes, and revolved around the college of the show's name, which is located in a fictional town. The series makes extensive use of humor and popular culture, often focusing on clichés and film and television clips. Harmon based his work on personal experiences. It is in a style designed to create effective and orderly storytelling.

As a result, the series will be dominated by humorous, entertaining comedies, which have elevated the series' ratings and nominated it for several awards.

Reviews for the first season were generally positive, with several critics calling the work an attractive crew. Other seasons have also received good reviews, in which it has been argued that Society turns into a wonder of metaphysical madness in its second season, subtly unraveling the trappings of the sitcom as it repeatedly knocks its emotional rhythms out of the ordinary.

Sex and the City

The series talks about the idea of intimacy not from a woman's point of view of commitment and emotion, but the way men see it, as a newspaper columnist and her friends experience it with men who have already broken their hearts. The series reveals a comic, even satirical, nature of the characters' relationships and their respective perspectives.

The events of this controversial series can be seen as an exposures of the emotional life of American society in particular and Western society in general.

It also goes beyond all red lines in order to communicate its purpose. The series continues through a number of seasons with equal audacity and humor, as relationships and experiences are multiplied and the heroine and her friends experience the difficulty of finding a suitable partner and disappointment when a relationship ends.

The series has received a lot of criticism because it is inappropriate for all groups in society, because it has a negative impact on teenagers, and because it focuses on the poor way women generally view themselves. Some have said it is sad to see a daring and beautiful writer consider herself just a puppet or a child in fancy clothes.


This is the most popular series that sits on foreign comedies par excellence. The work centers around a group of friends who happen to live in nearby apartments and form harmonious pairs despite the difference in characters.

We will meet a spoiled, rebellious, patriarchal Rachel who currently lives with an accomplished chef, Monica, and a clean and orderly person, and Phoebe, who lives a very strange life. We also have Joey, who wants to be an actor but does not know how to act; Ross, who is separated from his eternal love Rachel and returns to her; and Chandler, a handsome, cynical young man who falls in love with Monica and sees through the seasons their relationship evolve into a happy, successful marriage.

We will witness and live with these friends all the experiences, jokes and fun times friends can have.

You'll never get tired of watching the episodes again, and you'll never stop laughing as long as you watch them.

Reviews of the series from its beginnings have been positive and it has been written as one of the brightest comedies of the new season.

It has also been described as the best comedy series of the decade.

Viewers and critics praised chemistry and the apparent harmony among actors that was at the heart of its spread, with original and innovative plots ensuring fame and spread across its eight seasons.

How l met your mother

How did your mother also meet an American sitcom that was very popular with the show?

Ted Mosby tells the story of his encounter with his wife, their love for his children, and what was happening with them and their friends. This may have caused many to resemble the idea of working for the previous series.

Friends are Ted, Marshall, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Tracy. We will testify to their emotional relationships, their funny attitudes, and their humorous paradoxes.

Reactions were generally positive, but it was argued that the comedies in the series were insufficient to compensate for the discrepancies between the characters. Others rated it as slightly better than most sitcoms between the past and present.


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