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Top 5 Anime Movies

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Top 5 Anime Movies

Omoi, omoware, furi, furare

The film tells about four high school friends and their look at love, where "Yuna Chan" who has recently moved to town and dreams of falling in love at first sight, loves a prince in one of the cartoons, looks for someone who actually looks like him, meets Akari Chan and becomes friends, she is also a high school student, but she has a different view of "Yuna Chan" for love, it is more practical, her mother is separated twice, her last marriage was to Ryu Ken's father, and although she secretly loved him without knowing him, and he was in love with her without telling her, they decided to be Only siblings after their parents are married.

As for "Kazumi Ken", he is a friend of "Yuna Chan" since childhood, and he loves cinema and directing movies, "Yuna Chan" falls in love with "Rio Ken", while "Akari" loves "Kazumi Ken", but how will their love story end? A fun movie about friendship, love, adolescence, and interrelationships, you don't miss it.

Zutto mae kara suki deshita: kokuhaku jikkou linkai “

The film follows five high school classmates, Setoguchi Ken or Yu, as well as Natsuki, Haruki, Akaren, and Ayasi Ken, who fall in love but are anxious to admit it to their loved ones, but face their fears of being rejected and not accepted, and bravely decide to do so. Akin, who is afraid to admit her love, and Natsuki and her childhood friend Yu, who Natsuki hopes to admit her love to Yu, but is unable to reveal her true feelings to him, ends up telling him that she is practicing Admitting her love for someone else, while she hides her true feelings for Yu, one of her classmates, Ayasi, asks her out.

The film is fun and wonderful about friendship and first love feelings, showing the sweet and bitter experiences and trials of romantic love stories among high school students, and the film has received great acclaims from critics, as it ranked eighth in the opening weekend at the Japanese box office, and achieved about 70 million Japanese yen.

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Kimi no Na Wa

Have you ever thought of having a friend from another world, a truly enjoyable and different experience, Your Name, which was a huge success at the time of its show tells us that this is possible, as it is about a young man named Taki and a high school girl named Mitsuha, who live in two very different places from each other, Mitsuha, who lives in a village in the Japanese countryside, dreams of living in Tokyo, while Taki, who lives in Tokyo, tries to balance his life, works at an Italian restaurant after school.

One day, both parties get to know the other side but in a somewhat bizarre way, when Taki and Mitsuha wake up and find themselves in each other's body, and live their lives in every detail, they are shocked at first, then decide to search and know what happens, until they get to know each other indirectly, and they develop a friendship until they fall in love.

A Whisker Away

It is a fantasy about Mio Sasaki, a sophomore in middle school who falls in love with her classmate Kinto Hinode, and tries to get Kinto's attention, and to have him notice her every day at school.

Her attempts fail, but she doesn't give up. Mio later discovers a magic mask that makes her a cat. She decides to do the odd thing of wearing a mask and becoming a cat. In order to get close to Kinto, she has the problem There's a chance you won't be human again.

The film has received wide acclaims, and is one of the best and most rated anime films, with the famous Rotten Tomatoes rating 93% based on 14 reviews from critics, an average rating of 8 out of 10.

Kotonoha no Niwa

When the passing encounter, by chance, turns into friendship, and then deep love despite obstacles, this is the "garden of words," which is set in friendship, love, romance and not without drama as well.

A young man named Takao, a high school student, lives with his mother and brother, and his hobby-making shoe makes him not go to school, sit in a garden drawing shoes, one rainy day he goes to the garden, sits drawing shoe designs, but meets a somewhat mysterious older woman On the nearby couch, Yokino attracts Takao's attention, and his passion for getting to know her becomes ever more intense, and he begins to talk to her in interviews that happen over and over again on rainy days.
Garden of Words won wide critical acclaim, and was considered one of the best anime films.

Andy Hanley, who works for Anime Network UK, praised the film, giving it a 10/10 rating, describing it as providing a beautiful visual image, in addition to his impressive story, and was greatly impressed by the natural and automatic development of the relationship of the two film heroes, despite the age difference.

He also enjoyed the peak emotional film, in the last scene that combined Takao and Yokino, and added that this film is the best film of Japanese writer and director Makoto Shinkai, which he presented until the time of screening Movie.

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