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Top 5 Anime Couples

It is innate for us humans to feel romance at some point, and with that, we'd love to watch romantic shows that will surely shake our hidden love bones. In the vast world of anime, a lot of OTPs are already made, and some of them have their own unique stories... and with all the given couples, it's really hard to choose who's the best among them! How do we choose who's who? Some factors are to be considered, such as the uniqueness of the couple, their strong bond, their weaknesses, and many others.

So... now, here's to a countdown of my Top 5 Anime couples/ love teams. Enjoy the list!


5. Asuna and Kirito (Sword Art Online)


This is the proof of a popular concept of fighting for love until death. The two had fought for each other side by side, in order to protect and save. They continued their love story even after they finished the game, and they became couple not only as Asuna and Kirito in the virtual world of Sword Art Online, but as Asuna Yui and Kirigaya Kazuto in real life. Together, they have shown that true love is so much better in reality than in the game.


Asuna and Kirito's relationship in the virtual world was very simple yet full of feelings. They have shown each other the love they have, until they decided to get married, and their relationship became more interesting when Yui joined them and together they are somewhat like a happy family. It is such a sweet thing that Yui calls Asuna as her 'oka-san', and Kirito plays a responsible 'otou-san'. More than that, they have been an apprentice at the start, then became friends, until they became best friends, protectors, saviors, and to the point that they are more than friends. But their love is not just manifested in the game, because Kirito did his best to save Asuna in her coma state after the world of Sword Art Online vanished. He continued his journey to rescue her in Alfheim Online, and there he proved that whatever happens, he needs to save her.

Kirito and Asuna chose to live in a world where they can be with each other. They wouldn't want to live without the other, so in order to protect each other, they have fought side by side with deep compassion and it's a wonderful story.

4. Aisaka Taiga and Takasu Ryuuji (Toradora!)


Takasu Ryuuji and Aisaka Taiga is unique in their own way. This is not just a typical short girl and tall guy couple... She's a tsundere, he's a gentleman. She's clumsy, he's organized. She's a tiger, he's a dragon. Together, they are the total opposite, but their chemistry is like a magnet with two opposite poles attached to each other. Definitely they make a good couple!


Their story in Toradora! is set in a high school with all their friends and classmates around them. She's living in a big apartment with all the riches in life given by her father, while he's living in a small house beside her big apartment with his mom. He's obsessed with cleaning, while she is a total mess. Total opposite, huh. But as they enter high school, they realized that even they do not share the same things in life, they needed each other. She needs him to guide her. He needs her to make him happy. When she's in trouble, he saves her. When he's alone, she joins her. When she's mad, he calms her perfectly, and when he's sad, she cheers him up in the best tsundere way she can do. But their relationship is not as easy as the others, because they are in a place where all eyes are set in them, including Taiga's best friend Minorin, who had a crush on Ryuuji, who tried to confess her admiration to him. What will Taiga do? Will she let her love, Ryuuji be taken by her best friend? Will she give up her only happiness? What will Ryuuji do?

The thing about this two lovely couple is the sweet romance between them that is shown all the time. Obviously, they like each other. Taiga's tsundere character contributes to the cuteness of their relationship, and Ryuuji's gentleness is definitely the ideal of every girl in the world. These two made one of the best couple in anime history. Thumbs up to them!

3. Haruhi Fujioka and Tamaki Suoh (Ouran HS Host Club)


She is mature, he is not. He is rich, she is not. But their differences are not hindrances for them to fall in love.

This is a story of a very blunt and somehow dense girl named Haruhi Fujioka, along with her daddy-like partner, Tamaki Suoh, a rich guy with a childish and naïve personality. They are high school students of Ouran High School and Tamaki belongs to a special organization called 'Host Club' where they entertain girls just like a high class host club would do. Within the host club is where the two met.


But Haruhi wouldn't be in Ouran if not for her scholarship. She is extremely smart, which is perfect for her blunt personality. Although she seemed cold, she is a very kind girl. She is willing to made sacrifices for herself to save other people. She doesn't care about her looks and what other people thinks about her, that is why she is mistaken at first to be a boy by Tamaki (he's too naïve) although the other members of the Host Club are already have a sense that she is female. Tamaki is a guy with a cheerful personality. He acts childish for his age. But admit it, his immaturity looks just fine because he's got blonde silky hair, a violet-colored eyes sparkling like a gem, and he's playing the piano!

Haruhi and Tamaki's relationship is not depicted as 'the always sweet type'. They aren't so overly in-love with each other, and that what makes their story more interesting. The other host club guys are also interested in Haruhi, and Tamaki knows it. However, he never had the selfish personality of having Haruhi only for himself (but in some episodes you'll see Tamaki acting like Haruhi's dad, who is afraid to be with the other guys, but that is just one of his childish acts). No doubt, he loves her, and she loves her too, and I just like how they started, developed, and reached into the anime's conclusion. Just like the OP song says, 'Kiss, kiss fall in love!'

2. Erika Shinohara and Sata Kyoya (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji)


One glance is not enough if you look at him the first time. You really have to stare at him, admire his features, his silky, wavy golden hair and red-fierce eyes, and his smirking lips of arrogance... He's physically perfect! On the other hand, here's to a simple girl, yet cute, and she seemed cheerful and pretty and kind. Aren't they perfect? But if you think that they're perfect, then you're really... really... really wrong!

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Erika Shinohara is a teenage high school girl who always makes lies to her friends just to keep up with them in their conversations. One time, her friends showed their boyfriends on their cell phones, and they asked if Erika had one. Erika doesn't want to be left out of the group, so she tried her best to capture a photo of some random guy on the street while walking, and showed the picture to her friends the next day. But that was not just some random guy she captured, because it was Sata Kyoya, a popular student in Erika's school.The trouble of convincing Kyoya and playing as lovers in front of everyone is all because of Erika's lies.


But there's more than the trouble that Erika had created, because the random guy, Sata Kyoya, is actually a twisted devil and a sadist person. He agreed to play as Erika's boyfriend, but she had to obey him all the time, like a do who shows extreme loyalty to his master. Their relationship is actually a cruel, complex, and hard to understand, but it makes their story so interesting! Although it's obvious that he likes her, he doesn't want to show it, and he has this selfish personality towards her, and that was shown when someone tried to steal Erika from him. Kyoya might be so wonderful in physique, but he had this emotional problem which makes him hard to understand. He might be a cruel sadist, but deep inside, he wants a true companion that will never leave him, someone who would always be there for him, and he found that within Erika, who tried her very best to win over his cold heart. Her compassion and determination is what makes their impossible relationship possible.

They're not always sweet, but when they do, they make sure that every viewers will have to scream with their inner goddess. They really do make a cute couple! And... if you're going to watch this, you'll have to watch out for some Kyoya-kun's super cute childhood scenes. He's so cute you'd probably want to eat him up!

1. Nagisa Furukawa and Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad)


If you watch this anime, you'll never leave your seat without crying. You'll have to prepare a roll of tissue to wipe your tears, or maybe an empty gallon to fill it, because you'll definitely cry, or else you're not a human.

Their love story is definitely a work of art. If you like watching real romance, then this is the story that you should really give a try. Tomoya is a popular guy, but even so, he only chose one girl for him, and that is Nagisa. They complement each other perfectly, and even when solving each other's troubles, they proved that they have passionate love for each other, and that they will never leave each other's side.


Tomoya and Nagisa are one of the most rare couples that do not have to put too much effort to show that they are in love with each other, because they naturally do, and that what makes them one of the greatest anime couple in history. They don't have the need to say sweet words such as "I love you" for you to know that they are in-love. I'm telling you, their actions are more than enough for them to show and tell. And what's more interesting is that we came to see their development, from the beginning, that they were just high school students, up to their adult lives where they need to make big decisions in life. But they never leave each other's side, and that makes their relationship truly genuine.

In the end, whatever happens, their story is purely good and wonderful, they deserve to be at the top of the list as best couple!

That's it ♥


That's it ♥ I hope you enjoy the list! Hope to hear from you guys, because your insights are most welcome ^_^ Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and more recommendations! See you in the next anime countdown!


Hi on February 16, 2020:

Yasssss Kyouya and Erikaaaaa

Tera Baap on June 10, 2015:

Hey, hey, hey! Hold on, no Kimi ni Todoke mentioned here???


Aya on June 07, 2015:

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Selena on June 06, 2015:

My favorite anime couple is definitely Misaki and Usui from Kaichou wa maid sama. From this list I would pick Asuna and Kirito. Loved the anime too!

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