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Top 25 Dwight K. Schrute Moments From 'The Office'

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"The Office' has become one of the most beloved and quotable sitcoms of all time. Much of that is due to the cast and the chemistry between them. Nobody will best Michael Scott as Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin. However, coming in second best is Dwight Schrute who offers his own moments to slam gut-gusting jokes and scenarios. His more-than-life persona and sometimes unbelievable background are the reasons Dwight Schrute has become a pop culture icon. And that is why we are going to go through my personal top 25 favorite moments from Dwight K. Schrute.

1. “The Injury” – S2, Ep. 12., 2006

After racing out of the building to help Michael with a burnt foot, Dwight accidentally crashes his car into the light pole outside of the building resulting in a concussion. This leads to a nicer version of Dwight that befriends Pam... even if he does get her name wrong.

“OK, see you later, Pan.”


2. “Drug Testing” – S2, Ep. 20., 2006

Dwight leads an investigation through the office after he finds a joint in the parking lot. Although he takes his volunteer position very seriously, it leads to hilarious hijinks. When Dwight Schrute puts his mind to something, he goes all-in for it.

“I did not become a Lackawanna County volunteer sheriff’s deputy to make friends. And by the way, I haven’t.”

3. “Conflict Resolution” – S2, Ep. 21., 2006

If there is one thing Dwight knows, it's security. Thank God he's not deranged. Could you imagine?

“Security in this office park is a joke. Last year I came to work with my spud-gun in a duffel bag. I sat at my desk all day with a rifle that shoots potatoes at 60 pounds per square inch. Can you imagine if I was deranged?”

4. “Gay Witch Hunt” – S3, Ep. 1., 2006

In a very subtle prank, Jim convinces Dwight that there is such a thing as a "gaydar" to detect if any of the office workers are homosexual. Of course, this all occurs after Oscar comes out of the closet. This episode is full of memorable moments, but none more so than the "gaydar".

“Jim told me you could buy gaydar online.”


5. “Initiation” – S3, Ep. 5., 2006

One has to respect that Dwight loves to be in charge- even if his ways are unconventional. Ryan needs help with his sales, in which case, Dwight steps up to teach him a thing or two. Taking Ryan to the beet farm, Dwight... plants his seed... in the young salesman.

“And just as you have planted your seed in the ground, I am going to plant my seed in you.”


6. “Back From Vacation” – S3, Ep. 11., 2007

The office works best in its more somber moments in which the characters showcase their relationship with one another. In this case, Dwight comes into the scene finding Pam crying by herself. He sits beside her, showing the soft side that Dwight rarely reveals. Even if he does mistake her emotions for her menstrual cycle.

“So, you’re PMSing pretty bad, huh?”

7. “The Return” – S3, Ep. 13., 2007

Don't we all wish that we had the confidence of Dwight Schrute? After leaving Dunder Mifflin, Dwight makes his way through interviews by revealing how highly he thinks of himself. Nothing can bring this beet farmer down.

“How would I describe myself? Three words: hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer, merciless, insatiable.”

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8. “Ben Franklin” – S3, Ep. 14., 2007

Even if Dwight has the work ethic of a mule and confidence that we all wish for, he doesn't have the best self-awareness. This is why he falls victim to so many of Jim's pranks. Even far-out pranks such as the "real" Ben Franklin visiting Dunder Mifflin fly over Dwight's head.

“I don’t care what Jim says. This is NOT the real Ben Franklin. I am 99.9 percent sure.”


9. “Phyllis’ Wedding” – S3, Ep. 15., 2007

Oh, Dwight. This one didn't age well.

“Why are all these people here? There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.”

10. “Business School” – S3, Ep. 16., 2007

In one of the most underrated pranks in the entire series, Jim pretends as if he got bitten by a bat and is transforming into a vampire. Obviously, Dwight falls for this believing that Jim is in fact becoming a vampire. The clueless side of Dwight is always the funniest.

“I don't have a lot of experience with vampires, but I have hunted werewolves. I shot one once, but by the time I got to it, it had turned back into my neighbor's dog.”

11. “The Negotiation” – S3, Ep. 18., 2007

After Roy finds out about Jim and Pam's kiss, Roy storms the office to attack Jim. Dwight assumes the mantle of "hero" and pepper sprays Roy before he can get to Jim. Though, he is not the hero. Apparently, the real hero is... Batman and Superman.

“No, don’t call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs and get a distress call from the Commissioner and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes.”

12. “Women’s Appreciation” – S3, Ep. 21., 2007

Dwight has some of the funniest lines in this episode after Phyllis is flashed in the parking lot by a creep. Once again, Dwight takes charge of the situation to find the perp. But the best moment is when Dwight comes out wishing that he could menstruate above all things.

“I wish I could menstruate. If I could menstruate, I wouldn't have to deal with idiotic calendars anymore. I'd just be able to count down from my previous cycle. Plus, I'd be more in tune with the moon and the tides.”


13. “The Job” – S3, Ep. 23., 2007

In Dwight's wildest fantasy, he co-runs a hotel in hell with Satan and makes $80,000 a year! Don't we all wish that we could have this kind of career? What a fantasy.

“Welcome to the Hotel Hell. Check-in time is now. Checkout time is never.”

14. “Branch Wars” – S4, Ep. 6., 2007

After Karen returns to poach Stanley from Dunder Mifflin, Michael and Dwight recruit Jim to pull a prank on Karen's branch. Even if the hijinks occur over Jim's walkie while Michael and Dwight are inside the building, Dwight's obsession with having to do something to a person's eye is hysterical.

“The eyes are the groin of the head.”

15. “The Disposition” – S4, Ep. 8., 2007

Jim recruits people among the office to play ping pong with so he can beat Darryl in a match. Even if it is not an outright prank, Jim leads Dwight to believe that he has to play for the sake of his sales. Even after Dwight learns that he is in fact playing Darryl, he still thinks that it is for a client... Darryl. But apparently, Dwight is an incredible ping pong player.

“Wait a minute. Darryl is the client? No no no... he works here dumbass.”

16. “Frame Toby” – S5, Ep. 8., 2008

Toby makes his return back to the company to much of Michael's dismay. In an act to frame Toby and get him fired, Michael and Dwight hatch an evil plan to catch him doing something out of order. By whipping open doors. That's how you catch someone in the act, of course.

“I love catching people in the act. That’s why I always whip open doors.”


17. “Stress Relief” – S5, Ep. 13., 2009

In one of the most infamous cold opens in office history, Dwight creates a fire drill presentation without his co-worker's knowledge. After locking everyone inside and setting a fire in a trash bin, chaos ensues in one of the whackiest moments in the entire series.

“Today, smoking is going to save lives.”

18. “Lecture Circuit: Part 1” – S5, Ep. 14., 2009

As much fun as it is to see Jim and Dwight as mortal enemies, it is just as much fun when they team up together. Which is what they do when they must throw a party for Kelly. Dwight tries really hard but the "it is your birthday" sign and half aired-up brown and grey balloons are too much to handle.

“Are you trying to hurt my feelings? Because, if so, you are succeeding. Fortunately, my feelings regenerate twice the speed of a normal man's.”

19. “Golden Ticket” – S5, Ep. 17., 2009

It's not the fact that Dwight has a diary. Because even Michael has a diary of his own. It's Dwight's reasoning for having a diary that is the cherry on top of this moment.

Michael Scott: “Why do you have a diary?”

Dwight: “To keep secrets from my computer.”

20. “Double Date”- S6, Ep. 9., 2009

Dwight wants what is owed to him and could use some help. This leads him to buy bagels for the office so everyone owes him a favor. Though, Andy feels like he has to pay him back which leads to Dwight going out of his way to make it so Andy owes him a favor. So cynical.

“Can’t a guy just buy some bagels for his friends so they’ll owe him a favor which he can use to get someone fired who stole a co-manager position from him anymore? Jeez. When did everyone get so cynical?”

21. “Classy Christmas” – S7, Ep. 11., 2010

Jim plays some pretty impressive pranks on Dwight. However, Dwight gets his fair share of clever pranks as well. Throughout the episode, Dwight pelts Jim with snowballs to prove that he is the master snowball fighter. Though, it's fear that he is really after.

“In the end, the greatest snowball isn’t a snowball at all. It’s fear. Merry Christmas.”

22. “Pam’s Replacement” – S8, Ep. 7., 2011

Pam is jealous of the new attractive woman who is going to fill in for her as soon as she has her baby. She needs help to prove that Jim finds her replacement attractive. She needs someone who is honest. Good thing honesty is Dwight's strongsuit.

“Why would I or anyone else think that you’re hot right now? I can’t impregnate you, and that’s the driving force between male-female attraction.”


23. “Dwight Christmas” S9, Ep. 9., 2013

After Jim proposes that the office celebrates Dwight's German version of Christmas, Belsnickel arrives to bring Christman... joy? The true meaning of Christmas? In any case, it's another quotable Dwight line.

"Most people don't even know that a candy cane represents a shepherd's crook. Which I assure you does not taste like peppermint. It tastes like sheep feces.”

24. “The Farm” – S9, Ep. 17., 2013

Even in one of the weaker episodes of the series, Dwight still finds a spot to throw in a memorable quote.

“People underestimate the power of nostalgia. Nostalgia is truly one of the greatest human weaknesses, second only to the neck.”


25. “Living the Dream” – S9, Ep. 21., 2013

Even if it isn't Dwight's most quotable line, it is one of the best Dwight moments because he is finally due to take his spot as Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin.

“I’ve just waited for this moment my entire life. I mean, I was interim manager once, but then I shot that gun.”

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