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Top 20 Brass Trios

Wood engraving by Gunther, c. 1885, depicting a brass trio leading a Norwegian procession.

Wood engraving by Gunther, c. 1885, depicting a brass trio leading a Norwegian procession.

Original Works for Brass Trio

The following is a list of original brass trio literature I have compiled in the process of playing in a faculty brass trio and coordinating brass chamber music at the university level. As a university brass chamber coach, I generally try to steer students to play in a brass quintet, since that is the standard brass chamber grouping. However, sometimes a quintet is not possible logistically, and the brass trio is normally a good alternative.

There is actually a surprising amount of good recent literature for brass trio. Several well-regarded brass composers (e.g., Ewazen, Plog, Sampson, and Schnyder) have written trios within the last 10 years, adding significantly to a repertoire that only a generation ago consisted almost exclusively of the Poulenc Sonata for Brass Trio .

Difficulty for most of the pieces is at the college-to-professional level, although a few works may be within the reach of an exceptional high school trio. In contrast to my brass quintet list, I have chosen to exclude transcriptions and arrangements from this list, primarily because there are not many that are established standards in the repertoire.

The works are listed by composer in alphabetical order. Instrumentation is the standard brass trio grouping of trumpet, horn, and trombone, unless otherwise noted.

The List

Bassett, Leslie. Brass Trio

Ewazen, Eric. Philharmonic Fanfare

Frackenpohl, Arthur. Trio

Gabaye, Pierre. Recréation (trio plus piano)

Hartley, Walter. Two Pastiches

Hidas, Frigyes. Triga for Brass Trio

Hutchison, Warner. Mini-Suite for Brass Trio

Koetsier, Jan. Figaro Metamorphosen

Louel, Jean. Trio

Muczynski, Robert. Voyages for Brass Trio

Nelhybel, Vaclav. Trio

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Plog, Anthony. Trio

Plog, Anthony. Triple Concerto (trio plus piano or orchestra)

Poulenc, Francis. Sonata

Reynolds, Verne. Trio

Sampson, David. Duncan Trio

Sanders, Robert. Trio

Schnyder, Daniel. Trio

Stevens, John. Triangles

Tull, Fisher. Trio

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Theo Hartman on July 23, 2011:

With interest I have read the list above and the comment.

I play for about 5 years now in a Dutch based brasstrio.

Many of the compositions mentioned above we have been

performing. I can add a few more compositions:

- Trio David Uber

- Divertimenti Mozart & Haydn, arranged by Mordechai Rechtman (Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Telaviv)

- Trio opus 87 L. van Beethoven (King pub.)

- Sonatina Flothuis (Dutch composer)

- Intrada Marco de Goeij (2007 Dutch composer,

this piece we perform on youtube)

- An American Trio G.A. Swarts

On the website you may find

more compositions.

With kind regards,

Theo Hartman


kimballtrombone (author) on October 01, 2010:

Thanks, LadyE and triosol! Thanks for your encouragement. I was kind of excited to be able to fine a picture to go along with the hub.

triosol on September 28, 2010:

very good hub. Keep writing.

Elena from London, UK on September 27, 2010:

Very interesting and Unique Hub.

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