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Top 17 Best Looking Female Sith Ladies of All Time

Carreira is a Star Wars enthusiast who loves Star Wars lore, also owning a YouTube dedicated to Star Wars Animated Stories.


17. Exal Kressh

Exal Kressh was a Sith lady who was the apprentice to the Resurgent Sith Empire’s Emperor himself.

She was the descendent of Ludo Kressh, a famous Sith Lord I already made a video about in the past, and she refused to be used as a pawn by her master.

She had plans to raze the Sith Academy on Korriban, but she was defeated by Teneb Kel and was, as such, slain in combat.

She wasn’t a Sith pureblood, but a Sith hybrid, and she had fair red skin, yellow eyes and black hair.

She’s the only Sith Hybrid on this list which is something of note.


16. Assajj Ventress

Next up on our list is Asajj Ventress, one of the fan-favorite dark side women as she has a rich story and character development.

Although she isn’t the prettiest, she has quite a lot of fans thanks to her appearance and the fact she is always fearless and strong-willed.

Her story is too complex, to sum up, but she was a night sister, dark side wielder, and arguably Sith, apprentice to Count Dooku, master to Savage Opress and died redeeming herself and raising herself to light side hero.

A great story that is even expanded if you consider her Legends counterpart.


15. Darth Nyriss

Darth Nyriss was a female pureblood Dark Lady of the Sith, and she was in the Dark Council for over 20 years, which is a very long time.

She was an ambitious woman with a lot of drive and a fighting figure.

She played a key role in the destruction of Melldia and the conquest of Drezzi.

Being a member of the Dark Council in a time in which internal conflict was at an all-time high, she was constantly suffering attempts on her life, and even the Emperor advised her to hide for some time.

She was distinguished and had a commanding presence, which I can understand justifies all of her fanboys.


14. Darth Lumyia

Lumiya may have scored higher in her prime, but she suffered a lot of accidents throughout her life, which would render her less human and more machine as time went by.

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She was born Shire Brie and she’s one of the Sith Ladies I already made a video about, like many in this list.

Shira suffered a lot of injuries, but even with her artificial replacements and prosthetics, she’s still attractive, although her prime with red hair and green eyes would probably rank higher.


13. Second Sister

Just to be clear, I’m talking about Trilla Suduri here, apprentice to Darth Vader.

She was a human who served in the Inquisitorius and was trained in the Jedi arts in order to hunt them down.

She was intelligent, many considering her to be a genius thanks to her downright brilliance as she predicted the moves the Jedi would make with a high degree of reliability.

In the end, she was slain by her own master, Lord Vader.

She had blue-green eyes and black hair.


12. Darth Atroxa

Atroxa was a Lethan Twi’lek female, just like Darth Talon, and she was a Sith Lady during the Eternal Empire’s days.

She was a key player on the defense of Korriban, but was killed by Prince Arcann.

There are many people who mistake her for Darth Talon or claim she should be ranked as high as Talon.

Again, I want to state that this post is obviously a matter of personal preference and highly subjective, but as you can see in the pictures she is thin and a bit too boney for my taste, Talon has a curvy figure although her eyes aren’t nearly as pretty.


11. Darth Maladi

Maladi was like the evil scientist of the Sith Order.

She served Darth Krayt and developed a lot of new chemicals, drugs and plagues, hence her name Maladi.

She was arguably one of the most intelligent women the Dark Side ever saw, as she wasn’t only a fighter but a scientist as well, delving into physics, chemistry, you name it.

She is quite elegant, she carries herself in a unique way and is different than most dark side women as she has a lot of personality and uniqueness.

She was a Devonian with yellow eyes, red skin and black hair.


10. Saarai

Saarai was still a Sith Apprentice, and she was the daughter of Darth Wyyrlok III, expected to carry on with his name.

She was a Chagrian with blue skin, yellow eyes and she may also be very cute as I typically am not a fan of Chagrians that much, although I make a couple of exceptions.

She was a strong Telekinetic and served under Krayt, Wyyrlok and Nihl.

Even after her father was slain by Krayt, she continued to serve him and her name stands for Truth, so she was one of the most loyal Sith agents.


9. Darth Cognus

Before becoming a Sith, Cognus was simply known as the huntress.

However, she soon became a Sith Apprentice and watched as Darth Zannah and Darth Bane battled to the death to see who would rule over her and assume the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith.

Darth Zannah won and as such Cognus decided to honor the promise she made before the battle and apprentice under her.

Cognus eventually had an apprentice who was Darth Millenial.

She was an Iktotchi female with red skin and yellow eyes.


8. Darth Lachris

Darth Lachris was a female Human Sith who served the Sith Empire.

She was Darth Marr’s apprentice and governor of Balmorra after she took care of her predecessor’s execution.

Her main job on Balmorra was making sure a local rebellion was quashed.

She had very light pale skin, and orange eyes, showing minor traces of Dark Side corruption but retaining her youthful beauty.

Her face paint was also pretty cool and would complement her expressions and personality.


7. Darth Zash

I can understand if you’re surprised with this addition because Darth Zash’s skin was literally decaying from corruption and decomposition from extreme aging.

However, I’m considering what we see of Zash, not her real appearance underneath the Force Illusion.

You see, Zash studied the powers some consider to be unnatural and as such paid a heavy price, decaying and aging ultra-fast.

However, she was always surrounded by an illusion that would make her look perfect to anyone else, and that’s what I’m considering here, so chill!


6. Visas Marr

By the photos you can already see Visas Marr was a Miraluka.

Chances are you already know Visas Marr from one of the KOTOR masterpieces, but if you don’t then know that she was the apprentice to Darth Nihilus, the Lord of Hunger.

Visas Marr was incredibly beautiful and elegant to boot. On the other hand, she was quite sensible and would probably never become a Sith if her circumstances were different.

She came from the planet Nihilus Force Drained, being the only Miraluka to survive.


5. Tahiri Veila

Tahiri Veila is a Sith not many know about.

She was the apprentice of Darth Caedus, who wasn’t a Sith for that long so it’s easy to see why many fail to know Vaila existed.

However, she definitely deserves to be in this list, and the photos I’m showing you demonstrate why.

In the end, she returned to the Jedi Order.


4. Maris Brood

We’re approaching the podium with an entry you knew was going to come as she is one of the most loved female dark siders and constantly being mentioned in lists like these.

Maris Brood was a female Zabrak who was once a Jedi. She even survived the Jedi Purge, but eventually was corrupted by the dark side of the force..

Vader’s apprentice Starkiller defeated her, and spared her life.

She fled and went into hiding.

And now, let’s get to the podium, and I’m sure you already suspect who is there by exclusion.


3. Vestara Khai

Dark eyes, light skin and light hair, she was a human who became a Tyro in her Sith Tribe.

She eventually became apprentice to Sith Lady Olaris Rhea and was part of a task force sent to kill Grand Master Luke Skywalker.

The Sith taskforce was defeated by the Skywalkers and she was the only survivor.

She also had some undercover missions and operated under the alias Savara Raine.

When things got too hot, she disappeared along with a Mandalorian woman who was convinced to join her.


2. Darth Zannah

A fan favorite and legendary apprentice to Darth Bane, the founder of the Rule of Two and the first Sith in the line of Palpatine, Vader and all those Sith we love, she eventually betrayed her master but kept his ideals close to heart, continuing to operate as a Banite sith.

She was followed by Darth Cognus after she slew her master, and has a really good story that goes back to the time she was a child.

With fair skin, light blond hair and blue eyes which evolved to yellow as the dark side corruption spread, she is to many the most beautiful Sith Lady to have ever existed.


1. Darth Talon

Of course, I have to put fan service Sith number one on the top spot of the podium.

The proof she is deserving of this title is the sheer amount of cosplay, fan-fiction stories, digital art, traditional art, fan films, and more she inspired through her looks and rogueish personality alone.

I can understand the minority of people who just rage at this choice, but I had to go with what the community en masse points out to be the obvious choice.

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What’s interesting is that most of these characters are loved and that’s due to their stories.

They experienced a lot of character development for the most part, and even woman love them, which proves you don’t have to force women into prominent roles in fiction if you develop a good storyline.

If you have a compelling storyline as it happened with Zannah, Cognus, Maladi and so on, then you’ll see that people naturally love your characters, so don’t force them down our throats as Disney did.

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I’ll see you on the next video and may the force be with you.


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