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Top 100 Hilarious Mistranslated Film Titles

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Navigating the murky world of film titles seems like a straight-forward affair - but it's not. Films often have different titles in different markets - for example, Marvel's The Avengers in 2012 was released in the UK as Avengers Assemble. There can be any number of reasons for this - avoiding confusion with another film (as was the case with Marvel) is the most usual cause but sometimes, things can go a bit wrong. Translating a title from English into another language isn't necessarily a good idea because the title's meaning or significance might not travel that well while the same can also be said for literal translations, rendering them utterly meaningless. It might well be one of the few aspects of a film's production that appears beyond the control of the filmmakers themselves and has led to some truly hilarious, brow-raising titles that would have been vetoed in an instant had they been made aware.

Let's take a quick trip around the world now and look at some of the best examples of film titles that will amuse, confuse and often defy explanation. And where better to start than...?



Frankly, China could have a list like this all to itself but that would be greedy and rather lazy of me, if I'm honest. The film's English-language title will be displayed in brackets.

  • Six Naked Pigs (The Full Monty)
  • I Will Marry A Prostitute To Save Money (Pretty Woman)
  • United States Cheat Bureau (American Hustle)
  • He's A Ghost! (The Sixth Sense)
  • Mysterious Murder In Snowy Cream (Fargo)
  • Food General Mobilisation (Ratatouille)
  • Mr Cat Poop (As Good As It Gets)
  • Satan Female Soldier (GI Jane)
  • His Great Device Makes Him Famous (Boogie Nights)
  • Run! Run! Cloudzilla (Twister)
  • Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team (Guardians Of The Galaxy)
  • A Very Powerful Whale Runs To Heaven (Free Willy)
  • Just Send Him To University Unqualified (Risky Business)
  • This Hitman Is Not As Cold As He Thought (Leon: The Professional)
"Mr Cat Poop"? Really?

"Mr Cat Poop"? Really?



Of course, it would be rude to ignore their neighbours to the East and once again, Japan could easily fill this list out by itself.

  • 17-Year Old Girl's Medical Chart (Girl, Interrupted)
  • Bus Man (Napoleon Dynamite)
  • Captain Supermarket (Army Of Darkness)
  • Grandpa Carl's Flying House (Up)
  • Go!!! With Bath (Hot Tub Time Machine)
  • Held By Wind In Montana (The Horse Whisperer)
  • I'm Drunk And You're A Prostitute (Leaving Las Vegas)
  • If You Could Choose Yesterday (Click)
  • Malkovich's Hole (Being John Malkovich)
  • New York Style Happy Therapy (Anger Management)
  • We Are Dunk Shooters (Semi-Pro)
Bruce Campbell stars as... Captain Supermarket?

Bruce Campbell stars as... Captain Supermarket?

Hong Kong


I'm not sure why these titles would been any different than what they might be in mainland China but my research stated Hong Kong specifically so I'll leave it at that.

  • The Happy Dumpling-To-Be Who Talks And Solves Agricultural Problem (Babe)
  • Big Dumb Monkey Man Keeps Whacking Tree With Genitals (George Of The Jungle)
  • So, You're A Lawyer (Interview With The Vampire)
  • Help! My Pretend Boyfriend Is Gay (My Best Friend's Wedding)
Watch out for that... oh, too late.

Watch out for that... oh, too late.

North Korea

The Philippines


  • Dimwit Surges Forth (The Waterboy)
  • Super Speeding Cleaning Evil Accounts (Drive Angry)
  • Fantastic Emotional Turmoil (Inside Out)
  • Odd Couple, Wacky Trip, Go Together In Time For Birth (Due Date)


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South America



  • Slightly Pregnant (Knocked Up)



  • Vaseline (Grease)
  • Fancy Little Doll (Breakfast At Tiffany's)
  • An Expert In Amusements (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)


  • Pigs And Diamonds (Snatch)
  • An Unexpected Ending (Thelma And Louise)
Maybe Vaseline might be helpful in the garage...

Maybe Vaseline might be helpful in the garage...



Moving over to Europe now which is no stranger to some truly confusing titles...

  • Mom, I Missed The Plane (Home Alone)
  • Sex Friends (No Strings Attached)
  • Sexy Dance (Step Up)
  • We Want Sex Equality (Made In Dagenham)
  • The Teeth From The Sea (Jaws)
  • Rasta Rocket (Cool Runnings)
  • Crazy Amy (Train Wreck)
  • The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses (The Matrix)
Well, the French title kinda sums things up nicely!

Well, the French title kinda sums things up nicely!



No real surprises here but still, some of these are quite funny!

  • The Great Crawling (A Bug's Life)
  • I Believe A Horse Kicked Me (Animal House)
  • The Urban Neurotic (Annie Hall but frankly, could be any of Woody Allen's films)
  • Full Of The Nuts (Dodgeball)
  • Die Slowly (Die Hard)
  • Die Slowly, More Than Ever (Die Hard With A Vengeance)
  • Jack, Queen, King, Grass (Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels)
  • My Partner With The Cold Snout (K-9)
  • A Twin Seldom Comes Alone (The Parent Trap)
  • You Shouldn't Kiss Leopards (Bringing Up Baby)
  • Floppy Coppers Don't Bite (Dragnet)
Does not contain horses or anyone being kicked so why the title?

Does not contain horses or anyone being kicked so why the title?


  • With Skirts And In A Crazy Way (Some Like It Hot)
  • They Call Him Bodhi (Point Break)
  • Smiles And Tears (The Sound Of Music)
  • The Fighting Sausage (Beverly Hills Ninja)
  • Yo, Robot (I, Robot)
  • A Supertough Kangaroo (The Pacifier)
  • Knight Of The Night (The Dark Knight)
  • The Night Of The Cold Noses (101 Dalmatians)
Vin Diesel - is he a kangaroo?

Vin Diesel - is he a kangaroo?

Rest Of Europe



  • F*** The News (Anchorman 2)
  • Meetings And Failures In Meetings (Lost In Translation... ironically)


  • The Explosive Woman (Weird Science)
  • Please, Do Not Touch The Old Women (The Producers)
  • When Love Burns The Soul (Walk The Line)


  • The Eighth Passenger Is Death (Alien)
  • Multinationals Go Home! (I Heart Huckabees)

Czech Republic

  • Santa Is A Pervert (Bad Santa)
  • Warm Shots (Hot Shots!)
  • Death Waits Everywhere (The Hurt Locker)
  • The Father Is A Ruffian (Meet The Parents)
  • Wood Nymphs And Elderberries (Arsenic And Old Lace)





  • The Boy Who Drowned In Chocolate Sauce (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory)
  • An Assload Of Cash (Caddyshack)


  • How I Taught A FBI Agent To Dance Merengue (My Blue Heaven)
  • A Pear As A Dad (National Lampoon's Vacation)
  • Hey You, Where Are The Chicks? (Swingers)
  • Sooner Or Later, I Will Explode (The Fault In Our Stars)



Relax, it's not the apocalypse. It's just a Monday...

Relax, it's not the apocalypse. It's just a Monday...

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