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Top 10 Movies Worth Watching Again

Have you singled out your favorite movies that you enjoy watching several times? Maybe some you would like to see again with a loved one or show them to your children? Some of the bands on this list made their way to fame much later than they appeared on the big screens, other films have been at the top of the charts for many years, but these films are definitely worth watching again and again.


# 10. "Lost in translation"

"Lost in Translation" is a masterpiece by director Sofia Coppola, one of the best, most memorable, and romantic of 2003. films deservedly awarded 3 Golden Globe Awards and received an Oscar statuette for best screenplay. These are comic episodes from radical differences between Japanese and American customs, traditions and habits, exciting romantic scenes, great music, unpredictable improvisations in the script, and unspoken acting in words.

Hollywood actor veteran Bob (Bill Murray) arrives in the Japanese capital Tokyo to film a whiskey commercial. Bob is going through a huge crisis - he does not know what he wants, feels tired of his wife, cannot fall asleep, and is very frustrated with life. A young girl, Scarlett Johansson, is staying at the same hotel in Tokyo. She usually spends her days all alone in a hotel. Charlotte has just graduated from university but also doesn’t know what she wants out of life. Bob and Charlotte meet randomly in the hotel elevator, bar, lobby, corridors.

Despite the solid age difference, they try to forget personal problems, start communicating, discuss all sorts of things, such as love, happiness, or the meaning of life. For two lonely, besides not free people, this platonic friendship, long conversations in the evenings, karaoke, walking around an unfamiliar huge city where almost no one speaks English, helps to escape the feeling of meaninglessness in life. Two souls lost and confused in this life find each other. But they are both only staying in Tokyo for a short time.

# 9. "Monster Feast"

After a deep burial, it’s a love story. About two lonely people who have been alone for so long that they have probably forgotten that a feeling like love exists. These two lonely souls discovered each other and decided to be together in spite of the obvious signs that prophesied that it would not be appropriate to do so.

A handsome black Leticia and racist-minded, white race representative Hank suddenly discovers each other and scene after scene turns out to have more in common than one might have thought at first. But still, their skin color doesn’t look the same… Trouble is chasing trouble, and the whole film creates a gloomy mood not only around, but inside something is covered in gray film. However, at the end of the Monster Feast, you somehow start to believe that there is always hope and that everything will be fine.

This is definitely one of Halle Berry’s best performances. It appears on the screen like a fire and flames until the end of the movie. Her unbearable pain, childish joy and glowing lust fill the screen so brightly that there are no questions left for who is the star of this feast.

# 8. "Fall"

Drama with Oscar-winning Michael Douglas and Robert Duvall was nominated for the Golden Palm Branch at the Cannes Film Festival. By the way, Douglas himself has admitted that this is a favorite role in his career. The story is about William, who, stuck in a traffic jam, leaves the car and decides to walk on foot. However, this glitch is just a small trifle. Dismissed from work, divorced, and deprived of the right to see his daughter by a court decision, the man resorts to a desperate act of revenge - on the way, he sweeps away everyone confused in his path with a broom. What will be the consequences of such an attack of aggression?

And while the system-pressed protagonist eventually breaks down, he doesn’t give up, even though, like most other performers on this film list, the actions were hesitant. It is also interesting to mention that the filming was hindered by the 1992 Protests in Los Angeles.


# 7. "Legend of the Pianist"

One of the most expensive films in the history of Italian cinema, it has won many awards, won the Golden Globe statuette for the wonderful music of Ennio Morricone, but it still remained underrated by the mass audience. It was the first film that Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore came to make in English, of course, this choice was determined by an attempt to appeal to the widest possible audience. After a four-year hiatus from filming, he returned with new ideas and new challenges for himself and the entire cast of actors. The film is based on the novelistic theater "Novecento" by the most famous Italian writer of this time, Alessandro Baricco, and not on the basis of an already written script or a work of beauty. Perhaps this affected the distinctiveness of the film.

The story of the film intertwines with the present and memories of the past that the musician tells the old owner of the instrument store. It is an amazing legend about a boy who was born on January 1, 1900, on the luxury cruise ship "Virginia". He, still quite small, left in a lemon box on the piano, was found by a black worker and decided to raise him as his son. The Puppy with a Strange Name - Danny Boodmann T.D. Lemon 1900 (actor Tim Roth) grew up on a ship cruising the ocean waves between Europe and all the dreamed of America. Having mysteriously learned to play the piano in 1900, he becomes a true music virtuoso, without ever raising his foot on land.

Tim Roth, who played the main character, deserves the greatest praise. In the film, he reveals the character’s otherness, melancholy, loneliness, curiosity to the world, and musical charm. But the cornerstone of this film is not the acting of the actors and not the plot line. It's music. Various, intertwined styles, fun and bright sounds and jazz, lots of jazz! It is not for nothing that this film was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Soundtrack.

# 6. "Infinite History"

This film had a hard time making its way to the big screens around the world, due to its exceptional storyline, but over time it discovered its viewer.

It’s an atypical film for the whole family, but that’s why it’s fun. It is gratifying that there is no morality because now many films have to teach something and that teaching must be so clearly expressed that it overshadows the most important function of the film - to tell a story.

After a failed attempt to make a difficult jump, professional stuntman Paradise lies in bed, tormented with unbearable pain. For a dose of morphine secretly brought from the hospital warehouse, he promises to tell a breathtaking story to Alexandria, a charismatic young girl who suddenly stumbled into his ward. The man’s stories in the volatile imagination of a five-year-old girl instantly turn into magical and colorful fantasies in which a wide variety of characters are played by both the hospital staff and Paradise, who is unable to walk and even herself.

The space of the fairy tale becomes the place where the depression and clean, childish optimism of Paradise, plagued by a paralyzed and intoxicated shortage, clash. To overcome the gloom of Paradise, Alexandria herself becomes the hero of the tale. Their remarks and disputes interfere with the narrative, changing it. This eventually creates a humorous film about the work itself.

"Infinite Story" is filmed in real areas of incredible beauty. The story of the film moves Alexandria into a fairy tale whose fictional action takes place in real landscapes. The director even traveled to 28 countries around the world just to film the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Tarsem Singh does not choose the easiest path - after all, in these times of powerful technology, fabulous images can be created in a studio. Nature, buildings, costumes make it very easy to move everything into the fantasy world.

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# 5. "Inviolable"

It’s a true story-based film by directors duo Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache that breaks the usual cinematic standards clings to the screen and is a lightweight, relaxing film.

Millionaire Philip (Francois Cluzet) was injured while flying in a paraglider and became dependent on others. He is paralyzed to the neck and can only speak, see, hear, and turn his head. Drag (Omar Sy), a young immigrant who is lacking in momentum, has just served a sentence in prison for petty theft and is looking for a new adventure. A paralyzed aristocrat from neck to toe hires a cheerful lung guy from the Paris suburbs, quite unsuitable to be a personal nurse. The destinies of two different men intertwine for a lifetime, which each of them understands in its own way.

"Untouchables" may not be a masterpiece of cinema, but it must be admitted that the genre of the film, its bright aura, and the radiant good mood bribe the viewers and allow them to have a good time. And indeed, it is interesting to watch the collision of two completely different personalities on the screen and the comic situations that accompany it. This film aptly reflects the problems faced by people with disabilities, but clings to life and discovers a different meaning in life. An instructive, sensual, and optimistic film are suitable for any age group.

# 4. "Tail wiggles the dog"

Director Barry Levinson’s film, based on a book by Larry Beinhart, tells the story of a U.S. president (Michael Belson) who is accused of having an affair with a minor girl, and it all happens just two weeks before the new presidential election.

To protect the media from this knowledge, Presidential Adviser Winifred Ames (Anne Heche) hires a policy adviser and Conrad Brean (Robert De Niro), who is a specialist in such situations. Brean advises falsifying denials of non-existent critical hazards, such as denial of B-3 bamboo carriers. Of course, this denial is real, because no B-3 actually exists. Brean also visits Hollywood producer Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman) and assigns him the task of creating a patriotic campaign about the war in Albania.

This film impressively illustrates situations in which real political events are hidden and how often the news is fake, created just to divert public attention from the real events.


# 3. "Closer"

The themes of the film seem to have been clear and well understood for a long time, but director Mike Nichols somehow manages to make the viewer think about everything again…

Basically, the film is about love, relationships, and the search for fullness, and where does it all start? From acquaintance, of course. Den, a supposed journalist in the obituary section, admits that he lacks the talent to take something more serious, and one day takes and meets a young girl, Ellis, who radiates mystery and sexuality. Toji quickly turns on Den's head and becomes his muse, love bursts and you can probably see them aging together on a white fence-surrounded outdoor terrace, but unfortunately, life is a bit more complicated…

It is already the case that in living their lives people want to be reluctant to agree with other individuals. Sometimes those citizens are annoyed, and sometimes they suddenly take it and like it. So it is with Den. He is attracted by the charming photographer Ana and a triangle already appears here, and over time it also turns into a quadrangle. Although quadrangle may not be a proper noun for this story, it is a circle. Everything revolves in a circle, and the abundance of emotions, mistakes, ups, and downs fills your head for a long time.

How about leaving the love of your life here so that no one hurts anyone? The film director, without any curtains, lays the truth that there is simply no such way. Everything needs to be left behind. "Closer" does not cover the powdered sugar and does not pour buckets of caramel. While lying is an attractive currency, it ultimately brings to light an extremely painful truth.

# 2. Humpback Whale

It’s a classic love story, despite the gay relationship at the center of the film. Yes, we’ve seen stories about forbidden love before this movie, but we haven’t seen a more lively and tragic connection between gay love. That’s why the film remains unique.

The two farm workers decide to take a break from their work, later realizing that they are living lying to themselves. Jack Twist (actor Jake Gilenhol) and Ennis Del Mar (actor Hythe Lager) enter into a novel at the foot of Humpback Whale until their wives suspect any secret relationship between their husbands. Jack and Annie try to live a downtown life while trying to reconcile it with the experience of Humpback Whale. These characters could be considered bisexual, but their encounters make it possible to understand what secret passions they really want to satisfy.

Jake Gilenhol was nominated for an Oscar for this role. The mix of character Jack’s understanding and naivety is stunning. While most viewers just don’t like Anne Hathaway, that alone can’t underestimate the acting skills of this great actress. The reaction of Enio’s wife, Alma (Michelle Williams), is shocking when she confronts her husband with vague affairs in his spare time. During the controversy, the words of this character just beat the heart.

As you watch this film, you will feel as if you have tried to hide your despair and pain for the last two hours of your life. Even after more than ten years, this film can be considered a great example of flaming and never-ending love.

# 1. "Redemption"

The tape underpins the theme of conscience. This is a romantic drama by director Joe Wright built-in 2001 by Ian Mc. Ewan short story of the same name.

Joe Wright deserves the most beautiful accolades. Together with the help of experienced screenwriter Christopher Hampton, he was able to masterfully adapt a difficult-to-screen novel and translate Ian McEwan’s words into cinematic language. The writer’s story turned into a thrilling narrative in which the director felt and thought with particular depth and sensitivity through the unadulterated and highly compelling acting of the actors. The action of the film takes place during the years of World War II. The director himself said directing the film was like managing the army. Joe Wright, 35, did more than earn enough for his general's uniform.

The main character of the drama is the future writer Brioni, who is complemented by three different actresses: Saoirse Ronan, Romola Garai, and Vanessa Redgrave. No less important is Keira Knightley, who plays the role of Cesylon, a girl in love.

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