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Top 6 Authentic Battle Rap Blog/Podcasts

Melusi Jeisal Ngwenya is a film and drama critic from South Africa

Top 6 Credible Battle Rap Blogs/Podcasts

Tay Roc vs Tsu Surf

Tay Roc vs Tsu Surf

For battle rap to be where it is today its not solely about the battle rap leagues and the actual rappers. As battle rap is getting bigger, there are more and more people starting blogs everyday. Some blogs are dope and some are trash but that's a story for another day. This article is about the top 6 credible, exciting, authentic and most viewed battle rap blogs at the moment. This list is based on views, comments, social media following, quality of the content and the number of subscribers on their respective YouTube channels.

Top 6 Battle Rap Blogs/Podcasts

  • 15 Minutes of Fame
  • HipHopIsReal
  • Vada Fly
  • Champion
  • My Expert Opinion
  • No Studio Podcast

15 Minutes Of Fame

This is the biggest and also the world's most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet. 15 Minutes of Fame Radio was founded by Wil Guarino who is famously known in the battle rap world as 'Unkle Rah'. Being an artist himself, Unkle Ra was well aware of the struggle starving artists face each day, as they hustle hard to gain exposure. With this in mind, he and his partner decided to give back to the artist and create a platform for them to be seen and heard. Thus began the birth of 15 Minutes Fame Radio. The concept turned to life became a place for artists to call home. It has more than one hundred million views on YouTube alone. There are is number of entertaining shows that 15 Minutes of Fame is involved with. One of the most entertaining show is called The Bar Exam Show were three battle rappers are asked some battle rap trivia questions and the one who answers most of the questions correct will be the winner. Charlie Clips, DNA, Goodz and Jaz the rapper are amongst the people who participated on the first few episodes of that game and made it interesting. You can watch one of the most entertaining episode on the link provided below

There are many superstars in the entertainment industry that has visited of interviewed by Unkle Ra. These people include: Battle Rappers Arsonal Da Rebel, Loaded Lux, Tsu Surf, Serius Jones, Smack White, Former Pro Boxer Chuck Wepner, Former NBA Player Luther Wright, Erica , Ace Hood, Kat Dahlia, DJ Khaled, Redman, Knoc’turnal, Shyheim Da Rugged Child, Jay Blac, Rockwilder, Naughty by Nature, L.A. Sunshine , Mike C

My Expert Opinion

My expert opinion was founded by New York's own Justin Edwards who goes by the stage name Math Hoffa. Math Hoffa chose Ms Fit and Knowledge to be his co hosts on the show. My expert opinion is not limited to battle rap alone like what most battle rap media outlets do. The My Expert Opinion crew invites fellow battle rappers for interviews or rather discussions about the state of battle rap culture. Multi Platinum recording artist are also occasionally invited on the podcast. Artist that have been invited to My Expert Opinion include Method Man, Nicky Jam just to mention a few. Math Hoffa recently signed a contract with Spotify which is a big win for both him and the battle rap culture as a whole

No Studio'n Podcast

No Studion is rather a new podcast founded and also hosted by Compton's very own Geechi Gotti. As of now the no studion podcast only has 20 episodes but it is doing big numbers in terms of views compared to other battle rap media outlets. Geechi Gotti occasionally hosts other battle rappers to discuss past battle rap events, future battle rap events and other controversial issues within the battle rap culture.

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Big names that have pulled up at No Studion Podcast include Disaster a fellow battle rapper from Los Angeles, Poison Pen one of King Of The Dot senior official, Cofee Brown who is Geechi Gotti's affiliate in battle rap.

Vada Fly

I would say this is one of the most entertaining and funniest battle rap media outlet at the moment. The podcast is hosted by its founder and owner Kenny Lewis is popularly known as Vada Fly in the battle rap streets. In some episodes he will host the show with the help of his friend Shotime SP. Their blog is more focused on discussing future events and recapping current events. Vada Fly and Shotime SP they even go as far as breaking battles rounds by rounds and bar for bar which makes their platform more special and different from others.

Besides battle rap recaps and and prediction, Vada Fly is also involved into clothing. he founded his clothing line called "Rice Gang Clothing". You can check their online catalogue on the link below.


HipHop is real was founded by a blogger popularly known in battle rap circle as Knowledge. This specific channel is more focused on interviewing battle rappers and also other people who are involved in battle rap. They are usually the first to drop battle recaps with battlers after every event. Knowledge the founder of this channel is also part of Math Hoffa's podcast which is named 'My Expert Opinion'


Champion was co founded by Jay Black and his rapper friend from Philadelphia who used the stage name Tech 9. Unfortunately Tech 9 committed suicide due to some complicated situations that he went through. The good thing is that Jay Black is continuing to carry the torch and keeping the platform they created afloat. Jay Black is now a house hold name in battle rap and he is now hosting most of Ultimate Rap League' faceoffs before the events. However some battle rappers and fans have issues with this channel, they accuse Jay Black of being controlled by Ultimate Rap League owners Smack and Beasley. The discredit Jay Black' authenticity and they say Jay Black is being used to push whatever the narrative that Ultimate Rap League assign him to do.

The Honourable Mentions Include

  • Angry Fan
  • Unbias Review
  • Ismokehiphop

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