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Top 10 Anime With Less Than 20 Episodes

Tired of watching an anime the will go on and continue for 50 or more episodes? I've compiled a list of some short but very fun and interesting anime that you can finish in a day.

Listed in no particular order.


1. Hellsing Ultimate

Episodes: 10 | Each episode runs on roughly 40+min each

Hellsing is about a mysterious group established by the legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. The organization's mission is to protect the country from supernatural threats such as vampires and ghouls. The story mainly revolves around Alucard, an incredibly powerful ancient vampire, as he serves the Hellsing organization.

Hellsing is also one of the very few anime that has a high quality English dub. I find myself watching the whole series again and I really like it that they gave various accents to the characters to correspond their nationality.



2. Baccano

Episodes: 13 | OVA: 3

Baccano tells the story of a group of people who made the deal with the devil to gain immortality. The storytelling of Baccano is very unique and with a lot of Hollywood feel to it. There are no real main characters since the story follows multiple individual storylines that show decades of flashback and events.

Like Hellsing Ultimate, Baccano has a very good English dub.



3. Angel Beats

Episodes: 13 | Specials: 2

Angel Beats is set in a higschool that acts as a limbo or purgatory for those who have recently died. In this place, the "students" will have to learn to give up any of their lingering attachments they have when they were alive in order to pass on. There's a large cast of characters, each have their own story and the anime is excellent is showing their struggles to come into terms with their death in order to pass on.



4. Eden of the East

Episodes: 11 | Movies: 2

An unknown individual has given 12 people 10 billion yen to give them a chance to "save" Japan. These chosen people are called the Seleção. Along with the 10 billion Yen, they are also given a special phone in which they can contact a concierge known simply as Juiz. Only through Juiz can they use the money. If one of the Seleção's uses their money for selfish purposes, an unknown individual, only known as the Supporter, is sent to kill them effectively eliminating them from the "game".

The plot revolves around Saki Momiri when she met Akira Takizawa, one of the Seleção.

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5. The Devil is a Part Timer!

Episodes: 13

The Devil is a Part Timer (Hataraku Maō-sama) tells the story of the Demon Lord Satan after his escape from Ente Isla after his defeat after the hands of the Heroes. He created a portal to escape and unknowingly found himself in the streets of Tokyo, Japan. However because the world is in a different dimension, the Demon Lord lost most of his powers. The story focuses on the Demon King as he works in a fast food restaurant and his everyday life as a normal human. However unbeknownst to him, he was followed by the Hero Emilia who seeks to finally destroy him. But like the Demon King, the hero find herself equally powerless and is also forced to find a job in order to survive.


6. Hozuki no Reitetsu

Episodes: 13

Hozuki no Reitetsu is a supernatural dark comedy anime set in the Japanese hell or afterlife. The story tells the story of Hozuki, a demon ogre that works under the demon King Enma. He serves as the demon King's right hand man and is in charge of managing various affairs and solving a number of bizarre events that frequently happens in Hell.


7. K

Episodes: 13 | 1 Upcoming Movie

The story of K revolves around Yashiro Isana, a carefree highschool student who was blamed for the death of a prominent member of an infamous group called HOMRA (also called the Red Clansmen). With these sudden turn of events,

One of K's appeals is the animation. Everything is high quality. The special effects, the character designs and the fight scenes are just spectacular to watch.



8. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Episodes: 11

C tells the story of Kimimaro when he encountered a mysterious individual that offers him a large amount of money by risking his future. His life gradually changed when he discovers the realm called the Financial District. Here he must participate on weekly tournaments and win to protect his new found wealth and his future.



9. Arcana Famiglia

Episodes: 12 | OVA: 1

The anime tells the story of the Arcana Famiglia, an organization that protects the island called "Regalo". When the head of the organization decided to retire, he organizes a tournament in order to find the rightful individual to rule the organization. Each of the members of the Famiglia have made contracts with the special items known as the Arcana cards. These Arcana cards grant special abilities and powers to its users. The story follows Felicita, the daughter of the retiring boss, when she decided to join the tournament along with his companions, in order to choose her own path.



10. Level E

Episodes: 12

Level E is one of the earliest creations of Yoshihiro Togashi (Hunter X Hunter, YuYu Hakusho). Unlike his later titles, Level E is heavily focused on comedy.

Unknown to the humans, aliens from different parts of the universe, have come to earth. Some of them desires to enslave the whole human population and some just want to have good vacation. The story is revolves around Prince Baka. An alien royalty that came from the distant planet called Dogra. The prince has a knack for causing mayhem and mishaps to those around him as a result of his pranks and experiments. The episodes follow the prince's misadventures in his quest to understand humanity.


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N B Yomi from Dallas, TX on January 26, 2020:

Typical of a list like this to feature anime I haven't heard of in this case it's:Kozuki Retetsu, C:The control of Money and Power" and Arcana Famgalia... I've been meaning to watch Devil is a Part Timer too since I have a part time job. Good to know it's short.

R Chambers on March 18, 2019:

Great List!!!

Rachael Lefler from Illinois on September 03, 2018:

Level E is seriously under-appreciated!

My favorite on here is definitely Helsing Ultimate.

Original was also good. I like the Helsing manga as well.

I want to check out Angel Beats. I never saw it when it came out but it looks cute and I like stories that explore an afterlife.

Alexis on November 05, 2017:

I like series' that are shorter from time to time. I haven't seen any of the ones you've listed, but some are on my to watch list like The Devil is a Part-timer.

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on November 05, 2017:

Thanks for the list! As popular as some anime are, I just don't have time to watch the hundreds of episodes of Dragon Ball Z or Inuyasha.

Some personal favorites under 40 episodes are Death Note and Fate Zero.

nipster on June 14, 2017:

Yay for short animes! I'm glad someone made a hub about the short ones.

David on February 23, 2015:

YAY! I HAD TO CHASE MY DUVET DOWN THE ROAD!!!! note to self: running down road sceraming and running after duvet; don't do it again, the neighbours don't seem to be too happy :p

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