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Top 10 Youtube Channels You Should Follow

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The Top Ten Youtube Channels on the Internet

I have to make it clear that my personal top 10 YouTube channels does not necessarily mean they are the top 10 viewed. Below are the most viewed channels on Youtube, as of January 20th, 2017. Though I love PewDiePie, and maybe the WWE, none of them will be on my personal list below.

Top YouTube Channels You Should Follow

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

2. VSauce

3. CrashCourse

4. The Film Theorists

5. CinemaSins

6. Wisecrack

7. Waking Up with Sam Harris

8. h3h3 Productions

9. The Rubin Report

10. Jordan Peterson

#1 The Joe Rogan Experience

We are starting off here because many of the channel hosts further down this list will have been interviewed on The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan is a professional comedian and a UFC commentator. He was also the host of the American show Fear Factor for many years. He now runs a podcast with fighters, comedians, musicians, public speakers, and intellectuals as most of his guests. His long-form conversational-style interviews are always fascinating and you can learn interesting things about people that you might not expect, such as the lead singer of Metallica, James Hetfield, being an avid beekeeper.

#2 VSauce

Michael Stevens has built one of the most captivating channels on Youtube. VSauce is all about, in my opinion, really complicated answers to often very simple questions. A favourite of mine is when he simply asks what will we miss. His videos are always packed full of enthralling facts and stories, and this one is no exception.

#3 CrashCourse

For those who complain that they didn't receive a proper education in high school, there is CrashCourse. An entire high school education is waiting, archived on the channel for you to binge on. From a meticulous and fascinating world history course, to physics, biology, chemistry, and even philosophy and economics, CrashCourse has it all. Personally, I would start with CrashCourse World History, but you know best which subjects you need a quick refresher course in! It's also worth mentioning that the two brothers who started the channel, John and Hank Green, also have an entire network of great channels with endless ways to learn while being entertained. SciShow and vlogbrothers are my two favourites.

#4 The Film Theorists

MatPat created The Film Theorists channel after the wild success of his first channel, Game Theory—the smartest show in gaming. A self-described information addict and very likeable Youtube personality, MatPat makes incredible videos about game and film theories—often unique and fascinating ones—with hard evidence to back up his claims. MatPat turns theorising about games and movies into a hard science, but it comes off a bit like art. He is definitely worth watching; just look up your favourite game or movie! Or start with my personal favourite game theory about the possibility that Link from Zelda is dead during the entire Majora's Mask game.

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#5 CinemaSins

Keeping in line with the movie theme, CinemaSins scrupulously evaluates the mistakes made in movie productions, including everything from discontinuities to poor dialogue. Created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, CinemaSins is in my top ten not because I hate movies and want to see them torn apart, but because their videos are so funny and entertaining while doing so. Maybe for this one, you should not start by looking up your favourite movie.

#6 Wisecrack

Usually hosted by creator Jared Baue, Wisecrack has grown from several previous channels with some controversy surrounding them, namely the web-series Thug Notes. Moving past that, Wisecrack has become a great channel to find riveting philosophical musings on pop-culture, such as my favourite video on the Philosophy of Rick and Morty. This video in particular greatly enhanced my experience of watching the show, so if you're a fan you definitely need to check it out! They also do awesome videos on shows such as South Park, movies like Deadpool and even games like Fallout!

#7 Waking Up with Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a well known contemporary philosopher and neuroscientist but he is mostly known for his outspoken views and many books written on religion. He runs a podcast called Waking Up with Sam Harris in which he often has high-calibre intellectuals as guests to discuss and debate fascinating topics. Lately, Sam has stepped back from talking so much about religion to cover other pressing topics, such as the development of AI and what it could mean for us. Sam is by far my favourite intellectual of our generation; he embodies the cool voice of reason and rationality seemingly effortlessly, which you can watch in real time during one of his many interviews with Joe Rogan. If you find podcasts dull, just search Youtube for any of the hundreds of debates and lectures he has participated in.

#8 h3h3 Productions

Produced by husband-and-wife team Ethan and Hila Klein, h3h3 Productions has grown to represent something of a community on Youtube. Sitting comfortably around the top of the reaction-video/internet-culture-lampooning sub-genre, h3h3 is simply hilarious—unless you're a social justice warrior or third-wave feminist. Many great channels feed off the energy brought to Youtube by h3h3, including some of my personal favourites such as Sargon of Akkad and Chris Ray Gun (it should be noted that while these channels, and many others in the sub-genre, often cover similar or the exact same stories, they are aware of the overlap and always try to bring something new.) Also, check out their recent podcast with Michael Stevens from VSauce!

#9 The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report is a character with a special place in the heart of many politically-minded Youtubers. He rose to popularity during his time on The Young Turks, where he challenged poorly examined ideologies and eventually left the show due to major disagreements. He now has full creative freedom on his own show, and it is funded entirely by his viewers and patrons on Patreon. If you like long-form political talk shows, you've been missing out! Rubin does a fantastic interview with Sam Harris, and he has also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience.

#10 Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson, a renegade psychology professor at the University of Toronto, has a channel that has been gaining a lot of traction. In addition to his seemingly contradictory struggle against his employer, Jordan broadcasts his class lectures for anybody to watch. As a clinical psychologist and former Harvard professor, Peterson is a well of information and one would be remiss if they didn't at least check out the first lecture of his course this year, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief.

Thanks for Reading My List!

There were plenty of honourable mentions that I planned to fit into this article, but it has already become too long. If I missed your favourite channel, leave it in the comments and maybe I will add it to another list in the future!

© 2017 Ghaaz B

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