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Top 10 Unscripted Moments That Were Left in the Movie

I study in the art of tech and comedy and I'm also a "game enthusiast".

Here, we will be counting down the top 10 Unscripted moments that were left in the movie. Sit back and grab yourself some popcorn.

10 | Sonic the Hedgehog | Dr. Robotnik Dance Scene

Jim Carrey is known for his unscripted method acting and this is one of his best performances yet, Jim dancing in this scene is 100 hundred percent off the cuff and wasn't expected by the director.

9 | Raiders Of The Lost Ark | Sword Fight

Few people know it but the script for this scene looked completely different because it had a real battle for Indiana Jones, but the day before shooting this scene Harrison Ford ate something out of date and felt so bad that he couldn't be Indiana Jones as usually was so when Steven Spielberg saw how bad he felt he decided not to postpone shooting and just told Ford to shoot him, and so he did and now it one of the most famous and fun moments in the moives' franchise.

8 | Pirates of the Caribbean | Got a Jar Of Dirt

In the second part of the this moives' franchise ,dead man's chest, Jack teases David Jones with a jar of soil singing a silly song in front of the completely surprised Elizabeth and Will but the surprise on their faces of Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom is absolutely sincere as there was no song about the soil in the script.

7 | Titanic

According to the script Rose, Kate Winslet character and her fiance start fighting, at one point actor Billy Zane gets so emotional that in a outburst of climatic anger he literally flips the table breaking the expensive china that was in it. It happened so fast that Kate Winslet couldn't process the scene lending to real confusion because she didn't know that was going to happen.

6 | Lord Of The Rings | hitting of the head

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There was a lot of improvised scenes in Lord Of The Rings, considering the creativity of the crew. An example of one of these improvised scenes is Lan McKellen (Gandalf) hitting his head and continuing to act his role like it was in the script, like a true man.

5 | Thor 2 | Coat Rack

Director Allen Tailor laughed so much at this accidentally scene that he decided to leave it in the moive.

4 | Dumb And Dumber | Annoying Sounds

As dum dum Harry and Lloyd head on a road trip, they meet all sorts of people including a hitman who's trying to kill them. Well sucks to be that guy cuz car rides with these two means sing-alongs. Anti-Quities and the most annoying sound in the world. That last one was injected into the film by Jim Carrey on the fly and you can see in Jeff Daniel's reaction that he was not expecting for the most annoying sound in the world

3 | Jaws | We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat

Spielberg's jaws goes unseen for most of the film, but The shark finally reveals himself in incredible size, as police chief, Brodius throwing chum overboard to attract it. Leaving him and the audience in shock. As Brody comes to his senses, he turns to the vessels' captain to inform him that he's gonna need a bigger boat.

2 | The Shining | Here's Jonny

Jack borrows a popular late-night catchphrase to add comedy and creepiness to the scene. In horrifying fashion, Jack got Shelley Duvall riled up so much her screams started to become real.

1| Ace Venture | Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Whaddya Know another Jim Carrey unscripted marvel. Director Steve Oedekerk decided to keep the scene because of how calm the actors were, but at the end ,as Jim hits a high note, Ian McNeice can be spotted letting out a chuckle when he covers his ears.

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