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Top 10 Unsatisfying and Weird Anime Endings


As human beings we desire closure. It is one of the many things that make us feel complete and at ease in this world, allowing us to move on and continue on with our lives. That is why when we don't get adequate or sufficient closure we are left with a terrible bout of anger and complete confusion.

This tends to happen with some anime. There are some that escape this evil mechanism but for the most part, an amazing story is ruined by a terribly unsatisfying ending. These can be confusing, leave out large plot elements, make absolutely no sense or feel rushed and unimaginative. I have compiled a list of ten of the weirdest and unsatisfying anime endings I have had the unpleasant opportunity of seeing in my life. They are not ranked in any specific order since they all confused me to tears and left me wondering as to exactly what the producers were thinking. Without further explanation, here they are:

11 Eyes:

A relatively short anime, I didn't completely break down after the last episode finished but felt completely betrayed and mesmerized as to what I had just witnessed. I wish I could explain some part of it to you but I really can't. The ending just went from bad to worse, killing important characters off and allowing the whole base of the plot to crumble. If you want to witness such a mess, go ahead, it's your choice. I don't know what I was expecting for this strange, harem like anime but I was certainly not expecting what happened in that ending.


High School of the Dead:

People keep telling me a second season of this anime will come out any time soon but I have been waiting for far too long for it and I am pretty sure that such a thing will never occur. This was an amazing anime, filled with anything an otaku like me is looking for. The action was fun; characters were lovable but real, messing up and doing mistakes just like anybody else and there was just so much potential in it all really. The ending though, is a cliffhanger that will never be solved. This is basically just closing down production to something everybody absolutely loved! This anime had no problems until it faced its rushed ending. Now, we are left with no surviving students and no more zombies to kill.


C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control:

Long name for a really short anime, the story was not the most innovative but it was interesting and showed real, lasting damages from losing money and how your future is affected from it. Closing this anime up so quickly was an absolute mistake. Yet the thing that really hurt was how they did it, making all the viewers understand that they did not intend on making any more episodes and that they had to be content with what they had! I had just come to understand love the relationship with the characters only to be slapped with total confusion and unsatisfying closure.


Dead Man Wonderland:

This series could have been something legendary, revolutionary, anything you wanted to call it really. But it didn't become that. It didn't even stand out as an alright anime because of its ending. If you want to see some great action and an interesting plot never seen before you can see the first couple episodes but expect nothing greater. The anime will just abruptly cut you off and let you know that your viewing experience is over. If you want to know more about the story and characters, feel free to read the manga which I have not yet had a chance to get through. I will give it the benefit of the doubt and hope that it fared better than its TV portion.



Bloody and coming from nowhere, this ending was unexpected and unsatisfying. I don't want to ruin the whole thing for you since this is an amazing series to watch and I know many new anime viewers are still not aware of the greatness that this anime held but boy did it fall in the ending. You can be the personal judge of that and let me know if you that it was ok or not. I just know that I could not accept this weird end to this story and no movie or OVA they release will allow me to forgive the producers for it. Again, I will defend this anime by saying that many say this ending not to be the true closing point but only an introduction to the manga. My problem with that is that if you are going to deliver a story to an enthusiastic audience, at least have the decency to finish it as it is meant to be finished instead of giving us a beta so we want to try the rest of it.

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Death Note:

This anime has really divided the anime community into diverse opinions and thoughts on the ending, mostly concluding that everything just felt too rushed. Each death felt a bit too sudden and easy, as deaths usually feel in real life to be honest, but this is not what the characters or the audience deserved. We knew the potential of the cast and knew that they should not have gone down that easily. Nevertheless, that is how the producers decided to end one of the most amazing series I have had the pleasure of watching and I'm just going to have to go through life attempting to accept its ending.



Another legendary and innovative masterpiece, I still do not fully comprehend this ending. If you want, you can explain it to me, perhaps shed some light on some things that I might have missed but all I know is that I was not expecting ANY OF IT. I was stunned and felt betrayed to say the least, wondering exactly how everything had ended the way it did. I want to believe that at the very least Kei lived but even that much is unclear to me.


Full Metal Alchemist:

Being released before the actual ending of the manga was anywhere in sight, I sort of forgive this strange conclusion and try to ignore it. The anime in general was fairly gripping and filled with interesting story development, characters to die for and a story I did not think possible. The movie made after the anime was made to explain all the plot holes but it had many of its own. The most unsatisfying thing is that our heroes are forever lost in a parallel world, destined to live without alchemy. There is no real ending for them which greatly frustrated me until I got to see Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, a more welcomed and accepted fate for the anime.


Mirai Nikki:

Yet another anime with great potential that had everyone falling for it and its new dynamics, this anime ended so suddenly and tried to cram so many details and explanations into our brain in the remaining minutes, I still cannot wrap my head around it all and I have watched it countless times. It was really the Deus Ex Machina of Deus Ex Machina's. I sort of wish everybody would have just died or something. It would have at least made more sense than what actually happened.


I don't know why I was watching this, I don't know what I was expecting and I certainly can't accept the ending. The characters were just breathtaking to me and I could not stand to see them face such sadness and anguish. It simply broke me, especially because I had recently gone into the world of anime and was only now starting to understand all the feelings that they could make me feel. I was astonished, lonelier than I have ever been, and sad. This ending completely changed me.

There are many more anime to explore and learn from I have still not gotten to experience and see but these have become the staple of the amazing gone downhill. There are some which I consider perfect and hold as dear teachers that have shaped me to be what I am today but these just made me feel betrayed and confused for the most part. A lot of people see all of these differently and it really is up to each and every viewer to decide how they feel about them.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez


Naomi Starlight from Illinois on November 02, 2016:

Death Note's was ok, it's just like you said, the problem is that they had the main characters be so intelligent that their falls made little sense. And after the death of L, it felt like the writers just didn't know how to replace him because his role in the story was so large. Very few fans are likely to name Near or Mellow as their favorite characters. They just weren't as interesting or likeable as L was. They were a punk rebel and another, less interesting prodigy kid, trying to fill very large shoes. At least most things are wrapped up, but it kind of leaves questions about what will become of Misa, who seemed to have been forgotten or abandoned by the writers for a few episodes at the end.

Great list.

Most half-season animes with 10-14 episodes end up having terrible endings. They're basically just using animation as an advertisement for the manga. Since I don't read or buy much manga that makes me mad.

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