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Top 10 Surprising Stories You Might Have Missed


1. A French Youtuber Climbed a 31-Story Building Without Any Support and Became a Young Rreal Spider-Man'

PARIS - A French YouTuber climbed a 31-story building without support, covering the 381-foot-long Hotel Melia in just one hour.

According to the details, French Spiderman got a new honour by climbing the tallest building in Barcelona, ​​YouTube climbed the 31-story hotel building without any equipment.

In Barcelona, ​​French YouTuber Leo Urban chose the 381-foot Hotel Melia for the adventure.

According to a foreign news agency, he performed this feat on the evening of July 22. It took him 60 minutes to reach the roof of the building. All these scenes were watched with interest by the people standing under the building.


2.A Clever Fox Stole More than 100 Shoes

Berlin: Residents of the Berlin city area were worried about the disappearance of their shoes. But they were surprised to learn that it was a fox who was fond of colourful shoes.

According to the details, the stories and tales of the cunning fox may have been heard by many in their childhood, but the interest in shoes among foxes has not been revealed in any story yet. In the German capital, Berlin, a fox cleverly stole shoes from several people's homes.

According to German media reports, a unique incident took place in the southeastern region of Berlin, where a fox stole more than 100 shoes from the homes of various residents.

All kinds of shoes, including slippers, sandals and sneaker shoes, were disappearing from the outside of various houses in the area. Christian Meyer, a local resident, later exposed the thief.

A report in the Berlin daily Tags Spiegel said that two weeks ago, the mayor had published a post on the community website Nibon On about the disappearance of his brand new shoes. He later learned that his shoes were not the only ones missing in the area.

Later, Christian Meyer spotted a fox near the house with a blue slipper in his mouth. He managed to take a picture of a fox eager for shoes. According to him, the thief was caught with blue slippers in his mouth

In this way, the mayor discovered the theft of colourful shoes. Unfortunately, the mayor has not yet been able to find his new shoes. But the owners of three other pairs of shoes have claimed to have their shoes back.


3.Watermelons that are Grown but not Eaten

Tokyo: In Japan, there are unique watermelons that you can't help but be amazed when you see them. What's even more amazing is that you can decorate them and not eat them.

According to media reports, these watermelons have become the identity of Japan, people have started liking them so much that they buy them to decorate in the drawing-room, the number of such people has increased so much that now the demand for these watermelons has increased.

The reason for not eating them is that they are grown naturally, but still, their skins are so hard and the taste is so bad that even if you spend 100 dollars you can't eat them.


4.Revenge for Cheating in Love, Girl sends a ton of Onions to her Fiance after ending the Relationship

BEIJING: A Chinese girl, Xiao, sent a ton of onions to her fiance after cheating and breaking up.

According to the Daily Mail, the Chinese girl said that she was sincere with her fiance but he was unaware of my feelings and he took an interest elsewhere.

"When I caught my friend's infidelity and cheating, he ended the relationship instead of admitting his guilt and regretting it, while I tried to stop him several times," Xiao said.

"I have sent him onions so that whenever he cuts onions, tears flow from his eyes. I have cried as much as I should have cried. Now it is his turn to shed tears."


5.Woman with 6 meters Long Hair


There is an elderly woman in Vietnam who has not cut her hair for 64 years and now these hairs are up to 6 meters long like a big snake.

According to the report, 83-year-old Negio Thai Din, from Ben Tree Province, Vietnam, said that when she was 19 years old, her parents cut her hair, after which she started having severe headaches and treatment. She was not recovering, but as her hair began to grow, the pain gradually subsided and she has never cut her hair since.

Experts say that her hair has grown 10 cm every year. She has not even washed her hair with shampoo or soap, which is also the reason for her headache. Her health at the age of 83 is also enviable, which is why she said good food.


6.Egyptian Artists made a Giant Cat Statue out of 3,000 pieces of Iron

Cairo: In Egypt, two artists made a 6-meter high giant cat sculpture out of 3,000 pieces of iron scrap.

Artists based in the capital, Cairo, have taken part in creating a giant cat sculpture from scrap, creating hundreds of other decorative items from scraps.

The government appreciated the artist's efforts, people liked it too, after the cat, now the artist also intends to make a 5-meter high sculpture of Qaluptra.


7.Find out what Crime the Bear Committed that he was Sentenced to Death

ROME; A 28-year-old boy and his father were attacked by a bear on the way to Montpellier in the northern Italian town of Trentino, injuring them both. Following this incident, a case was brought against the bear that attacked the father and son and in the light of the DNA evidence, the bear was sentenced to death. After the attack, the governor of Trentino signed a law punishing bears


8. The Rocks That Changed the Life of the Poor Miner

Dodoma: Precious stones enriched a poor miner in one day, a Tanzanian sold two gemstones to the government for 3.3 million.

According to details, a small-scale miner in the East African country of Tanzania became a millionaire overnight after selling two precious Tanzanian or Tanzanite stones to the government.

According to a foreign news agency, the 52-year-old Sunni Korean laser found the stones in the Mirarani mountain range, which weighed 9.27 and 5.1 kilograms, respectively.

"This is the biggest discovery in the country so far," the mining minister said at a rock discovery ceremony. "The laser is our millionaire. Let's make sure they are safe."


9. The 'Darkest' Fish in the World

This fish absorbs 99.5% of the light that falls on it. (

LOS ANGELES - A team of American scientists have discovered the darkest creatures ever found in the deepest depths of the ocean, but one of them is a fish that can be called the "darkest" animal because of its skin. 99.5% of the falling light is absorbed.

The famous Smithsonian Institution research expedition, led by Karen Osborne, has been diving into the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean for the past few months in special submarines.

Going several kilometres below sea level, where sunlight could not reach at all, the team of experts found 16 different creatures with extremely dark colours, but one of them turned out to be the darkest type of fish because it itself It absorbs 99.5% of the light that falls on it, making it very difficult to photograph.

Details of these discoveries from the dark depths of the ocean have been published online in the latest issue of the research journal "Current Biology".


10. A Monkey was Sentenced to Life Imprisonment in India.

Kanpur's monkey Kalwa will now have to stay behind bars for life. The doctor warned that if the 6-year-old monkey was released, it could harm people. When he stopped getting alcohol, he started biting people aggressively. The monkey was caught by animal catchers and taken to Kanpur Zoo, where he has been imprisoned for three years.


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 26, 2020:

Some interesting stories here. Thank you for sharing.

Dr Em Hoccane (author) from London on August 18, 2020:

Well said Ankita B, I agree too

Ankita B on August 18, 2020:

This is an interesting article with some very fascinating stories. Greatly structured. I agree with Lorna about the unfair punishments being given to the bear and the monkey.

Thank you for sharing.

Dr Em Hoccane (author) from London on August 18, 2020:

Thank you Lorna Lamon,

I did it because every body is in desmise due to Covid... Media used is for pandemic in these days not for interesting things.

Lorna Lamon on August 18, 2020:

This was such an interesting article and reminded me that there is so much going on in the world that due to this pandemic we have missed. All the stories were fascinating, however, my favourite had to be the fox and the shoes.

I felt sad for the bear and the monkey as most of their issues are man made and yet they pay the price. Great article and thank you for sharing.

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