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Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Naruto Characters of All Time

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Introduction: Conditions for the List

Ok, so to start off the article I really have to set up some conditions as the list would be trash if it would be otherwise.

Let me tell you what I mean by this:

- Otsotsuki

- Boruto

First of all, the Otsotsuki clan is overpowered, and it's only natural if you know the story. On the other hand, it would be really bad to have all the Otsotsuki considered for the list.

Hence, I limited it to two, only Hagoromo and Kaguya are considered since they're the main.

Sorry Indra and Asura, but you have to sit this one up, your father will represent you.

On the other hand, Boruto's power scaling isn't clear yet, but I expect it to be broken since the authors will have previous characters weakened and new ones become OP due to the fact the story is about the new generation, and as in many Anime (think Dragonball), one can only progress so far as to not break the scales entirely.

Dragonball Super is after all pretty broken. I expect Boruto to be no different, unfortunately.

So, considering these limitations I self-imposed to make this list the best I could, read on below for my ultimate Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Naruto Characters list of all time!


10 - Namikaze Minato: The Man Behind the Myth

Minato Namikaze, the father of our protagonist and the legend carved on Konoha's rock.

He was among the strongest Shinobi of all time, and he was so fast he got called "Konoha's Yellow Flash".

Every character remembers him fondly and you can hear throughout the series on how characters think it would all be different if the Fourth was still alive.

The fourth isn't only one of the most powerful ninjas, but one of the most popular, so chances are you already know why he deserves a spot in this list.

Unfortunately, the 10th place is the highest he gets, but I'll give you solid reasons on why it is so - the other 9 are simply powerhouses themselves.


9 - Uchiha Obito: The Lost Masked Man

Uchiha Obito was a simple guy, much like Naruto.

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He was enthusiastic and a loyal friend, teaching Hatake Kakashi the meaning of teamwork and the meaning of true friendship and camaraderie.

He changed though, and with these changes came an even bigger power.

He was used by Madara, but in being so he unlocked powers he probably wouldn't ever have if he had a normal life.

If he didn't go under the wing of Uchiha Madara, I can probably see him as a Jounin on par with Kakashi, teaching a team of Gennin all about relying on each other and so forth.

Now, with all of his powers and hardships he endured, he simply was stronger than Minato by the time Shippuden ended.


8 - Tobirama Senju: Nidaime Hokage

Tobirama is the definition of an underrated character. Let me tell you why.

First of all, he was the brother of Hashirama Senju.

Think deep about what would happen if he wasn't Shodaime's brother. He invented so many strong techniques and new powers that he would be regarded as simply GENIAL.

Unfortunately, he was always in the shadow of his brother, and most remember him for being Hashirama's brother.

Tobirama was one of the most talented Jutsu makers of all time, and he had amazing Chakra control as well.

I can see him beating Uchiha Obito if Madara wasn't involved, and as such he has to be ranked higher.

But what about the other characters up?

Let's see...


7 - Sarutobi Hiruzen: Sandaime Hokage

The third Hokage was regarded as the God of Shinobi and was one of the most talented and strongest Ninjas Konoha ever produced.

I can hear the fanboys yelling about Itachi, Tobirama, Obito, and Namikaze... and honestly, they can do it how much they want but that doesn't change the truth and the truth is:

- Everyone states Sarutobi Hiruzen to be the most powerful of Hokages.

On his battle with Orochimaru, he was old and didn't have the breath or chakra to use his full power, yet he held his own against Tobirama, Hashirama and Orochimaru.

I can hear you claiming he was afraid of the Fourth coming up, but that was because he didn't have the power to fight all THREE Hokages together,

Orochimaru didn't have full control of Edo Tensei, sure, and that's why you don't see Hashirama behind Hiruzen.

We're shown in Shippuden that Hashirama when he was put under pressure, can prove to be stronger than Hiruzen, but the Sandaime Hokage never showed us his full power either, the power of when he was the prodigy everyone said to be the strongest of all Hokages.

Young Hiruzen, with all his breath, chakra, young blood, and practice was the 7th strongest shinobi of all time.


6 - Hashirama Senju: Shodaime Hokage

The founder of Konoha and the only Hokage I think surpasses Hiruzen. When you talk about Hokages the order is the following:

S+ Tier Hokage: Naruto Uzumaki

S Tier Hokage: Hashirama Senju

A+ Tier Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi

A Tier Hokage: Tobirama Senju, Namikaze Minato

B Tier Hokage: Tsunade (Senju + Uzumaki)

C Tier Hokage: Hatake Kakashi

Albeit Hiruzen Sarutobi was said to be the strongest of all Hokages, I think that it was because most people never saw Hashirama at his full power.

The way Hashirama is at the end of Shippuden shows you how he can battle, and I don't think Hiruzen at his prime could do much against him, even though his fire-style would counter Mokuton.

I have to consider Hashirama superior to Hiruzen, though again I never saw Hiruzen at his prime being pressed the way Hashirama was.

There's no way to know for sure, but my chips are on the Shodaime Hokage.


5 - Uchiha Madara: Let Me Tell You Why

You know he was coming, you just didn't know at what position he was sitting at.

Well, where to start on Madara other than saying by the end of Shippuden he surpassed Hashirama.

By having that in mind, he surpassed all other character below him as well.

His powers were immense and you cannot ever forget the battle against the allied shinobi forces where he shows just how exaggeratingly overpowered he can be.

The fact he sits at number five just shows you how all Animes scale more and more the more episodes go by, something that is natural but also something authors have to consider when thinking about continuing successful anime franchises:

I'm talking at you Boruto...


4 - Uchiha Sasuke: The Fanboy Magnet

Sasuke is the Fanboy Magnet some love and some hate.

If you're a gamer like me, then chances are you play multiplayer games. In every multiplayer game you play, you'll come across someone with "Sasuke" on their username, I guarantee it.

They want to mirror the strongest Uchiha of them all... this guy.

Some people think Madara was stronger than Sasuke, but that's a misconception that arose due to several factors, among some of them the tools Madara had at his disposal and the long years of preparation for that battle.

However, even in the war, Sasuke asserted his dominance over Madara, and he grew to become equal to Naruto each time Naruto grew in power.

Uchiha Sasuke did more than he ever anticipated, and I can understand why so many find inspiration in him.


3 - Hagoromo: Rikudou Sennin

The legendary Sennin, and the legend you would tell your kids before bed.

Hagoromo has God Tier powers and he could fight Kaguya Otsotsuki for months without stopping for some air, which shows his stamina was also God Tier.

Having said that, he was also the Ten-Tails Jinchuuriki, which gives him that much more weight.

Honestly, there's aren't many arguments you could throw to give Hagoromo a lower rank... who do you think could beat him one on one? Madara? Not likely!

Hagoromo is a legend, and he deserves the podium.


2 - Uzumaki Naruto: The Protagonist

Uzumaki Naruto, the protagonist, is the Goku of this series (hat's off to one of the most legendary Anime protagonists ever).

This means that like Goku he scales with the series up to the point the series stops having his name on it and shifts to his son.

What this also means is that he, of course, scaled along with the bad guys, not achieving rank one because he made up the difference of power by having true friends on his side that made up for the difference.

Naruto is a legend and he deserved the spot of 7th Hokage more than anyone else - sorry Sasuke Fans.

He got even stronger when he got Hagoromo's power and by being a Jinchuuriki with a lot of rooms in his belly.

Naruto was at a point in which he had his own Chakra (triple the normal amount), the Bijuu chakra, Hagoromo's chakra, and so on.

He was truly the number 1 good guy in the series.


1 - Kaguya Ōtsutsuki: God Tier Power

What is there to say about Kaguya?

She ate the forbidden fruit and became the mother of Chakra, creator of Shinobi, and she was also involved in the creation of the Bijuu Ten-Tails.

She managed to pacify the whole world on the ravaging war times on which she originated from, and she did it alone through her overwhelming power.

To justify her being number one, you don't need any fancy arguments, but if her time on the screen somehow isn't enough for you, Hagoromo claimed her power far surpassed his own.


Conclusion: Some Observations and Disclaimer

Although this list is pretty solid and backed up by arguments, there are one or two places that could be disputed among the same level shinobi.

For example, the 10th place could be disputed among Namikaze and A, the Third Raikage, so I went ahead and picked the most popular character when those choices seemed to emerge.

Fortunately, that didn't happen often, although in Mikaze's 10th place I had to state A was the alternative since there are even one or two sources that point out to A having a slight advantage.

I, for one, consider them to be equal, but if you ever see A on a Top 10 list, know his place is probably deserved.

Finally, these lists are always hard to do, and as I said in the intro, I could include characters like Toneri, Asura, Indra or other Otsotsukis, but preferred not to as to keep the list interesting.

I hope you liked the list, and I'll see you around.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 16, 2020:

An entertaining hub and you shared in detail.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on May 16, 2020:

Great story. Sharing with my son and grandson.

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