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Top 10 Strongest Logia Devil Fruit User



Number 10

Cariboa is a pirate with bounty of 210 million beri. He first appeared at Sabaody Archipelago when the straw hat pirates all reunited. He managed to defeat Scotch who is the guardian of one of Kaido's favorite island located in the New World. He ate the Numa Numa No Mi which translated in english is called the swamp swamp fruit which gives him the ability to create and turn into a swamp. He can create a swamp and his swamps are bottomless. He can store almost anything in it. In fishman island he kidnapped a lot of mermaids and he planned to sell them off. When you step in his swamp you sink in it. He can also hide weapons inside of him. He also tried to kidnap the Princess Shirahoshi. She is massive and when he attempted to kidnap her she was slowly sinking in his swamp. He can also turn into it but he can't go through things. Like few Logia Devil Fruit's.



Number 9

Smoker known as The White Hunter is a Vice Admiral of the navy. He was first shown in Logue Town when he was trying to catch Luffy. He was stopped by Dragon. Ever since Logue Town he's been after Luffy. He sees Luffy as a threat to the world like many others. He was there on the day Gol D Roger got executed in Logue Town. He managed to pin down Luffy several times. That was before Luffy knew haki. He ate the Moku Moku No Mi which is called Smoke Smoke Fruit in english which gave him the ability to become smoke. He can create and control it. He can also make the Smoke thick or thin. He can control the density of it. He can also fly by transforming his lower body into smoke. He can also power up the engine of his motorbike by using his powers. Each part of his body can turn into smoke and float around. He had a disadvantage when he fought against Ace since fire beats smoke.



Number 8

Crocodile was the former ruler of Alabasta before he got defeated by Luffy. He is also a former Shichibukai(Warlord). He was also the leader of a criminal organization Baroque Works. Then after he got defeated by Luffy he was captured and he was imprisoned in Impel Down. He later got out thanks to luffy. He has also saved Ace from being executed once and he also saved Luffy and Jinbe from Akainu by blowing them away with his powers. Crocodile ate the the Suna Suna No Mi which is the Sand Sand Fruit. It allows him to transform into and create sand and he can also control it. He can create massive sandstorms and he can also create quicksand. He can also suck all the moisture out of any object, living or non-living, by touching it. He managed to defeat Luffy twice. He was also able to fight Doflamingo.

Caesar Clown


Number 7

Caesar Clown is a scientist who used to work with Vegapunk. He is an expert on chemical weapons of mass destruction. He has a bounty of 300 million beri. He used to make artificial devil fruits for Doflamingo who used to supply it to Kaido. He used the former lab of Vegapunk before it was abandoned. He ate the Gasu Gasu No Mi which is the Gas Gas Fruit which allows him to change into a vaporous form, allowing him to float and go inside places that no normal solid being can. Unlike most Logia users, Caesar keeps his Devil Fruit powres activated all the time and is either completely or partly turned into gas. He can also absorb other gases and he can also remove oxygen in a certain area around himself to nullify fire-based attacks or asphyxiate his opponents. He stated that he experimented on his powers thus granting him more abilities. He can also fly using his Devil Fruit powers. When luffy's was punching him with his hands coated with haki his hands were turning white due to the poison. So I think if you were to touch him when he is in his gas form your hand might burn or get affected by the poisonous gas.



Number 6

Sabo is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army. He is considered No.2 of the army. He is directly under Dragon. He was formerly a Noble. He is also the brother of Ace and Luffy. Sabo ate the Mera Mera No Mi which was Ace's devil fruit power before he died. He and Luffy didn't want anyone else to have it since it was Ace's. The Flame Flame Fruit gives him the ability to turn into fire and he can create and also control fire. He was easily able to defeat Jesus Burgess who is the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates first ship. He was able to destroy the whole colosseum with just one attack which was the signature move of Ace which is called Hiken(Fire Fist). He was also able to evenly fight Fujitora a Marine Admiral. He can also ignite the end of his steel pipe. When he fought Burgess he used a move called Dragon Claw which he used to coat with Haki before he got the devil fruit power. But after he got it he ignited his whole hand with fire. He can also fly.



Number 5

Enel or known as Eneru is the former God of Skypiea before being defeated by Luffy. Two years after he lost to Luffy he came to the moon and became it's new ruler. Enel ate the Goro Goro No Mi which is the Rumble Rumble Fruit which allows him to transform into lighting and he can also create and control it. His power also gives him the ability to restart his heart after being near to death. His Devil Fruit power is regarded as invincible. Enel can transform into a gigantic Raijin looking thunder god made of pure electricity. He can generate up to 200 million volts. He truly has god like powers. His power are way too overpowered. No one in Skypiea stood a chances against him. Everyone who fought him would end up getting burnt. If luffy wasn't rubber then he would have had no chances in defeating Enel. Because enel's power is on a different level. It's very strong and affective.



Number 4

Kuza is a former Admiral of the Marines. He's now an ally of the Blackbeard Pirates. He resigned from the navy not wanting to work under Akainu. He ate the Hie Hie No Mi otherwise known as the Ice Ice Fruit which allows him to transform into ice. He can also control and create ice. He creates a saber from ice. He can create enough ice to cover a giant, a Sea King or several square miles of ocean within mere moments. He also froze two massive tsunami's caused by Whitebeard in a matter of seconds. He has an advantage over most of the devil fruit users that is to counteract the weakness of water. If gets pushed into water he can just freeze it and then stand on it. He was able to fight Whitebeard one on one. He also froze diamond Juzo who is one of the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. When he fought Sakazuki he used his powers for ten days and he used a lot of his powers which caused half of Punk Hazards weather to remain permanently cold. In a matter of seconds he was able to freeze Doflamingo completely.


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Number 3

Borsalino is an Admiral of the Marines. He's a very chilled out guy who doesn't give a damn about anything. It doesn't look like he takes stuff seriously. He ate the Pica Pica No Mi which is known as the Glint Glint Fruit which gives him the ability to turn into light and he can also create and control it. He can move and attack at the speed of light. He can also blast light energy from his fingers. When he was fighting Rayleigh he created a sword out of his light energy. He also stopped Whitebeard's attacks by shooting his wrist with a light beam. He also managed to defeat four supernovas. He was able to defeat Arlong quickly and easily. His Devil Fruit powers are really strong and overpowered. He mostly kicks people and he uses his Devil Fruit power to increase the strength of the kick. When he is in his light form you can't see him because he is that bright.



Number 2

Sakazuki is the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He was the one who killed Ace and also landed massive blows to Whitebeard. He is one strong marine. In the whole series he is the one who follows Absolute Justice. He ate the Magu Magu No Mi which is the Magma Magma Fruit which allows him to turn into Magma and control and create it. His ability is naturally of a higher order than Ace's pyrokinetic abilities, as the higher heat and smothering abilities of his magma allowed him to harm Ace despite Ace's Logia-defense, and ultimately kill Ace due to this superiority in their power. He was able to destroy the Ice platform with his Magma punches. He punched a hole through Whitebeard with his powers. He also fought his former colleague Kuzan and defeated him. In that fight Kuzan lost one of his leg. And during the ten days he fought Kuzan he also used a lot of his powers which caused the other half of Punk Hazards weather to remain permanently hot.

Marshall D. Teach


Number 1

Marshall D Teach is the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates. He is the only man in history to ever have two devil fruit powers. He currently has the Gura Gura no Mi which was Whitebeard's devil fruit power. He first obtained the Yami Yami no Mi. He got it by killing Thatch when he was a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. The Dark Dark fruit gives him the ability to create an ebbing shroud of darkness, shown to possess a strong gravitational pull. He also has the ability to nullify other devil fruit powers. For example when Ace fought him he was able to nullify his fire attacks. He also able to hurt luffy. He also nullified Whitebeard's quake attack. With his powers he defeated Fire Fist Ace and then he handed him over to the Marines. The Yami Yami no Mi is clearly the strongest Devil Fruit as of now. It can neutralise every devil fruit power and it's only known weaknesses are the common one's Haki and seastone. He seems to have mastered the power as he can use it efficiently.

Caribou attacking mermaids

Smoker fighting Law

Crocodile Saves Ace

Caesar Clown using his abilities

Sabo uses Ace's Firefist technique

Enel's Devil Fruit Ability

Kuzan vs Whitebeard

Borsalino defeats Arlong

Akainu Wounds Whitebeard

Teach fights Whitebeard

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