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Top 10 Reasons Why People are Loving Dirilis Ertugrul or Resurrection Ertugrul so much

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Ertugrul Ghazi is a Turkish historical series that beautifully portrays the times when the founders of the Ottoman Empire were fighting in the name of their religion and beliefs under the command of a strong Muslim warrior Ertugrul Ghazi (1191-1281). The admiration of this series has surpassed any other as it shows the life of heroes and warriors who fought many battles in the name of God, to spread their religion and give people the message of justice and to follow the right path in life to earn prosperity. Dirilis Ertugrul gained popularity not only in the Muslim world but Non-Muslims have also watched and loved this series to the point that many have accepted Islam as their religion. Resurrection Ertugrul or Dirilis Ertugrul series is created by Mehmet Bozdag. The series was filmed in Riva, a village located in Beyzok. Dirilis Ertugrul was completed and released in 2014.

Here are 10 main reasons why People from all over the world are becoming a fond of Dirilis Ertugrul series.


Dirilis Ertugrul is a series of unique and aspiring genre which shows how times and lives were in the past and bygone times. People used to live without Electricity and Wi-fi and how they used to travel without any cars or airplanes with the help of horses.

More than that, it is not only about the unique touch of ancient history, but the fighting scenes and the messages about life and never giving up also touch the human emotions and psyche. Every character shown in the series makes it worth watching.


The series is based on the rise of the Ottoman Empire when the father of the first Ottoman Sultan. Ertugrul Ghazi was building the foundation of a strong and powerful ruling Caliphate. Ertugrul Ghazi’s efforts and will prove to be fruitful for his children as his descendants successfully ruled over the Muslim world for 600 years under the title of the Ottoman Empire.

The story of the Dirilis Ertugrul series revolves around the brave warrior of Islam, Ertugrul Ghazi. Series start as he develops from a young and fierce warrior under the support and guidance of his father Suleyman Shah.



The stunning views and the touch of historical buildings and homes are beyond amazing. This show is set in different places, indoor and outdoor locations were used.

It was ensured that the excellence or even obscurity of each spot was captured, which is done impeccably as per seen. The viewers are continuously taken from one place to another. That is why viewers get so caught up in the magic of Dirilis Ertugrul. Viewers find it hard to release themselves from the amazing camerawork that takes them to another world.

Riva Village, Turkey

Riva Village, Turkey


The people who never find action and thriller series interesting are now caught up in the charm of this series. As it is far bigger than just action and thrill. It is a family show, people can comfortably watch it with their families and kids. It is based on the theme of the triumph of good against evil. This series has an educational value and it opens up minds and hearts and gives people strength and courage to stand up for the right.



An excellent choice of characters is seen in the show. The viewers can witness these characters going through different phases in their lives, turning from evil to good and vice versa. The most heart-touching relationship shown is between Ertugrul and his comrades (Alps). The most outstanding character was of Ibn Arabi, who gives positive and thought to change messages and guidance with the Quranic reference.

The Female characters are so inspiring and prominent for their strength and courage. They are seen to be no less vigorous and spirited than the male characters, in the whole social setup. They are no less vital than any male characters.



All the lessons and teachings from the show are worth admiring as they touch the heart and soul of the viewers. The powerful Quranic references add to the emotional value of the Muslim viewers as well. This mesmerizing show is divided between the potential of good and evil.

The outstanding character of Ibn e Arabi enlightens the show with his wisdom and Quranic knowledge and references.

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“The tears we shed, water the gardens in our hearts”

— Ibne Arabi



25 Staggering and marvelous horses were used for the set. These horses were looked after properly by a veterinarian. There is a village in Istanbul, Turkey called Riva, where these horses were kept safe on a horse farm.

There was small zoo in which all the other animals that were shown in the series, including goats, sheep, and pigeons.


The swords shown in Dirilis Ertugrul are real medieval times sword type as they are the replica of the original swords used by the founder of Ottoman and Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Osman, back in the 13th century. The character Ertugrul’s sword was the same as the one used by the real Ertugrul against his enemies. In the 13th century, the Ottoman Empire and Great Seljuks used to fight their battles with handmade swords and many of these swords found had blood grooves on them.

The swords used for the battle scenes in the show were made in 3 days. The audience has purchased too many of these swords for decoration.



The legendary Axe of the great Turgut Alp cannot be ignored while mentioning the weapons of the Dirilis Ertugrul series. Turgut Alp was one of the early Ghazi of the Ottoman Empire and is considered one of the greatest warriors of Islam. He used to fight with his Axe, which was sharp and made up of steel and wood. Turgut Alp’s outfit and axe are preserved in the museum in Turkey. This Axe was known to be the most powerful and strongest Axe at that time from East to West.

Specifications of the Axe:

92cm long

1650g weight

Made from “Bursa steel”

Wrapped with Leather belt

Turgut Alp's Outfit and Axe (Real)

Turgut Alp's Outfit and Axe (Real)


The series shows the life of the Muslim Oghuz Turk leader, Ertugrul, who tells that Muslims are a great nation that struggles to bring peace and harmony among the people. They believe in the right path of justice and truth. It shows the Muslims that they belong to the nation where the warriors like Ertugrul Ghazi and Turgut Alp once lived in this world fighting for the sake of their religion and peace. Their intentions were good and in the right direction. Their struggles lead to the foundation of the strong dynasty of the Ottoman, which ruled over the world for 600 years.

How many stars would you give to Dirilis Ertugrul?


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