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Top 9 People Who Became Crazy Rich For Bizarre Reasons

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In most cases, success in life is the result of a combination of hard work, intelligence, creativity, natural talent, originality, social skills, and luck.

The goal of education is to cultivate as many of these qualities as possible (though, our educational system often does an abysmal job in at least some of these areas).

However, school is not the only source of any of these factors, much less all of them.

That being said, a college diploma doesn’t guarantee a better career path nor a future for its holder – it all comes down what your lifestyle is, skills, talents, and how you utilize it for your own gain. Let’s all count down the Top 10 people who became crazy rich for bizarre reasons.

9.)Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline also known as K-Fed, was a drop out high school student who only received General Education Development certificate as his educational background – quite a courageous young fellow isn’t he?

He later began his career path as a back up dancer for several years in the industry. He was a notorious pop figure rapper in the 2000’s, however, he does not achieve long lasting fame due to falling behind in terms of talent with the major powerhouse stars of his generation.

In 2001-2006, things quickly became chaotic for this young actor, as he became well known as a slimy opportunist in the industry.

He married and had two children’s with the young American actress Shar Jackson as well as having two children’s with the famous Queen B, also known as Britney spears making him an instant multi millionaire without even working hard for the title.

His relationship with Britney spears brings him to the media’s limelight and sky rocketed his reputation.

He received a total worth of $2.3 million just for marrying Britney and has accumulated a total of $6 million of net worth in the industry. (Source 1)

8. John D. Rockfeller

Rockefeller was well known for his monopoly on the oil industry and was also known as a bottomless pit of greed in his time.

He would never leave his office until 6 pm at night until all his business associates left - it was all because he could stay in and make multiple deals with them without having to share profits or risk being overheard by competitors or spies.

He didn't have to work hard to become wealthy with his oil company, as he constantly relied on his employees and investors to help take care of administrative and financial matters for him, which he would later review.

Certainly, John was a thing of envy and hatred for his greed and dependent attitude, but on the bright side – he controlled up to 90 percent of all refineries and pipelines of the U.S, and became the world’s wealthiest men of his generation. (Source 2)

7.) William Randolph Hearst

William Randolph Hearst also known as “The King of Scandals” came from a well privileged family, however, he quickly became infamous for his attitude and demeanor in his college days.

He terrorized the famous Harvard University for two years and got expelled resulting in a great shame for his family in 1887.

What’s worse is his abuse of power to quickly climb up the social ladders, and his employees was NOT happy solely because of monopolizing his writer’s privileges and has left him full of critiques – thankfully this all changes when he met the selfless and kind, Marion Davis. (Source 3)

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His headlines were also a big hit and infamous, his papers focused on crimes and scandals, alleged rumors, and colorful comics. While some readers believed his outrageous claims, critics backfired and exposed his newspapers as a misinformation or in some cases, outright lies. (Source 4)

In the end, William’s net worth almost exceeds 30 billion and his newspapers was still famous in history.

6.) William Hung

Hey, another William! This infamous “American Idol” contestant quickly rose to fame for his uncoordinated choreography and his off-key singing the song, “She Bangs." But everyone would definitely agree that this phenomenon was actually a blessing in disguise. Actually, he was more widely known as the “She bangs” guy, rather than his own identity and name.

William expressed his gratitude on an interview for the song, “She bangs.” – “I wouldn’t be where I am today.” William said. (Source 5)

William Hung was now a well-off motivational speaker with a total net worth of $600 thousand and has become a famous singer, he also participates in TEDx talks and had multiple appearances around the globe for businesses and organizations.

5.) Silvio Berlusconi

A multi dollar billionaire and former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Born in an ordinary family - a father as a bank clerk and a mother who’s a homemaker, he dreamt of being rich at an early age. (Source 6)

But hey! That dream became reality later on when he founded Edilnord, a real estate and construction firm in the year 1962, and success after success made him a multimillionaire in the first decade of his career.

But that is not all there is, Silvio Berlusconi with his nauseating and bizarre attitude made him a subject of multiple corruptions and bribery trials for the pure sake of success in the politics.

He was also the head of multiple crimes such as, tax fraud, bribery, illegal financing of political parties, and multiple sex scandals, a case that made him infamous was his reply, “At least I’m not gay.” when media founds that Silvio paid an under aged Moroccan prostitute as his sex partner. (Source 7)

Silvio’s heinous crimes made a leeway for him to be a person with a net worth of $8 billion up to date, and with his fortune, punishments for his crimes were rather light or were even pardoned by the trial – crazy, isn’t it?

4.) Gweneth Lee

Speaking of becoming crazy rich, marrying a single or in some cases, a married man in his 40s or his late 60s was now considered a common thing in the media’s eyes, in fact, a research from London School of Economics stated that women nowadays are more determined to marry-off a wealthy man for their financial gain. (Source 8)

5th on our list is an American women whose motto in life were a bit weird and would leave your mouth wide open.

Gweneth Lee was known as an opportunist among opportunist, or maybe just an over practical and realistic American citizen, she stated that it all started when her boss gave her a piece of advice telling her that she’s too pretty and interesting to be wasted on men’s who does not deserve her. (Source 9) Starting from that point, her deeds made quite a big impact in the society and rumors around her started to spiral out of control.

Why? It’s all because of his affairs with a total of 100 MARRIED mans with a current age demographics of 40s and 50s. What’s more shocking is all of them was well known millionaires and had reputation in their respective industries, talk about big time! (Source 9)

3.) Michael Sparks

We can’t forget the possibility of becoming rich by pure luck ain’t we? 4th on our list is Michael Sparks, a music equipment technician who’s hobby is to buy and to collect odd and old things on sale.

But what he did not expect is that the old parchment that he bought from a nearby thrift store that roughly costs $2.48 was, actually a rare 184 year-old copy of “Declaration of Independence.”

What’s more surprising is that Michael Sparks never knew its true value, well, not at until when appraisers in Reynors’ made an opinion of its estimated market price, who would’ve thought that his $2.48 spare change would eventually bring him great amount of fortune.

At exactly $477,650 was the masterpiece had been sold at Raynors' Historical Collectible Auctions in Burlington, No

2.) Glenda Blackwell

Glenda Blackwell is an ordinary 57-year old citizen in Leicester, North Carolina, whose main source of the problem is her gambling addict husband, to be exact, his husband loves playing lotteries such as Powerball lottery tickets to the point that he always ends up buying new scratch off tickets – and always ends up with nothing but tears.

One day, Glenda eventually got tired of his husband’s gambling hobbies that she decided to buy herself a scratch off ticket to prove her point that wasting money for the tickets was not a clever idea.

But surprise, surprise! Glenda’s plots backfired big time, well, in the good side at least… At that time the Blackwell family automatically became the $1 million winners of the lottery.

“I had to eat my words, but they were worth eating,” Glenda’s statement was recorded in a CNN report. “So, I was very happy.” It sure is a hilarious and an unexpected ending for the Blackwell family. (Source 11)

1.)Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral de Camara’s Lucky Heirs

What a long name, and so as his fortune, our 2nd on our list, Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral de Camara, was known as an aristocratic bachelor that has an overwhelming wealth on the industry.

As long as his name, so as his beneficiaries. Believe it or not, Luis Carlos de Noronha has 70 heirs that inherited his fortune so as his will.

This all happened solely because Luis Carlos does not have any offspring, nor any wife to pass his inheritance, he has few friends and was an illegitimate child that no one had ever loved. He might be rich, but he was definitely not happy. (Link 12) That’s why he decided to pass his inheritance before passing away by…

SFX: drum roll …

That’s right, by a phone book! Luis, 13 years before his death, decided to choose 70 people solely by a game of pick on a Lisbon phone book.

The chosen beneficiaries were left in awe and cannot believe their eyes that a big wealth of fortune was suddenly passed on their account. "I rang the lawyer and he said the man just picked names out of the phone book," Vitor Mendes, one of Luis’ beneficiaries stated.

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