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Top 10 Movies to Watch on Disney+ This Holiday Season

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.

Home Alone(1990) Rated PG


A 8 year old Kevin Mcallister wants his family to disappear after a disagreement with his mother. His wish comes true but he comes into contact with a couple burglars who have been ransaking the houses on his street. When they come to Kevin's house, hilarity issues as Kevin uses his prank skills to defend his home.

Funny meter: B+

This movie has some funny scenes but it may have lost it's humor after watching the burglars get hit with an iron one too many times.

Overall score: C

It is overall a fun family movie and it has some great one liners. It is not the best Christmas movie on this list but it has it's fun and touching moments. One thing we learn as an audience is to not judge a book by it's cover. This is a recurring theme in the second Home Alone.

Family friendly: YES

Would watch again: Would watch once a year around the holidays

Jingle All The Way(1996) Rated PG


Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a workaholic dad named Howard who needs to make things up to his son after letting his son down way too many times. When every store is sold out of the Turbo-Man toy he goes on an amusing adventure to get the toy for his son.

Funny meter: C

Movie is considered silly instead of funny. There are not many moments were it is actually funny.

Overall score: C+

It is a fun movie to watch with the family but lacks depth with its characters.

Family friendly: YES

Would watch again: Yes

I'll Be Home for Christmas(1998) Rated PG


Jake wants to go home for Christmas so he can receive his parent's Porsche. When the bullies of the football team leave Jake in the desert with a Santa suit on and money he has to find hilarious ways to get back to home. He starts to realize the true meaning of Christmas is family.

Funny meter: B+

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One of the entertaining Christmas movies with some of the funniest scenes.

Overall score: A

It is overall a great Christmas movie. It has romance, comedy, and adventure.

Family friendly: YES but may be mostly suited for older audiences

Would watch again: definitely

The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993) Rated PG


After Halloween is over, Jack Skeleton is looking for more than the same old tired thing. When he lands upon the land of lights, Santa, and Elves,Jack comes up with a plan to steal Santa and take over Christmas. But his plans go awry and Christmas needs to be saved.

Funny Meter: None

Overall score: B

The movie has some good animation and the characters have a good character arc and development.

Family friendly: Somewhat. Even though the movie is animation it may be scary for younger audiences and parents may take precaution

Would watch again: Maybe but only for specific parts and songs in the movie

Mikey's Once Upon A Christmas(1999) Not rated


Mikey and his friends take part in three stories about Christmas.

Funny meter: none

Overall score: A

A lot of touching and heartfelt moments. Kids and parents alike can learn about the miracle of Christmas by watching this movie

Family friendly: YES definitely friendly for younger audiences

Would watch again: yes

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York(1992) Rated PG


In the Home Alone sequel,Kevin ends up in New York after losing his father at the airport. Kevin gets a room at a fancy hotel and lives the good life until he runs into the bandits again from the first movie. Kevin tries to stop the bandits from stealing from a toy store before Christmas

Funny meter: B+

The second movie has more humor than the previous movie in the Home Alone franchise.

Overall score: B+

This movie is considered a favorite because Kevin is able to have adventures in New York and meet new and exciting people.

Family friendly: YES

Would watch again: yes

Santa Claus(1994) Rated PG


After accidently pushing Santa off his roof on Chrisrmas Eve, Scott is transported to the North Pole and is told he needs to take Santa's place next year. Thinking it is was all a dream, Scott resumes his life. But after months of him growing a beard, gaining weight, and getting the list. Maybe Scott is Santa Claus after all.

Funny meter: A+

One of the funniest Christmas movies and people are likely to laugh every time they watch this movie.

Overall score: A+

This movie is definitely full of Christmas magic with a sneak peek at the North Pole and a man understanding the true meaning of Christmas. We only need faith that Santa is real.

Family friendly: YES

Would watch again: yes

A Christmas Carol(2009) Rated PG


Based on the book, Disney animates the beloved classic of A Christmas Carol. Scrooge voiced by the amazing Jim Carrey hates Christmas and is bitter. When the ghost of his late business owner visits him, Scrooge is then confronted with three ghosts present, past, and future.

Funny meter: None

Overall score: B-

The movie is a decent representation of A Christmas Carol. The animation is fantastic and Jim Carrey does a good job at voicing Scrooge.

Family friendly: YES but it may be too slow of a pace for younger viewers

Would watch again: No

Santa Claus 2(2002) Rated G


Scott is back being in his new role as Santa Claus there is just one problem, he has to marry or his magic disappears.

Funny meter: D

The movie is sadly not funny at all.

Overall: C

Probably the least favorite Christmas movie on this list but it still has some magical moments sprinkled throughout the movie. You can tell there was a lot of time between the first and second movie because the characters are way older. You can tell that it is more awkward between characters and that there is less Christmas magic than the previous movie.

Family friendly: YES

Would watch again: Only if being played in background

Olaf's Frozen Adventure(2017) Rated G


Olaf is on an adventure to find Christmas traditions to save Christmas in Arendalle. It is a short film based on the Frozen franchise.

Funny meter: C+

It is average when it comes to the humor.

Overall: B+

It has a fun Christmas story that kids would enjoy.

Family Friendly: YES especially younger kids

Would watch again: yes

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