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Top 10 Movies of the 2010's

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Top 10 Movies of the 2010's - Definitive Edition (My Opinions, Of Course)

Top 10 Movies of the 2010's - Definitive Edition (My Opinions, Of Course)

Top 10 Movies of the 2010's (From Worst to Best)

The 2010's were stacked super high when it comes to great movies, so condensing the list down to the top-10 was never going to be an easy undertaking, but this was a fun list to make, and without further hesitation, here they are.

No.10 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Rogue One follows Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones - Inferno), daughter of Galen Erso (the creator of the 'Death Star'), as she grows up to become a member of the resistance fighters in their aim to steal the blueprints for the completion of the 'Death Star').

Galen Erso (played by Mads Mikkelsen - Casino Royale) is taken captive by the Galactic Empire to complete the making of the 'Death Star', but his daughter Jyn is going all out to stop her fathers completion of his work.

Rogue One is the perfect Star Wars movie, relying on wit and intelligent choices to make a movie instead of constant battles, Jedi's, and well - ('star') wars, making this one of the finest ever produced Star Wars movies, as well as just 'movies' in general.

Felicity Jones is very believable in her performance as a daughter trying to retake her fathers life from the Galactic Empire, whilst also trying to foreclose their plans on completing the evil of the 'Death Star' weapon, by working closely with the resistance fighters.

The movie takes no time in setting things into motion, and we soon find ourselves introduced to some shady Galactic Empire characters, not in the worst of least being Darth Vader, even though the introduction was slightly abrupt and over-with before he was gone from our screens for the duration of the movie.

Rogue One is not trying to reinvent the wheel for Star Wars, but instead opts to simply add an interesting story to the franchise as a whole, not tying into any of the more recent Star Wars episodes, which is a good thing as a whole because the more recent episodes have been unfavourable to say the least with most Star Wars fans, making Rogue One a rogue movie in general to some extent.

Go into this movie expecting a good story, fun plot twists, and good formulated characters, and this should be a good movie experience for most oldie Star Wars fans and new, but simply try to hold back expectations for the 'wars' side to things, and just let yourself be taken along for the ride. A great time should ensue.

No.9 - You Were Never Really Here (2017)

You Were Never Really Here stars Joaquin Phoenix (starred in Joker, The Village, Signs) as Joe, a brutal enforcer who is hired by a senator to rescue his daughter, but things soon go wrong with a series of unfortunate events, forcing Joe to go on an all-out attempt to rescue the young girl from violence and abuse.

Our lead character Joe is haunted by his own personal demons as we see throughout the movie, and his way of letting out his rage is as an enforcer who is not afraid to be on the wrong side of the law. Joaquin Phoenix really empowers the role with an incredible performance, proving roles can sometimes require more than words, with Phoenix's character remaining quiet for a lot of the movie.

There is no shortage of scandal, violence, corruption, and abuse in the world today, and "You Were Never Really Here" holds nothing back as it shines light on some of the worst forms of abuse in the world with great intent on disguising nothing.

Joe is perhaps a modern day hero to many, or a necessary evil to others, but there is no denying his methods get results. Saving the young girl feels almost like a mission to Joe, and handing out punishment to those inflicting the abuse is almost second nature to our lead character, Joe - a man without remorse, and with talents to end lives unlike any other.

You Were Never Really Here is not an easy viewing, and gets extremely deep into scandal and violence, but holds a special place in cinema history as it shows some of the deepest abuse that society lets happen in the modern world more times than we would dare even think about. Thank you Lynne Ramsay - director of "You Were Never Really Here".

No.8 - The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring is a story surrounding the demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, as they investigate the paranormal entity that is haunting a young family, the Perron's, at their farmhouse.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, are brilliant in their roles, portraying the real life Warren's, but this movie also focuses heavily on the Perron family, the family that are being haunted by an evil entity.

The director, James Wan, is a master at his work within the horror movie genre, and this movie is no exception, with a powerful tone of eery creepiness throughout the duration of the movies runtime. The Warren's have been directed perfectly, the Perron family feel like a real family from this time period, and the evil entity within the Perron farmhouse is spooky from the very offset.

The movie contains good scares, nothing cheap in light of many similar horror paranormal setting movies, which project cheap jump scares at nearly every turn, as The conjuring feels more methodical in its approach to scares and their timing. There is demonic possession of the human body, ghostly spirits, and nearly everything someone could want in a paranormal setting movie, expertly executed by our director, James Wan.

A near perfect paranormal movie, with intense character performances, well-executed scares, a true life depiction of an actual series of events that happened in real life, and more cinematography highlights than just about any other horror movie made in the past 10 years.

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No.7 - A Quiet Place (2018)

A Quiet Place stars John Krasinski (playing Lee Abbott) and Emily Blunt (playing Evelyne Abbott) playing a family with three young children fighting for survival with most of the human population having been killed by noise-sensitive monsters from out-of-space, while keeping absolutely quiet using only sign language to communicate. Any noise whatsoever would cause the monsters to hunt and kill whatever makes the noise.

A Quiet Place is a very emotional movie, with most of the world seemingly dead, those few left alive have been driven to complete silence to prevent noise-sensitive monsters from tearing them apart, limb from limb. The Abbott family is the audiences insight into this new human world, and the fear of noise becomes terrifying at times, but throughout becomes a source of comfort away from these mysterious man-tearing monsters.

John Krasinski (director and star of "A Quiet Place") is one of the greatest horror directors working today, and this is all thanks to the movie, A Quiet Place, his directorial debut. A major success at the box office, and given the fear this movie produces merely from the fear of the sound-sensitive monsters, it should come as little surprise.

Perfectly executed, and with an ending that leaves us yearning for more (spoiler alert - there's a second one - A Quiet Place: Part 2 - and, it released back in 2020, as if you didn't already know!)

Logan (2017) - starring Hugh Jackman

Logan (2017) - starring Hugh Jackman

No.6 - Logan (2017)

Logan stars the very famous Hugh Jackman as our lead, Logan (also known as 'the Wolverine'), who is forced out of retirement to save a young girl mutant with very similar mutant powers and abilities to that of Logan himself.

"Logan" is a powerful telling story of the world of x-men and mutants with all the mutants in the world either dead or dying from some kind of mutant-killing poison in the air. Logan is not himself, a mutant with the inability to die, immune to the mutant-killing poison as he himself is dying from this estranged poison, causing Logan to have some kind of deteriorating cancer of sorts.

The young mutant girl is one of the new young mutants created in some kind of lab that is immune to the poison in the air, which means she has her full abilities, and is brilliantly played by the young actress, Dafne Keen. Keen takes on the role with such reassurance and brutality, speaking very little throughout the movie, yet comes across as a winning lead, easily capable of starring alongside Hugh Jackman as Logan.

"Logan" essentially shows the x-men fans a world where there is very few mutants left alive, and those who are still breathing are being hunted down and experimented on or killed. Logan is not himself, and if anything is as far from his Wolverine self as could be imagined, unable to heal completely from battle-wounds, and incapable of saving the one person in the world he still loves, Professor X, his mentor.

"Logan" is a very sad movie, emotionally driven, and may very well be the best x-men movie ever made, without actually officially being classed as an x-men movie. The dark undertone of "Logan" can make it a difficult movie to rewatch, but due to the compelling story, pristine acting performances from the whole cast, and an all-time best performance from Hugh Jackman as Wolverine's weaker self, Logan, this is a very re-watchable movie, for sure.

No.5 - Gravity (2013)

Gravity is a movie set in space, but only ever in space, and with just a handful of characters to progress the movie forward until its inevitable end. Starring Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone, and George Clooney as Matt Kowalski, this is essentially the entire cast for the movie, or at least the only cast members worth remembering.

Gravity is basically a movie about a space mission gone terribly wrong when the two astronauts, Dr Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski are hit by high-speed debris causing things to explode and for a lot of people to die. The final two survivors, Dr Ryan and Matt are forced to take survival into their hands and rise to the occasion, but things go from bad to worse as the movie progresses.

Gravity is one of the very few space movies to actually pull-off a suspense driven movie with just a couple of lead characters, with a draw-dropping set of visuals, which are a feast for the eyes. Sandra Bullock however, as Dr Ryan Stone is the real star of the show with an incredible lead performance, convincing audiences that she has the winning abilities and the understanding to survive the audile and get back to earth safely.

Gravity beyond the winning acting performances, set designs and everything else that simply just works for the most part, is perhaps the movie that has space looking its best and most visually striking, and terrifying all at the same time. A movie to be seen by all, and loved by the masses.

No.4 - Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler was a real body-shocker when the movie first released back in 2014 as Jake Gyllenhaal, the lead for the movie transformed his body into a skinny-as-can-be man who looked super creepy and edgy all at the same time. But, man did his image work for the movie, and form one of the most memorable characters in cinema history.

Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal as our lead, Lou Bloom, an obsessed camera man who wants to video crime aftermaths for news broadcasters. Lou is a man with a unique obsession, and comes up with the sleazy idea to capture crime scene footage to sell to news broadcasters around the state.

We, the audiences, follow Lou Bloom as he turns up at crime scenes trying to get film footage and photographs to sell to the highest bidder at news broadcasters. Lou stops at nothing to get the camera angles, and has ambitions to rise in this field, becoming essentially the 'night-crawler', travelling at night looking for crimes to photograph before paparazzi competition shows up.

Nightcrawler is a memorable movie solely for the performance given by Jake Gyllenhaal, and his epic body transformation, which added immensely to his portrayal of Lou Bloom, the sleazy cameraman operating at night.

Joker (2019) - starring Joaquin Phoenix

Joker (2019) - starring Joaquin Phoenix

No.3 - Joker (2019)

Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix in his most iconic role of his entire career, playing the lead character, Arthur Fleck (also known as, Joker), which shows audiences a mentally ill man pushed by society to his upmost limits.

Arthur Fleck shows us, the audiences, a mentally ill man that has been beaten down by society, treated like a victim, and he is at breaking point. Becoming Joker was not a difficult choice for Arthur as he felt this was his time to show the world that he mattered, and that he was meant for more than just being a clown trying to make empty minds laugh.

Joaquin's performance as the 'Joker' is some of his, if not the, finest work he has ever produced in his career as an actor, due to the intense transformation it took for Joaquin to physically and mentally get into a place to portray the character of Arthur Fleck and Joker with a level of distinction that would resonate with audiences.

"Joker" is to become one of those modern day classics as time passes on due to the level of sophistication, and immense work that went into creating the movie that DC fans have been asking for over many years - a 'Joker' origin story.

No.2 - The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The Grand Budapest Hotel stars Ralph Fiennes as the lead character M. Gustave, a concierge at the hotel, 'the Grand Budapest Hotel', where-at he is wrongly accused of murder. On a journey to prove his innocence he befriends a young man, Zero, a lobby boy at the hotel, and together they are taken on a wild hunt that leads them to danger at nearly every turn.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" is one of Wes Anderson's best directed movies, uniquely shot, paced, timed, and executed as we could expect from any Wes Anderson movie. The story is compelling, the characters are diabolical in nature, the set designs are incredible, the performances are some of the finest in any movie, and the wrap-up is always satisfying, even on multiple watches.

Ex-Machina (2014) - starring Alicia Vikander

Ex-Machina (2014) - starring Alicia Vikander

No.1 - Ex-Machina (2014)

Ex-Machina stars Oscar Isaac as the tech billionaire, Nathan, Domhnall Gleeson as the young programmer who wins a prize to spend time with the tech billionaire, Nathan, and Alicia Vikander as Ava, an artificially intelligent female robot.

Ex-Machina is in essence about a young programmer who wins a great prize to work alongside tech billionaire, Nathan, who would like Caleb, the young programmer, to become part of a scientific experiment where he must interact with a female robot.

Things become strange only to get stranger, but Ex-Mechina is one of the best modern day sci-fi movies to exist, and it's what makes the movie so strange that makes it oddly satisfying to watch. A movie that simply has to be viewed to fully understand the ins and outs, and see what attracts so many peoples to the ideals of this movie.

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