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Top 10 Most Popular and Loved Mandalorians of All Time

Carreira is a Star Wars enthusiast who loves Star Wars lore, also owning a YouTube dedicated to Star Wars Animated Stories.


This most popular Mandalorians ever list was made having one thing in consideration - how much Star Wars fans like or dislike characters of the Mandalorian species/race/culture.

Having said that, this list organizes the different entries based upon popularity among the fanbase, so they are NOT organized according to strength, power, prowess, or fame in the Star Wars universe.

With all of this pointed out, I feel like this list is a great opportunity for new fans to discover previous Mandalorian characters, as the new show based on Din Djarin is a huge success and is recruiting more and more people to the Star Wars fanbase.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then get a warm coffee and prepare to know the best this species, race, or culture has to offer.


10 - Tarre Viszla: Creator of the Darksaber

Tarre is the first Mandalorian ever to be a part of the Jedi Order.

That's right, this man wasn't just a Mando, he was also a Jedi.

Having said that, this is a mysterious character and not much is known about him, but one thing is for sure - he was the one who designed and made the Darksaber.

This weapon has been in use for a long time and has some pretty unique properties.

What makes this Mandalorian so popular is the fact that not only was he a Jedi who invented a Mythical Weapon, his legacy endures even though he was a very private and secluded person.

Definitely an inspiration for all of his kin.


9 - Gar Saxon: The Shadow Collective's Armor

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that by looking at the picture above you know why he is so popular.

That's right, most of his popularity comes from his really cool armor.

He made that armor with a purpose though.

Since he was a member of Darth Maul's Shadow Collective, he crafted his armor in these colors and with the horns to mimic Maul's own visuals.

He is one of the bad guys in the Star Wars universe, but fans love him either way.

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8 - Shae Vizla: The Hottest Mandalorian Woman of All Time

Shae is very popular not only for her looks but also because of what she accomplished during her life, her proximity to the greatest Jedi and Sith of old, and her role in the Galaxy's history.

During the old Republic, she took the role of Mandalore - the leader of the Mandalorians.

During the cinematic "Deceived", you can see her in action and take a look at not only her fighting style and what makes her so badass but also at her appearance - which is as perfect as they come.

See Shae Vizla in Action: Here She Is in the Cinematic "Deceived" - She is the Mandalorian with Darth Malgus


7 - Pre Viszla: The Leader of the Death Watch

He was a member of a noble family, with a lot of pedigree and expectations.

It is no wonder that since his status was less than ideal he was fighting to restore his name to the annals of history and take his species with him to the roots of what he deemed to be what they truly stood for.

He was also the wielder of the Darksaber, the blade our 10th entry of this list created and that was passed throughout generations, always being a weapon with tremendous power.


6 - Sabine Wren: From Youngling to Leader

When you think of Mandalorians, you usually think of a mysterious battle-hardened figure who hides his true traits and identity.

Sabine, however, is someone full of character and that isn't afraid to be creative and expansive.

She started off as a youngling taking up the role of a warrior, but eventually proved herself and became a military leader in her own right.

She is one of the most popular Star Wars: Rebels characters for good reason.


5 - The Armorer: Forging Beskar Steel

The Armorer, like Tarre, is a character that the fans don't know much about.

However, the fact stands that she definitely proved she has a lot going on.

First of all, she works with Beskar with masterful proficiency.

Secondly, she also proved she can handle herself in battle as she eliminated the Stormtroopers alone with ease - so she isn't just a forge bound woman.

What I really hope is that with the continuation of the Mandalorian series, Star Wars lore fans get to know more about this enigmatic blacksmith.


4 - Bo-Katan: The Noble Mandalorian General

She is the sister of Duchess Satine, the one we all know Obi-Wan Kenobi loved beyond what you can expect a light side Jedi to love someone - I mean, everyone knows that you aren't supposed to love someone with the same amount of passion Obi nurtured for Bo-Katan's sister Satine.

She was once part of the Death Watch, terrorizing many - including her own sister.

She turned to the light side after Maul took command of the terrorist group and she even recruited one of the fan-favorite female Jedi Ahsoka to remove Maul from power.

Someone with a bad start, people loved her redemption story and how she went from problematic child to Mandalorian leader.

A true redemption story to behold.


3 - Jango Fett: Is He Even a Mandalorian Though?

Since mostly everyone knows Jango Fett, as he was the baseline for the clones and the "father" of his main clone Boba Fett, I'm going to take this time to explore some theories on him.

It isn't known if Jango Fett was indeed a Mandalorian - he used Mandalorian armor but we all know their armor is one of the best available in the Galaxy so the best bounty hunter could see value in wearing it.

However, there are some theories on him and his relationship to the Mandalorian culture.

Some claim he is only a human bounty hunter who was adopted into the Mandalorian culture - someone who is called a Foundling.

Din Djarin, the Mando from Mandalorian, is probably a foundling as well.

On the other hand, some claim he was a Mandalorian that was cast out and so he became a kind of the equivalent to a foundling - only the other way around.

Some claim he is just a bounty hunter and others state he is indeed a Mandalorian.

Be that as it may, I thought it would be better to include him in this list since most classify him as Mando.


2 - Boba Fett: The Bounty Hunter We All Love

George Lucas couldn't imagine the success Boba Fett would have.

He had close to no lines, never took his helmet off, was given background positions in the set - but people loved him.

He was the one who started all of the love for the Mandalorians.

Despite this, we all know that Star Wars lore-wise, he was the Jango Fett clone his original wanted to adopt and train.

Jango knew what he wanted to teach Boba because it would be like if you had a younger version of yourself to mentor, and it shows.

Boba created a legacy, and due to the spin-off series, he will be back for more!


1 - Din Djarin: The Mando from "The Mandalorian" series

I'm going to be 100% honest with you and tell you I honestly thought Boba Fett would be number one when I started compiling this list.

Having said that, you'd be surprised at the sheer amount of people who don't even know Boba Fett exists - and they love Din Djarin, the most popular "Mando" of all time it seems.

Of course, a major success of a series had to turn the tides and relegate Boba to the 2nd place - but now that we're getting a Boba Fett spin-off I expect things to change again - unless they blow it.

You know how Star Wars can be, the Disney trilogy showed how bad it can get.


Bonus Section: What If Tulak Hord Was a Mandalorian?

Instageeked and Star Academy recently published material claiming Tulak Hord, the Sith Lord, was a Mandalorian.

Having said that, Instageeked referenced the video I'm sharing below as a source, and the Star Academy video has a top comment which states the source of the video was speculation and fan theory.

However, I definitely liked the idea of having a Mando Sith Lord, so what if this was indeed the case?

After heavy research, nobody knows the race of the Dark Lord of the Sith Tulak Hord, so it could be possible.

© 2020 CarreiraS

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