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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Richest Chinese Actresses

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Many Chinese actresses are known for their exceptional beauty. Everywhere in social media, we are easily attracted to their irresistible face as they seem to look very young and innocent. But more than their looks, we can't help but feel jealous as they live not only in fame but also in comfort for being rich and wealthy. In this article, let's find out who are the goddesses of beauty in China today, and let's discover how much they are earning.

1. Dilraba Dilmurat


Also known as Dilireba, Dilraba Dilmurat is literally like a living doll. She has a very beautiful face you wouldn't dare to ignore. She looks flawless in every angle with her round eyes, sculpted nose, and sweet lips. In fact, she has already a big fan-base around the world who love and support her. At a young age of 27, she already has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Right now, she is one of the most in-demand brand models in China in almost all products - from food, beauty products, and even mobile technology.

In addition to being a Chinese, she is of Uyghur ethnicity, an ethnic minor tribe in China. Born in Xinjiang, her name means "Lovely Beauty" in the Uyghur language, and we can clearly see that she is living up for her name. She is ranked 34 on Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces List of 2019. She made her acting debut in the 2013 TV drama, Anarhan, where she landed the lead role. Since then, her acting career brought her into fame today. In 2018, she was also crowned as the "Golden Eagle Goddess" – a prestigious honorary award that any Chinese actress can receive.

2. Ju Jingyi


A multi-talented young lady that is now known as the next superstar in China is Ju Jingyi, a pop singer and actress. She became popular for being a member of Chinese idol girl group SNH48, where she was elected as number 1 among over 100 members during the 2017 General Elections. She has been referred to as a "once in 4000 years idol" by Chinese fans since 2014. After her graduation in SNH48, she departed the group and continued being a solo artist under Star48, and later on she started to pursue her acting career.

In 2018, Ju Jingyi starred as the leading lady in the historical drama, Legend of Yunxi. She was praised for her excellent portrayal of her character and successfully establishing herself as a good actress. Following the drama's positive response, she continues to receive more drama offers, making her one of the most recognizable Chinese actresses. Forbes China also listed her as one of the most influential people under 30 years old in 2019. According to media resources, her net worth is approximately $11 million at the age of 25 years old.

3. Zheng Shuang


While many fans say that she has a striking resemblance to Korean actress Kim Ji-won, Zheng Shuang proves that she is also a beauty of her own - the inner beauty which is the most important of all. She has admitted that she has underwent plastic surgery, but her courage to speak up and be honest about it made her fans admire her more. She is a remarkable actress in Chinese entertainment, becoming the youngest actress to be nominated for Best Actress at the China TV Golden Eagle Award for her role as Chu Yuxun in 2009 hit drama, Meteor Shower. She is also loved for her brainy and pretty character in the 2016 romantic-comedy drama, Love O2O.

Because of her excellent acting skills, Zheng Shuang is now known as one of the "Big Four Actresses", a term referring to the four highest earning young actresses from Mainland China. She is only 28 years old, but was reported to have a net worth of 70 million yuan. Her success brought her into a spotlight, but she remains kind and nice. That's why her fans believe she deserves more love!

4. Guan Xiaotong


Guan Xiaotong, whose English name is Gabrielle, is known today as the ‘Nation’s Daughter’ in China for being a great childhood star. Born in Beijing, she has a cute and innocent image as a celebrity. Talent runs in the family because his grandfather, Guan Xuezeng was the founder of Beijing Qinshu, which is associated with ballad music, and his father, Guan Shaozeng, is also an actor. She debuted as a child actress at the early age of 4, and at the age of 6, she was in the award-winning film, Nuan. Later on, she has an increased popularity for starring in films “The Left Ear” (2015) and “Shadow” (2018).

Gabrielle is only 22, but she is already making a big name in the industry as a professional movie actress. Dubbed as one of the big four actresses in China, she is known to have a net worth of $85 million. On October 2017, it was announced that she is in a relationship with EXO's former member Luhan. He was her co-star in the sports teen drama, Sweet Combat.

5. Yang Zi


Chosen by Southern Metropolis Daily as one of the "Four Dan actresses of the post-90s Generation", Yang Zi, who is also known as Andy Yang, is an award-winning film and drama actress, notable for her numerous works. She made her big-screen debut as a child actor in the youth romance film Girl's Diary, for which she received a Best Young actor nomination at the Tongniu Film Awards in 2003. Then she become famous for her role in hit dramas like Ode to Joy and Ashes of Love.

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Aside from being an excellent actress and talented singer, Yang Zi has a charming face, mesmerizing eyes, and beautiful lips. She has a versatile beauty that can go cute and become fierce. At an age of 27, she earns 50 million yuan for projects. She is an influential icon, ranking at number 29 in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2019. We can't wait to see more of her in the future, as she is set to star in the romance drama The Oath of Love as a violinist, and in the historical mystery drama The Golden Hairpin as a detective.

6. Zhou Dongyu


Preserving her Asian look with her lovely Chinese eyes and sweet smile is the power actress, Zhou Dongyu. Unlike other stars who trained to act, Zhou Dongyu was picked by film director Zhang Yimou to star in his film "Under the Hawthorn Tree". She was asked to play as Jing Qiu, (the lead role) despite having no acting experience. The director was never wrong in his decision because she proved herself as a natural actor and won several awards, including the Best Actress at the 56th Valladolid International Film Spain Festival, Outstanding New Actress at the 14th Huabiao Award and Best New Performer at the 20th Shanghai Film Critics Awards. Since then, Zhou Dongyu became a profitable rising star with a net worth of 45 million yuan.

The 28-year old film icon is also a smart and bright woman. On 2019, she took a turn on becoming a co-producer in the movie, "On The Balcony", where she also played the role of a mentally-ill girl. She is ranked 7th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, where she has the highest rank for female celebrities.

7. Yang Mi


A popular household name in China is the 33-year old actor and singer Yang Mi, who is recognized for her television roles and films for the past two decades. A veteran actor who began her career at the age of 4, Yang Mi is one of the most influential icons who ranked 10th on 2019 Forbes Celebrity 100. She has a net worth of $15 million, and since 2014, she has already established her own agency, the Jay Walk Studio, in collaboration with H&R Century Pictures. One of the actresses who signed to Jay Walk is Dilraba Dilmurat, who joined them when she's only 19. Basically, Yang Mi was Dilireba's mentor, but the two stars remained good friends in real life.

On January 2014, Yang Mi announced her marriage with Hawick Lau, a Hong Kong actor-singer whom she was dating since 2012. Six months later, she gave birth to their adorable daughter Noemie Lau in Hong Kong. However, on December 2018, the couple announced their divorce after five years of marriage.

8. Zhao Liying


Also known as Zanilia Zhao, Zhao Liying began her journey to stardom by winning the Yahoo Search Star Game in 2006. Being the final winner of the game opens the door for her to be discovered. She then signed with Huayi Brothers as a new talent, and in 2007, she made her acting debut in the family drama "Golden Marriage". Apart from starring in television dramas and movies, she also joined two variety shows: Up Idol, a reality show featuring Chinese celebrities travelling in different places, and 72 Floors of Mystery, an adventure game show where the cast needs to solve mysteries. She has an outgoing and bright personality which made her versatile in all aspects of entertainment.

She is married to actor Feng Shaofeng in 2018, and on March 2019, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. But Zanilia Zhao is not just a beauty, but also a business-minded person. As of 2019, she has a net worth of approximately $30 million. On 2016, she became the Vice President of Yixia Technology, which produces the short video maker app in China (kind of similar to YouTube).

9. Lin Yun


A young and talented new star that won the hearts of many is none other than Lin Yun. Also called by her nickname as Jelly, she is a refreshing face who is being loved by fans for her unique charm. Her youthful look and cute dimples is an asset to her image. Ranked as the 70th most beautiful woman of 2019, she rose to fame by playing the mermaid in Stephen Chow's film, The Mermaid. It was the highest-grossing film in China, and the project that launched her into stardom. Surprisingly, Lin Yun was only 18 at that time, and she has only little experience in acting. But her confidence is enough to make her the female protagonist of the movie. As the movie became a huge success, she also bagged several awards for being the best new actress.

Lin Yun might only be a beginner in the industry, but at her young age of 23 she already have a net worth of $5 million. Her talent will surely bring her into places, and we would love to see more of her projects in the near future!

10. Fan Bingbing


One of the most iconic superstars in China is Fan Bingbing, who is a top-tier actor and influential celebrity in the Chinese media industry. She has been listed as the highest-paid actress not only in Mainland China but also in the whole world. Fan Bingbing was storming the world with her stunning visuals, and she is undeniably one of the most beautiful women in China ever. In 2003, she starred in the movie, Cell Phone, which became the highest-grossing film of the year, and received critical acclaim at the Hundred Flowers Awards.

The 38-year old internationally renowned actress, singer, and producer has a net worth of $100 million. Labeled as the most famous actress, she is also dubbed as one of the richest. But sometimes, the most wealthy ones faces some challenges at some point, just like what happened to Fan Bingbing. On July 2018, she was reported missing after suddenly disappearing in the public. It was revealed that she was secretly detained by Chinese authorities for tax evasion. To settle, the Chinese authorities fined her more than $127 million and offered a public apology about the case.

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There you have it - the ten prettiest Chinese women and their net worth. Did you have a nice time getting to know about them? Share your thoughts by participating in a poll, or leaving a positive comment below.

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