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Top 10 Male Characters of Degrassi

1. Jay Hogart

Jay was your OG bad boy. He dabbled in drugs, fighting, and girls. He hit his lowest point when he pushed Rick into the infamous school shooting. He then found love in an unlikely place with Manny. They shouldn't have worked but surprisingly they did and were one of the best couples on the show. Overtime he showed that he was just a misunderstood boy that turned into a good man.


2. J.T. Yorke

J.T. was the life of the party. He was the class clown. All he ever wanted was to make those around him smile. He turned to dealing drugs to provide for his high school sweetheart Liberty and their unborn child however in the end Liberty decided that neither of them was ready to be parents and gave the baby up for adoption. J.T.'s life ended far too soon when he was stabbed at Liberty's birthday party. After everything he went through J.T. was easily one of the best male characters.


3. Spinner Mason

Spinner Mason was what you'd consider a typical teenage boy. He was an athlete, loved a good party, and girls. He fell for queen bee Paige and stayed with her through some really dark times. He got caught up in the wrong crowd and added to Rick's mental anguish. He showed his guilt for being one of the reasons that Jimmy was shot. He fought a battle with cancer and in the end married Emma and finally found the happiness he had been searching for.


4. Craig Manning

Craig was dealt a rough hand. His father was abusive and died in a car crash in the early part of his high school career. He wanted so badly to have a family that he attached himself to Manny and was heartbroken when she decided to get an abortion as neither of them were ready to have a baby. He found that he was suffering from bipolar disorder and threw himself into his music. He arose from the pain that he had endured and became one of my favorite characters.


5. Sean Cameron

Sean had such a tough exterior but was such a sweet soul inside. He had a hard upbringing but found himself being considered a hero after turning the gun on Rick in the school shooting. He and Emma had a love that should have lasted the test of time however they both eventually went their own ways. He ended up enlisting in the army and became the man that he always strived to be.

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6. Zig Novak

Zig was born into poverty. His life was difficult and at times he felt sorry for himself. He tended to blame others for his shortcomings and joined a gang. He fell in love with Maya and after numerous close calls he finally was able to get himself on the right track and graduate high school.


7. Sav Bhandari

Sav came from a super strict and conservative family. He and his sister Ali were expected to focus on their education and were not allowed to date. Of course, this didn't stop them from having secret relationships. Although he didn't go through nearly as much as some of the other characters Sav was still enjoyable to watch.


8. Adam Torres

Adam was Degrassi's first transgender character. He brought so much light to the show. He had the best heart and only wanted happiness. He loved with all his heart and fell for Becky. His life was cut short in a texting and driving accident. Adam was destined for greatness, and I wish we had seen more of him.


9. Mike Dallas

Dallas was a great athlete and teen father. He fell for Ali and followed on his path to play pro hockey. He struggled with Cam's suicide and blamed himself for his death. He was such a good addition to the Degrassi family although I wish we had been able to see more of him.


10. Eli Goldsworthy

Eli was dark and twisted and death seemed to follow him. He fell in love with Clare and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was a fabulous screen writer and managed to get into NYU. He took care of Clare through her battle with cancer and stuck by her side during their miscarriage. He was a character that was so nice to watch grow and easily one of my favorites.


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