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Top 9 K-Pop Songs to make you feel positive

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Here I will be presenting top 9 K-pop songs which made me feel better about myself when I was not feeling my best. These songs are chosen based on the positive and uplifting lyrics as well as cheerful and impactful beat; when combined creates the optimum sensation of feeling optimistic and encourages a better mood.

9. Hide and Seek by SF9

Hide and Seek relies heavily on funky beat with consistent drums as the background carrying the song. It emphasises on very light piano melody which gives the song such a subtle and sweet feeling. The song lyrics are very playful and cute "I can see your hair....I'm playing with love"

The song is perfect during spring or summer afternoon whilst sipping a nice refreshing lemon juice.

8. With You by B.A.P

The song focuses on delivering a impactful and strong feeling with its main focus being heavy rhythmic drums to make you move along with the beat. This song uses minimal (mostly drums) instruments but does not fail to convey intense emotions. The lyrics such as "I'll be by your side until always" and "forever with you, with you, with you, with you" correspond well with the powerful tune.

Listen to this when you feel emotionally unstable and need to hear something to reassure you that you're not alone "forever with you..". The melody may build up intense emotions but it will help release those unwanted negative feelings.

7. No No No by APink

Song starts with Funky guitar strings combined with finger clicking then deep drum solo which then leads us to the core of the song. This song heavily relies on drums and percussion as the main base to the tune. The drums and heavy percussion combined make the song very catchy and memorable. This song is undeniably very upbeat and makes you want to dance. Further, the lyrics make the song even better with it's motivational message such as "Don't be sad, no no no, you're not alone, no no no" also "come and lean on me, I'll be your strength" as well as "Are things hard for you too sometimes? Why are you being sad by yourself" Awww, how sweet and lovely are those lyrics?

No No No is ideal when you are unhappy about a certain situation like arguments/clashes with family or friends. And it is good for those who feel like they are being bullied in any form or treated unfairly. Apink are basically telling you not to be sad alone because they are there for you when you are feeling upset. Listen to their advise, it actually works. Don't be sad okay?

6. Monday Blues by Sunny Hill

Monday Blues has a bright and unique retro feel to it. The song consists of mainly electric reggae with combinations of percussions and strings. The song has a strong and influential base to it thanks to the perfect drum and percussions mixing to offer an impactful sensation. The lyrics are as bold as the beat "I'm trying to feel upbeat, so stop putting me down" and "if you're sick and tired come here, stop putting off each day". This song is in top 5 because it has a distinct sound that delivers colourful sensations (mainly positive feelings) and the beat is so strong it makes you want to keep repeating the song 20984386928392 times! The lyrics also play a good part of offering positive message for those who are exhausted and stressed to enjoy themselves if even for a little while.

This song is highly recommended when you are at work or studying hard and cannot escape the endless stress and the huge amount of work that is haunting you like a 1980's horror movie! Plug your headphones as this cheerful song plays and lose yourself in the party mood as though you're in a 90's disco club. Give it a try. You will enjoy it at least once. *wink, wink*

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5. Tomorrow by BTS

This song sounds very wild and deep due to the heavy powerful drums used as the base. The powerful drums influence a dark and very emotional mood incorporated with striking eager and intense lyrics "follow your dream like breaker, even if it breaks down don't ever run backwards, never" and "I hope tomorrow will be different from today, I'm just wishing" also "when the dark night passes, a bright morning will come". This song has the ability to influence your emotions in various approaches, be it by making you feel motivated, confident, happy or serious. The beat may make you feel a bit too emotional because of the dramatic rhythm of the drums but once you look at the lyrics, the positivity of the message might surprise you, in a good way.

Suitable when you are experiencing any sort of failure in life or feeling like there is no hope in life because you are not looking forward for tomorrow. Diminish those negative and depressing thoughts by listening to this song, preferably with the lyrics on screen. Always hope tomorrow will be better and brighter.

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4. Happy by WJSN

The song open with a unique instrumental and proceeds with subtle electro-pop base which gives it a bright and happy feeling. There is no denying the song beat is repetitive but it's very catchy nonetheless. The continuous use of "Happy, happy, happy!" really solidifies the purpose of the song, just be happy!

Listening to Happy will definitely put you in a better mood even if you don't want to, just continuously hearing the word happy will automatically have a positive impact on your brain.

3. A-Yo by SHINee

A-Yo starts off with solo electric keyboard then heavy drums drop with percussions. It's one of those energetic songs that will make you sway with the beat which helps your mind to drift away from those negative thoughts for while, at least. It is no surprising that this song has jovial and vibrant lyrics to go with the fun and dynamic beat "A-yo when you can't sleep, brush it off, leave it to the rhythm" also "Even if there is no place to rest, oh oh, never become weak, ah ah". P.S Do not misinterpret the "oh oh" and "ah ah" part of the lyrics, they are adlibs that go very well with the song. Just had to clear this xD

You didn't pass your exams? You failed your interview for the 3rd time in a row? You lost your precious k-pop merchandise forever? You cannot afford to attend a K-Pop concert? This song is for you. It is full of enthusiasm and advises you to never give up even if things are unfortunately not going the right way, keep trying because there is still tomorrow in anticipation for a better day. The song is very captivating and powerful enough to make you groove to the strong drumming at any time given. Don't be embarrassed to move 'side to side' to this amazing song.

2. 3.6.5 By Exo

3.6.5 starts with electric guitar then extends to 1 beat drumming, and the song starts to slowly become more intense during the chorus as other instruments are incorporated. This song may have sharp and robust beat to it but overall it provides a bright and fun vibe. Interesting lyrics like "laugh out loud three times, listen to 6 songs" makes you feel like you might as well become their innocent robot who laughs at least three times and listens to six songs, as EXO order. Oh and there is more interesting lyrics "after sleeping for 5 hours it won't be a big deal anymore" says EXO to the innocent robot. And finally "give yourself some time to catch your breath". Yes that is after making the robot laugh three times, listen to six songs (definitely all of them are from EXO album) and sleep for five hours only (because this much is normally a BIG deal). How intriguing. If 3.6.5 lyrics don't put you in a better mood then how about you become that dorky robot? Change is good.

Of course I recommend this fun song! Best part of it is the lyrics so I highly advise you to not only listen to it but also have the lyrics up on your screen, because you know, DOUBLE THE FUN! Anyhow, this song is best for when you are having negative thoughts and want to drown yourself in endless drama, so yeah...listen to 3.6.5 and you will feel lighter and bubbly. Fighting.

1.Happiness by Red Velvet

Happiness begins with unusual authentic drums an then percussions are added to make the beat more effective. This song is filled with exotic sounds (drums remind me of a Bollywood soundtrack) that stimulate and deliver jolly and high spirited emotions. Everything about this song just screams "FUN!!" It is intriguing how the beat is compatible with the title of the song and the lyrics too "The world is filled with great things" also " I'm a little different I believe in the power of optimism" are there to express what brings happiness and joy. This song is placed as 1st place because the beat and lyrics are perfectly matched to create the sentiment of what the true message of the song is, to spread happiness. Plus the lyrics focus thoroughly on the experiences and events happened after they have decided to stop caring about materialistic elements but instead on things that bring optimum happiness which is love and optimism. I would like this song to be played on my wedding. No joke.

Most definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. Whether you are unhappy, depressed, stressed, suicidal OR bored, lazy, demotivated and slacking, this song has the powers to inspire you and make you feel FRESH. Listening to happiness without lyrics will make you dance involuntarily (it's that good) but even better with the lyrics it will help you feel the true emotions of the song itself and have better understanding of the extremely positive message it is delivering. Feel the charm of this song and indulge through the catchy and quirky melody of Happiness. What are you waiting for? Plug in your headphones and TURN UP!


So, how did you find the top 10 uplifting songs? Were they all good? Did you enjoy them? Afterall, these are my personal picks and ranking is 100% based on my opinion. What are your picks? Share them below. =)


Lee Timaonee on August 21, 2015:

hey I think u should add B1A4's "Only one" too The lyrics are really encouraging There's a line that says dnt suppress ur tears,I'll lend u my shoulders Even when the world tries to bring u down i knw u are the only one I pray tears in ur dreams I know u'll fly high in ur sky

I hope u'll listen to it :)

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