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Top 10 Movies Set in One Place!

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Top 10 Interest Movies Set in One Place!

What makes these films the most successful is the end and the expectation of what's going to happen, especially in super mystery movies where we don't know anything, we don't have a clue what's going on. This is a list of the best.


Film director M. Knight North to the Right Path of Creativity after the criticism he has received of his film The Last Air bender, but this time from the producer's seat in a very interesting horror film, a group finds itself stuck in an elevator with something strangely thought to be Satan among them, and they are manipulated by someone who doesn't know who it is, a film that is a great example of asking who can you trust? The film was a $60 million hit, compared to a small $10 million budget and directed by John Eric Dud ell.


A film that puts one man in one place, a not-beautiful place where the actor Ryan Reynolds is buried alive in a coffin with only a lighter and a cell phone to begin his struggle with time to survive certain death in the worst possible ways. Directed by Rodrigo Curtis. Budget almost a million dollars.


The story revolves around the kidnapping of two high-profile individuals, and is held by three people in a warehouse, where an amnesia gas canister explodes. The focus begins on knowing the truth and the true identity of each one.

A truly unmatched and extraordinary film directed by Simon Brand, starring top stars "Something we don't always find in this kind of film" such as Jim Cafezel, Greg Kenner, Bridget Monahan, Joe Pontulliano and Barry Pepper.


The most successful and strongest film on this list has the franchise, replacing the horror we might see in these films with action, a film that was highly acclaimed by critics, and won two Academy Awards starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, directed by J.D. Pont.

The mist

The film, based on Stephen King's horror novel of the same name as the film, is a superb and utterly superb film that takes place most of the time in the store after a thick fog appears to cover the area intensely, the store is taken as a shelter and the struggle for survival begins.

The film's ending is not in the same place but outside, and it is probably the most heartbreaking of all these films. The film was directed by Frank Darabount.

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Phone Booth

A very interesting action movie, its big advantage is the place where the hero never moves, which is a pay phone Booth.

A special idea is a conversation between a sniper who keeps Colleen Ferrell out of the phone booth or he'll shoot him, start manipulating him with his life, a few questions you have, a lot of stress watching the movie, and most importantly, what does he want? Directed by Joel Schumacher.


Talented candidates who reach the final stage of selecting who will get the work available to a powerful new company that they know nothing about are placed in the exam room, being tested in a simple and dubious way.

The watcher gives them 80 minutes to answer one question. A very cool British psychological film directed by Stuart Hazelden.

The Experiment

It was not filmed entirely in one place, but mostly, 26 men were selected to participate in an experiment in roles of guards and prisoners to study the psychological consequences of each role on its owner.

The film starred two Academy Award-winning stars Forset Whitaker and Adrian Brody, and was directed by Paul Schwaring.

Die Hard

The first part of the series that has become five this year, John McLean intervenes to save his wife and several people captured as hostages by terrorists during a Christmas party at a hotel in Los Angeles, a very interesting action film that was nominated for four Academy Awards, starring Bruce Willis of course and directed by John McTernan.

The shining

It's considered one of the greatest horror movies ever made, the scariest of them, and it's not the creator Jack Nicholson that's unnerving you about it?

The film takes place in a secluded hotel taken care of by a writer, his wife, and their son. The strange events follow in the film, and the husband's craziness and desire to kill his family, directed by Stanley Cooper



Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 30, 2021:

Oddly, I've only seen three of these movies. Thanks for the suggestions.

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