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Hey Movie Lovers Top 10 Hollywood Movies You Love To Watch in 2021

Haseeb Ashraf is an Novelist and Author from Pakistan He is better known for Urdu language Novels but he can write in English as well.


Movies List

1 Tomorrow War :

On Top Of the List My Favorite One and the best movie released in 2021. The story is a Fantastic and great effort by a script writer and director, A man who wants to save his daughter from the beasts so he first travel to future so he can kill the beasts and save his daughter but he failed to do so but luckily he got to know how he can kill the beasts so he decided to kill the monsters and try to save his daughter now watch the full movie and tell us about that.

2 Godzilla Vs Kong :

An other great Movie which was released in 2021. In the start of the Movies the scientist try to experiment on Godzilla and he became angry and start to attack the City so they tried to use Kong against him on the other hand Kong was busy in jungle with a little girl who are just 8 year old and she cant speak but Kong understand her very well and she also understand his language so she convinced kong to fight for them and save peoples of city from Godzilla and they fought really well at the end Godzilla wakeup and team up with kong to fight with other monster.

3 Wanda Vision :

In the love of vision Wanda create a artificial universe with her powers and start living with vision in this world she also creates 2 children with vision and live a happy life. She also create a character of her late brother who was kill during a war with alien's but that was Wanda world so she can do anything so she done but unfortunately all movies have not ended with happy ending at the end she accept that vision is no more and she lives in her dreams so she vanished her artificial universe and flown away.

4 Black Widow :

Scarlet Johnson one of my favorite character Natasha who was died in Avengers end game so that was a treat for her fans to watch her as Natasha again. She was awesome in movie as always done a great stunts and fought with enemies and we also have new characters in this movie but it was worth watching.

5 Nobody :

In thje start he says you know why I'm here because I'm a good man and most of all I'm a man who didn't deserve your gun. Odenkirk has had an amazing track record of Acting in the Past year's He Act from a comedian to a fighter and to a emotional now he is an action hero for anyone who is best described as suburban j this is not surprising as director Derek also worked on that franchise while he was not smooth or polished the actors. He is the actor of the show by Lloyd who proves that he still has even his qualities that was start from 80s exploding from the beginning to the end no word to be remembered.

6 I Care A Lot :

Most Media Persons did not like anti-heroes and that have never been more common but Marla Grayson is in her category's the excellent play by Rosemond. Marla is a contemptible girl around Mr. storm sir I sympathize with him but the court does not set me up for no reason. He thinks he who'd be benefit from the suffering of the old age problems Marla has a few redeeming qualities that are part of what makes me so attractive.

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7 Raya and the Last Dragon :

Another one of the best movies released in 2021. Like many Disney animated films have promoted after successful run they start TV shows on that films so that we can hope to last Raya Dragon will be one of them. It start a fight scene between father and daughter . Kumandra is such a huge world with plotted characters and rich legends that we definitely want to explore more you get very little in this as the story of Raya a little girl is a hero with a powerful voice that performs the most dramatic action and one of the most beautiful art we have ever seen in a Disney photo. The main theme of this movie is that trust applies especially in today's divided world you believe or not.

8 Father :

Please watch trailr of this movie before full to play because that was too sentimental. When a story is changed from stage Play to tv screen there is always the challenge of not making it like a playable version of the suggested picture it can't be for very cinema lover but why do you keep looking like something is wrong everything is right man to plan the production and Zeller's guide created an environment so complex that it is easy to forget such a father.

9 Judas And The Black Messiah :

An Oscar-winning actor Daniel Kaluya who has been widely acclaimed for his portrayal of Black Panther activist Fred Hampton and us in the black panther.
The body does not believe that there is no coach is a revolutionary tradition which means that it is a tradition that will free Kaluya to take Hampton's love and natural leadership but also his tender and romantic side like the success of the film. Stanfield as William O camp called Judas Stan and filmmakers do a good job.

10 Cuovares Ida :

This movie was nominated for Oscar for Best International Film . Aida happened between the Bosnian war as Srebrenica was attacked by thousands of local citizens moving towards the UN camp but if you are familiar with this horrible time you know that disaster will follow and we are following a translator named Aida salmanajik based on real life. The performance of Hassan Yasna and Yuritich as Aida makes us emotionally by reminding Streep of Sophie's choice or giving Cheadle a hotel as some fear Aida should act as a reassuring voice while trying to save her family.


That was my list please tell me about your list so i can understand about your favorites and describe about that in near future.

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