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Top 5 Hip Hop Blogs/Podcasts You Must Watch

Melusi Jeisal Ngwenya is a film and drama critic from South Africa

Best 5 current hip hop podcasts

  1. State of the culture
  2. Drink Champs
  3. The Joe Budden Podcast
  4. The Brilliant Idiots
  5. Everday Struggle

State Of The Culture

Hosts : Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Brendon "Jinx" Jenkings and Ebony K

State of the culture is presented by Revolt which is an American music-oriented digital cable television network founded by rapper and entrepreneur Sean 'Diddy' Combs that launched on October 21, 2013. Joe Budden, and co-hosts Remy Ma, Jinx and Eboni K. Williams cut through the noise to get straight to the core of the most controversial and challenging conversations in pop culture, politics, social justice, and more all through the lens of Hip Hop. Joe Budden was offered a deal by revolt after having some contract disputes with another hip hop media powerhouse Complex

Drink Champs

Hosts : N.o.r.e & Dj Efn

As they like to call themselves the most professional, unprofessional podcast. New York's very own N.O.R.E and his co-host DJ EFN who is a Miami native are one of the greatest duos in the entertainment industry. Their platform is one of the most respected in hip hop media because they occasionally invite the greatest rappers of all time. N.O.R.E's hip hop career helped in gaining respect from the hip hop godfathers like NAS, JAY Z, EMINEM, BENZINO, MURDA MOOK etc. The most interesting part of this podcast is the fact that they will be drinking alcohol with the guests as they interview them. This is the reason why most of their episodes are long and the guests usually end up opening up more due to alcohol so they get special content. Most of their interviews are more like conversations rather than questions and answering session and this makes their platform stay afloat on top of the rest.

Everyday Struggle

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Hosts ; DJ Akademics, Nebraska Alexis & Wayno

Everyday Struggle is presented by Complex Network is an American media and entertainment company based in New York City for hip hop culture. Everyday Struggle is considered to be among the best hip hop podcast for the past few years. The show is hosted by DJ Akademics from Spanish Town, Jamaica. Wayno a New York native whom at his early stage in hip hop industry interned for Roc-A-Fella Records and worked his way up the ladder to be an A&R rep for the label before leaving music for a while and then forming his own company. Wayno joined the Everyday Struggle as a replacement for Joe Budden who quit the show after contracts dispute with the media company. The third host who usually plays the moderator role on the show is a lady called Nadeska Alexis a talented music journalist who became highly respected for her hip-hop reporting during her years as a writer with MTV News. She late became an anchor and producer for Complex News. Everyday Struggle is always on the news headlines as its host DJ Akademics enjoys controversy for publicity and attention. More recently, DJ Akademics was suspended by the media company after a sexist rant about the singer John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen on his twitch account. After the incident DJ Akademics anounced that he is considering to leave complex and move on to other platforms.

The Brilliant Idiots

Hosts : Charlemagne Tha God & Andrew Schultz

This is the funniest podcast related to hip hop. Hosted by Charlemagne Tha God a radio personality who works alongside DJ Envy and Angela Yee at one of the best hip hop radios in New York called Power 105 and Andrew Schultz a stand up comedian profession. Charlemagne who is well known for not having any boundaries during the breakfast club interviews and Andrew Schultz who has an impressive record of roasting his audience during stand up shows. These two makes a team that does not filter anything, they openly speak their mind without any intimidation or fear and it makes their podcasts more interesting to watch because it is not scripted, They just go with the vibe.

The Joe Budden Podcast

Hosts: Joe Budden, Jamil "Mal" Clay, Rory Farrell, Parks Vallely

The Joe Budden Podcast began in 2015 when Joe Budden anounced his retirement from rapping. He did many episodes before he formally named the podcast by that time the podcast was formally known as I'll Name This Podcast Later and it released two episodes per week via YouTube and SoundCloud. Joe Budden went on and signed a deal with spotify but after sometime the deal fell off and he went on to be independent. The show is hosted by Joe Budden and his close friends Jamil "Mal" Clay, Rory Farrell and Parks Vallely, the show covers numerous topics ranging from music, politics, sports, but primarily focuses on Hip-Hop and discussing events of that particular week. One of the coolest thing about this podcast is how they analyse and breakdown hip hop song lyrics. As of now the Joe Budden Podcast is about to rich a milestone of four hundred episodes.

Honourable Mentions

  • Rap Radar
  • No Jumper hosted by Adam 22
  • Vlad TV hosted by Vlad
  • Cannon Class hosted by Nick Cannon
  • ExpediTIously hosted by TI
  • The Combat Jack Show

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