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The 10 Recommended Dramas and Movies of Japanese actor Hiro Mizushima

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Xhyniie is a J-pop lover and a fan of Arashi! She also loves anime like Code Breaker, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, and Attack on Titan.


So I’ve decided to write a new hub dedicated to Hiro Mizushima. As far as I know, Hiro senpai is one of the actors from Hana Kimi who become more popular and establish his name in Japanese entertainment industry.

Before I became a J-drama addict, Hana Kimi was already broadcasted in my country many years ago. Although at first I am not interested on this drama because I was hooked by the Taiwanese adaptation. This year my younger brother recommended me six J-dramas. One of these dramas is Hana Kimi Japan.

During my free time, I watch Asian drama’s (more on Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese). While scanning my laptop I saw a folder with the file name “Hana Kimi Japan”. At first, I thought that it is boring but then I clicked it and played the first episode.

It was my first time to watch this drama and the first character that I’ve noticed is Nanba Minami played by actor Hiro Mizushima. I am familiar with Hiro because of his movie “Black Butler” but I loved his character more in this drama compared to this movie. Hiro is such an amazing actor. And so I’ve decided to compile his 10 korean dramas and movies that you might be interested to watch.


10. Hiro is a hero in Kamen Rider Kabuto/Masked Rider Kabuto

Hiro senpai also became a real hero in the tv series Kamen Rider Kabuto. He played the character of Soji Tendo/Soji Kusakabe in the Japanese tokusatsu superhero television Kamen Rider Kabuto which was originally released on January 29, 2006 - January 21, 2007.

In this tv series, Hiro had a challenging role since most of his dramas that I watched were comedies. He is a superhero and has the responsibility of protecting the world and the people. If I would compare this role of Hiro to his another dramas, then it is one of the best since it is a heavy role. I mean he is doing a role that is very different to what fans know about him. Well, it is not too late. You can still watch it online!


9. Hiro in Mr. Brain

While searching for the list of his dramas and movies, I landed on the Japanese drama Mr. Brain. Although he is only playing a supporting role but still it is a must watch movie of Hiro especially that he is working with Takuya Kimura on this drama. This drama centers on the story of neurological scientist Ryusuke Tsukumo (Takuya Kimura).

Hiro is playing the character of Toranosuke Hayashida in the Japanese drama Mr. Brain which was originally released on May 23, 2009 - July 11, 2009. He is working at the Metropolitan Police Agency’s National Research Institute of Police Science.

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8. Hiro in the Japanese movie Beck

Don’t forget to include in your list the movie Beck!

Ryusuke Minami in the movie Beck originally released in 2010. The movie centers on the life of the youth and music. So it is really a must watch movie since Hiro is playing the character of an ultra talented guitarist named Ryusuke Minami. Japanese actor Takeru Satoh is also part of this drama.

Can you imagine the two of them in one band? It is your chance now to see their band’s popularity and enjoy their music through watching this movie.


7. Hiro in the movie Black Butler

Of course I included Black Butler on the list, his recent movie. Actually my friend is the one who suggested watching this movie. I have also included it on my list of the most recommended Japanese movies of 2014. If you are asking what you can expect in this drama, then it is a different Hiro Mizushima that you have seen in dramas and movies.

Hiro is playing the role of Sebastian Michealis in the movie Black Butler which was originally released on January 18, 2014. In addition, he also serves as the co-producer and co-screenwriter of the said movie.


6. Hiro in the drama Gokusen Season 2

Many of us had actually watched Gokusen and give it a high rating. Just this week, my friends and I have been talking about Japanese dramas. I recommend them Great Teacher Onizuka then they told me that it’s like the story of Gokusen. Of course I kept on bragging them that they should also watch GTO as so far, it is the movie that gives me determination to continue my study.

Well, this is the first drama of Hiro playing a minor role. So it is really important to include this on the list. He was not actually exposed on this drama but it is his doorway on landing different roles in Japanese dramas.


5. Hiro in the movie Lovely Complex

He also played the character Ryoji Suzuki in the movie Lovely Complex which was originally released on 2006. It is another minor role from him. In this movie, he works with Japanese stars Ema Fujisawa and Teppei Koike who are playing the lead role.


4. Detective Hiro in Tokyo Dogs

Aside from his teenager roles in different dramas and movies, Hiro level up by playing the character of Maruo Kudo, a detective who hot-blooded fighting expert due to his earlier days as a delinquent in the drama Tokyo Dogs. While reading its plot, I thought he was playing a very serious role but when I was scanning for photos I conclude that it is another drama that you will laugh because of his character.

It is actually an action-comedy-drama. And when you see his expressions you will remember his character in Hana Kimi. In this drama, he was reunited with Shun Oguri, his co-star in the drama "Hana Kimi". Together with Shun Oguri, they are now the famous detectives in Tokyo.

Do you see Hiro senpai's expression? That's what I love about him! Whatever he did on his face, whether to make it looks ugly but he is still handsome. Whether he is playing the supporting role, he is still one of the best that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


2-3. Hiro in the drama "Zettai Kareshi (2008) and Zettai Kareshi (2009).

He also played a supporting role in the romance, comedy, drama Zettai Kareshi also known as Absolute Boyfriend. If you had watched the Taiwanese-Korean version of this drama starring Jiro Wang and Go Hye Sun, I am very sure that you will also enjoy this Japanese version.

He is playing the character of Soshi Asamoto together with actor Mokomichi Hayami and Saki Aibu who are in the lead role.


1. Hiro as dorm 2 head in Hanazakari no Kimitache e

And now we have reached on our number 1 spot. The best drama of Hiro Mizushima. Although he was only playing a supporting role but his acting is noticeable. Hiro is playing the character of Nanba Minami, dorm 2 head and girl-crazy in the drama Hana Kimi which was originally released in 2009.

I considered this drama as the best and must watched because it will introduce you to Hiro Mizushima playing in a comedy-drama tv series. The character of Hiro in this drama is very different from the Taiwanese version played by Danson Tang. Although the two of them are the same girl-crazy dorm heads but Hiro is in comedy but Danson's character in the Taiwanese adaptation is very serious. I seldom see him smile.

So if want to want to know how crazy Hiro is in this drama, then you should watch it now.

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