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Top 10 Heartwarming Schitt’s Creek Moments

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Schitt's Creek

I binge-watched Schitt’s Creek during the 2020 pandemic when we were all confined to our homes. All 6 seasons. It was the right kind of warm, soul-stirring goodness that my life was craving for at the moment, in the midst of all that uncertainty. I kept hearing how incredibly quirky the Rose family was – Johnny, Moira, David, Alexis (my favorite). I had to experience the phenomena myself. I wasn't disappointed.

If you are looking for a light, breezy sitcom to enjoy, that doesn't require any serious thinking, do yourself a favor, and opt for Schitt’s Creek. It might start off a bit slow, but then it gets addictive once you start relating to the emotional angle of the characters, portrayed so convincingly by the brilliant actors.

When you are done with the show, get back here and relive some of the top heartwarming moments - scenes that made you sigh, scenes that made you shed a few tears, scenes that won your heart, scenes that made you cheer for the character(s).

#1 S2E13: Johnny Defends His Friends

Johnny defends Jocelyn and her husband when they are with their friends.

#2 S2E13: Precious Love

The moment I fell in love with the show - when they say "I love you" to each other. Don't miss David's adorable smile towards the end, after he eye-rollingly uttered those 3 magical words to his family.

#3 S3E13: Birthday Gift

When David receives the receipt from the first sale at the store as a birthday gift from Patrick - a whole lot of goodness in this one.

#4 S3E13: Grad Night

Moira making a surprise entry on Alexis' graduation night is wholesome and hits all the right strings.

#5 S4E4: Girls Night

Moira tells Alexis not to give up on love, at the most unusual of places - the bar. Her dialogues are deep and thought-provoking. As goofy as Moira is, at times she gives the most profound advice. Love the mother-daughter chemistry in this scene.

#6 S4E6: Open Mic

Patrick sings "Simply the best" for David. Sweet and romantic.

#7 S4E12: Singles Week

David and Patrick confessing their love for each other is one of the most emotional scenes of Schitt's Creek.

#8: S4E13: Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose

When Johnny Rose got the Christmas warmth he was craving for in the form of a surprise party organized by his family.

#9 S5e9: Mvp

Johnny going "That's my boy" after David hits a home run. The cutest father-son scene in the show.

#10 S5E11: Coming Out

Partick comes out to his parents. A non-conflicting scenario is seldom shown in movies and tv shows, so the parents' reaction was a pleasant surprise. This is in my opinion one of the best things about Schitt's Creek. It shows how people should react and behave in an ideal inclusive world.

Some Bonus Moments..

If you enjoyed the 10 heartwarming moments, scroll down for some more. It was hard to choose just 10 from Schitt's Creek when I initially started this page. Each one of them is special. It would have been unfair to not include the other equally heartwarming/fun moments from the show, so here goes.

S5E8: A Little Bit Alexis

This is arguably the most fun scene of Schitt's Creek - the audition by Alexis Rose for Cabaret. The expressions of her own mother are hilarious. I must have seen this song at least 50 times, and each time it manages to put a smile on my face. Don't miss out on all the fan versions on YouTube too.

S5E14: Life Is a Cabaret

Moira Gives Stevie the pep talk of a lifetime before their show "Cabaret". Like I had mentioned earlier, Moira surely knows how to say the right things in the most testing of times.

S5E14: Stevie's Performance

After that pep talk by Moira, Stevie gives the performance of a lifetime, strong and power-packed with emotions.

S5E14 Jazzagals at David and Patrick's Wedding

The above 2 videos are dedicated to the sensational "Jazzagals" who sang their way to our hearts. Here they are singing "Precious Love" and "Simply the Best" at David and Patrick's beautiful wedding. The whole wedding was highly emotional and lovingly portrayed.

S6E13: Start Spreading The News

Stevie and David in front of the house Patrick wanted to buy for David. A fun, emotional moment.

Last But Not The Least: The Famous "David" and "Eww David" Compilation

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Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on March 23, 2021:

Thank you Brenda for visiting and commenting. Yes, comedy can be very subjective. Everyone need not feel the same way. I did not know some videos were available only in my location. Thanks for bringing it to my notice!

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on March 23, 2021:

Yes, absolutely loved it! Enjoy the rest of the show.

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on March 23, 2021:

Thank you Chitrangada for commenting! It means a lot.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 23, 2021:

I did watch this one when it first came on television, but it went a little too far for me.

I no longer watch it.

It can be funny though.

Some of your video's I guess are not allowed in this country, for it's view is blocked for me.

Nicely written article.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 23, 2021:

We just started streaming this show, and it is brilliant comedy!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on March 23, 2021:

Hi Kalpana!

I have heard about this show, but haven’t watched it. Your review is excellent and the videos are interesting. I would like to watch it, whenever possible.

Thank you for sharing.

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on March 23, 2021:

Hi Rosina! Thanks for commenting. Yes, do give it a chance :) Each episode is short, so shouldn't take much of your time or energy.

Rosina S Khan on March 22, 2021:

Thank you, Kalpana, for encouraging us to watch Schitt's Creek show. It must be fun. I cannot promise I will watch it but I had a look over some of the videos here and thought they were great. Thanks for sharing.

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