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Top 10 Best Fairy Tail Couples

Hi Guys! This is my personal ranking of the best fairy tail couple. Hoping that you'll like it. You can select your personal choice. :)


FT Best Couples


These are the most obvious couples in Fairy Tail that has a great fan-base. Most of the fans ship them because they might have a close relationship or they can be seen sweet towards each other. They may also have the best moments and can look so good together.

Check out who are these pairs. Your favorite couple might be on the lists.

10. Alzack and Bisca

Alzack and Bisca- The married couple wizard in Fairy Tail. They have a similar kind of magic and have developed close relationship towards each other. Alzack had been in love with Bisca for a long time. Alzack love for him can be seen during the Fairy Tail Battle. He was willing to fight his fellow guild members just for her to be save by Evergreen's magic.

Bisca is also in love with Alzack. She comforts him when he failed to be one of the candidate for the S-Class Promotion Trial. After the supposed destruction of Tenroujima Island, Alzack and Bisca married each other and their union resulted to the birth of their daughter, Asuka.


9. Elfman and Evergreen

Elfman and Evergreen- Their relationship began during the S-class promotion. Elfman was looking for his partner because Lisanna chose to be with Juvia. He was upset due to Lisanna's decision. Lisanna told him that he should choose Evergreen because she is being pissed off to Fried for selecting Bickslow over her.

In Tenroujima Island, They ran into Mirajane who are the currently S-class wizard. They had a hard time defeating her because she was really strong and she doesn't want to be defeated even that she and Elfman are siblings. Evergreen shocks her by telling that she and Elfman are going to be married. By a mere luck, they beat Mirajane.


8. Mirajane and Laxus

Mirajane and Laxus- The S-Class wizard pair in Fairy Tail. I don't know why Mirajane and Laxus is being paired because they have a very rare interactions through out the anime and manga but it might be due to Hiro Mashima who made them as a Fairy Tail covers (correct me if I'm wrong). It was shown in the drawing that they are dancing and Mira can be seen smiling while Laxus is in a serious look.

Laxus recognize Mira as one of the most powerful S-class wizard. During the Grand Magic Games, the battle between Jenny and Mira where Mira won, He commented that she is not someone that you want to be mess with.


7. Sting and Yukino

Sting and Yukino- The Sabertooth wizard pair. Before, Sting seems that does not care about his fellow guild members. I think it's due to their former master philosophy stating that they have no use for weak members. His attitude changes after his defeat to Natsu Dragneel. Experiencing lost has gained him a lesson as per Lector told their former master. Acknowledging a total defeat, he realized how cruel and careless Sabertooth methods were as he and Rogue is being punish due to their one loss. After the Grand Magic Games and the dragon's battle, Sting become humble and asks Yukino to rejoin the Sabertooth Guild stating that he wants to form a guild that treasures its members.

In the Alvarez Arc, Yukino is the one who manages Sting to come back to his senses through slapping him in the face. She told him that as a master, he should be the one who will motivate everyone in a hard times. Due to her encouraging words, Sting thanks her for it. Rogue tease him as the master crybaby.


6. Zeref and Mavis

Zeref and Mavis- The black wizard and the first guild master of Fairy Tail. Zeref and Mavis met before the creation of Fairy Tail. He teach Mavis and the others (Yuri, Warrod, and Precht) magic.They became a good friends as time goes by. When Mavis uses Fairy Law, she failed to do it correctly and learned that she will stop to aged. After 10 years, Zeref and Mavis met again. Zeref noticed that Mavis doesn't seem to grow or age and learned that it was due to the cursed, after using the incomplete Fairy Law magic. Mavis develops the Ankhseram Magic or also known as the "Contradictory Curse" which means that the more people she loves, the more it will kill the people lives who are dear for her.

It was revealed that these two were in love with one another before, which led to Mavis death after they kissed. They actually had a child namely August, one of the Spriggan 12. At first, I thought it was Larcade but eventually Zeref himself revealed that he was just one of his creation.

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5. Happy and Carla

Happy and Carla- The exceeds pair couple of Fairy Tail. They first met in Blue Pegasus guild. Happy fell in love with Carla immediately to the point that he even asked Lucy to give his fish to her. He's attempt to impress her was failed because it was being ignored. Carla's attitude towards him is still cold even after joining the Fairy Tail. She told him not to hang around her. It was later revealed that Carla is being cold to Happy due to not knowing everything about their roots which is Edolas.

In Edolas arc, When Natsu and Wendy is being imprison, They were inform about their true mission which is to kill the dragon slayers. Though they were horrified and shocks, Happy stood up for themselves and told the soldiers of Extalia that they are not their puppets, They are the wizards of Fairy Tail. Hearing those words, Carla was encourage and has a hope that they can save their friends. Later, the two returned to Earth Land with friends and Carla started being friendly towards Happy.


4. Gajeel and Levy

Gajeel and Levy- Before they were a members of different guilds, Gajeel belongs to Phantom Lord while Levy is in Fairy Tail. They had a bad encounter at first due to Gajeel's attack to Team Shadow Gear. After the war between the two guilds, Gajeel joined Fairy Tail. Jet and Droy seeks revenge on him for destroying the guild and beating them both. When Laxus appeared, He began to beat Gajeel cruelly. Levy realize that Gajeel wanted to be accepted and didn't defend himself from the start.They tried to stop Laxus but it resulted to his annoyance and strike them a lightning. Gajeel blocks it to protect Levy and tell them to leave him alone.

In S-class Mage Promotion Trial, Gajeel offered Levy a hand and motivates her to don't go sounding so weak which makes her blush. During the exam, Levy was constantly annoyed by Gajeel due to its careless nature. However, she runs away out of disappointment. When Levy got into trouble from the two members of Grimoire Heart, Gajeel saves her and tells her that "It is really hard looking for someone so small, so don't leave my side please." Spoiler alert, Gajeel confess to Levy that he want to walk with her side by side forever and even imagine a good future for them both.


3. Gray and Juvia

Gray and Juvia- Their relationship seems to develop through out the anime and manga. Juvia is the first one who falls in love with gray. It was a love at first sight for her. She was really obsessed with Gray and sometimes tends to imagine wild about their relationship. She can be seen thinking that every girls who approaches Gray has a thing for him and address them as a love rival (especially Lucy). On the other hand, Gray seems to ignore her affections towards him but later on, it has a great progression.

In the Avatar Arc, Juvia revealed that she and Gray used to live together for six months and they picked up each others habits. Gray tells her that he appreciate her and she will always be on his side. Once the battle is over, Gray will give his answer to Juvia. It was assumed that it was his feelings for her.


2. Jellal and Erza

Jellal and Erza- are childhood friends. They were both enslaved at the Tower of Heaven. Jellal is the one who gave Erza's surname (Scarlet). In the Tower of Heaven (during their childhood) they developed a strong relationship and cares for each other deeply. It was also stated that Erza could not bring herself to hate Jellal despite of his misdeeds and was able to forgive him quickly. In Grand Magic Games Arc, During their supposed training, Jellal along with Meldy and Ultear managed to contact Fairy Tail members. Ultear offered them to increase everyone's power. However, Jellal and Erza talks privately. He told Erza that he's prepared to die if she wants to avenge Simon, Erza slaps him and pulls his collar but suddenly, both of them fall off. They were about to kiss at that time but Jellal pushes her away.

Erza and Jellal's relationship are one of the most obvious possible couple as it was become more on a romantic terms.


1. Natsu and Lucy

Natsu and Lucy- The most possible couple in Fairy Tail. Among the other members who are being paired, they are the the one who shares the strongest bond and closest relationship. Natsu is the one who brought Lucy to the guild and eventually form a team with her along with Happy. When Lucy was captured by Phantom Lord guild, she jumped off and believed that she heard Natsu's voice and he will definitely catch her. Happy tells Lucy that he and Natsu cried by the thought of her leaving the guild. In Magnolia's cherry blossoms viewing, Lucy was too excited for it to see but too bad for her because she caught a cold on that day. Natsu was upset by it, he uprooted one of the Sakura's trees along with happy and put it on a boat and let it float on the river just for her to see.

Spoiler Alert, In Manga, After the war between the Alvarez Empire and Fairy Tail, Lucy became a writer and won an award. She celebrated it along with her guild-mates. When she wakes up in her bed, she thought that winning an award was just a sort of her dream but it wasn't. Natsu and Happy was in her house revealing that she collapsed during the party and they carried her back to her home. Lucy suddenly remembered all the memories she had with them and started to cry. She hugs Natsu and happy, telling them that she was really grateful to have met them both, Thanking for everything they have done for her. Natsu has something to say too and it's about the work. Lucy seems confuse due to Natsu's not saying something interesting rather than work. Natsu said to Lucy that they will be always together forever.


My point of views

All these couples has a great chemistry towards their respective partners. Most of them shows a great development in anime and manga. For me, I think that Gajeel and Levy, Gray and Juvia, and lastly Natsu and Lucy are the couples that most likely to end up together.

  • Gajeel and Levy- They are hinted to have a baby.
  • Gray and Juvia- Gray started to acknowledge Juvia's feeling for him and shows affection to her (read the last chapter of FT entitled irreplaceable friends).
  • Natsu and Lucy- I think that Lucy is in love with Natsu but was too shy to admit to herself seems Natsu is not the type of guy who knows any romance. On the other hand, Natsu cares deeply for Lucy and always save her whenever she got into trouble. There's a lot of hints about these two that they might actually end up together so let's wait for the author itself (Hiro Mashima).

I would like to include Jellal and Erza because their affection towards each other was clearly more on romantic relationship to the point that they almost kiss but Jellal and Erza was stopping their feelings to fall in love. I'll be waiting to the author that he'll make a good progress about their relationship so don't lose hope.

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Nekomander (author) from Philippines on April 05, 2019:

Wow, Thank you for appreciating my personal list of pairing :D

Stephanie Bradberry from New Jersey on April 05, 2019:

Cool list. Since Fairy Tale is not an anime I follow all the time, it's good seeing these pairings.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on April 05, 2019:

Fairy Tales have changed. It used to be Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty looking for a prince. Great story with lots of information

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