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Top 10 Cutest Korean Drama Actresses Ever

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Among the many beautiful Korean actresses we know, there's always a place for cute actresses. In this list, find out who's in our top 10 cutest Korean drama actresses ever.

10. Kim So Eun


Kim So-eun was born on September 6, 1989. (Age:27) She made her acting debut with a bit part in the 2004 film Two Guys, when she was in junior high school. She then appeared in minor roles on TV and film. In 2009, she became popular with her supporting role as the heroine's best friend, Cha Ga Eul in the popular television series Boys Over Flowers. She landed her first leading role in the 2010 daily drama A Good Day for the Wind to Blow.

Popular dramas:

  • Boys Over Flowers - Chu Ga-eul
  • A Good Day for the Wind to Blow - Kwon Oh-bok
  • A Thousand Kisses - Woo Joo-mi
  • Horse Doctor - Princess Sukhwi

9. Yoon Eun Hye


Yoon Eun Hye was born on October 3, 1984. (Age: 32) She debuted as a member of girl group Baby V.O.X, staying with the group from 1999 to 2005. After leaving the group, she moved on to acting. She is best known for starring in the television dramas Princess Hours (2006), The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007), My Fair Lady (2009), Missing You (2012), and Marry Him If You Dare (2013).

Popular dramas:

  • Princess Hours - Shin Chae-gyung
  • Coffee Prince - Go Eun-chan
  • My Fair Lady - Kang Hye-na
  • Lie To Me - Gong Ah-jung
  • Marry Him If You Dare - Na Mi-rae

8. Moon Chae Won


Moon Chae Won was born on November 13, 1986 in Daegu, South Korea. (Age: 29) She studied Western Painting at the Chugye University for the Arts, but dropped out in 2006 to pursue acting. She made her acting debut in 2007 in Mackerel Run, alongside fellow newcomer Lee Min-ho. Her breakthrough came in 2008 period drama Painter of the Wind as she played a beautiful gisaeng who falls for Shin Yun-bok. Since then, she received several lead roles in different dramas.

Popular dramas:

  • Mackerel Run - Min Yoon-seo
  • Painter of the Wind - Jung-hyang
  • My Fair Lady - Yeo Eui-joo
  • The Princess' Man - Lee Se-ryung
  • The Innocent Man - Seo Eun-gi
  • Good Doctor - Cha Yoon-seo

7. Suzy


Bae Su-ji, who is also known as Suzy, was born on October 10, 1994. (Age:22) She has an older sister, Su-bin, and a younger brother, Sang-moon. She attended Seoul Performing Arts High School. Before debuting, she was an online shopping model. In 2009, she auditioned for Mnet Superstar K and made it through the preliminary round but she was eliminated. However, she caught the attention of a scout from JYP Entertainment and soon became a trainee. After one year training, she and her fellow members prepared to debut as Miss A. In March 2015, Suzy and South Korean actor and singer Lee Min-ho were confirmed to be in a relationship.

Popular dramas:

  • Dream High - Go Hye-mi
  • Big - Jang Ma-ri
  • Gu Family Book - Dam Yeo-wool
  • Uncontrollably Fond - No Eul

6. Han Ga In


Han Ga In, whose real name is Kim Hyun-joo, was born on February 25, 1982. (Age: 34). As a high school student, Han Ga-in appeared on a TV quiz show and was also captured in footage of interviews with other students. Entertainment bigwigs spotted her in the news clip and immediately went to her school to offer her a part. She debuted in an Asiana Airlines commercial in 2002, and was cast in the KBS2 drama Sunshine Hunting. She subsequently appeared in Yellow Handkerchief and made her big-screen debut in Once Upon a Time in High School. She married her Yellow Handkerchied co-actor Yeon Jung-hoon on April 26, 2005.

Popular dramas:

  • Yellow Handkerchief - Jo Sun-joo
  • Terms of Endearment - Kang Eun-pah
  • Super Rookie - Lee Mi-ok
  • Bad Guy - Moon Jae-in
  • Moon Embracing the Sun - Heo Yeon-woo/Wol

5. IU


Lee Ji-eun, who is also known for her stage name as IU, was born May 16, 1993. (Age:23) She is a multi-talented girl, known for being a songwriter, actress, and singer. She began her music career at the age of 15 with her debut album, Lost and Found. Her follow-up albums, Growing Up and IU...IM, brought her mainstream success, but it was through "Good Day", the lead single from her 2010 album Real, that she achieved national stardom. In October 2015, South Korean tabloid newspaper, Dispatch, revealed that IU and South Korean singer-songwriter Chang Kiha have been dating, with an 11-year age gap between them.

Popular dramas:

  • Dream High - Kim Pil-suk
  • Bel Ami - Kim Bo-tong
  • The Producers - Cindy
  • Scarlet Heart: Ryeo - Ko Ha-jin/Hae-soo

4. Kim Ji Won


Kim Ji Won was born on October 19, 1992 (Age: 23). She first entered the entertainment industry in 2008 by taking on minor roles in television dramas and appearing in commercials. She became popular after starring in the 2011 sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged. This was followed up with appearances in To the Beautiful You, based on the famous Japanese shoujo manga series Hanazakari no Kimitachie and omnibus horror film Horror Stories. In 2013, she played a chic and haughty heiress in the drama The Heirs; and in 2016, she starred in KBS's hit drama Descendants of the Sun, playing an army surgeon.

Popular dramas:

  • High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged - Herself
  • What's Up - Park Tae-yi
  • To the Beautiful You - Seol Han-na
  • The Heirs - Rachel Yoo
  • Descendants of the Sun - Yoon Myung-ju

3. Park Shin Hye


Park Shin Hye was born on February 18, 1990 (Age:26) in Gwangju. She made her first appearance on the music video of "Flower" by singer Lee Seung-hwan. In 2014, she was unanimously chosen as the “Nation's Little Sister" for her unchanging beauty, good acting skills and kind personality. She was also picked for having many other talents besides acting including singing and dancing. On February 15, 2016, she graduated from Chung-Ang University, receiving a degree in Theater and Film and a "Lifetime Achievement Award" as Honorary Ambassador of the school at the graduation ceremony.

Popular dramas:

  • Stairway to Heaven - young Han Jung-suh
  • You're Beautiful - Go Mi-nam / Go Mi-nyeo
  • My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox - Go Mi-nyeo
  • Heartstrings - Lee Gyu-won
  • Flower Boys Next Door - Go Dok-mi
  • The Heirs - Cha Eun-sang
  • Doctors - Yoo Hye-jung
  • Miracle in Cell No. 7 - Adult Ye-seung

2. Song Ji Hyo


Song Ji Hyo, whose real name is Cheon Seong-im, was born on August 15, 1981 (Age: 35) in Pohang, one of the main seaport cities in North Gyeongsang. She has a younger brother and a younger sister. She attended Daerim Elementary School, Hwagye Middle School and Ilsan Convention High School. She graduated with a tax and accounting degree from Kyungmoon University. She chose "Song Ji-hyo" as her stage name as she was inspired by the two famous actors Song Seung-heon and Song Hye-kyo. Right now, she is popular for being the only female regular cast in the game-show Running Man.

Popular drama/shows:

  • Princess Hours - Min Hyo-rin
  • Jumong - Lady Ye So-ya
  • Emergency Couple - Oh Jin-hee
  • Running Man - Herself

1. Kim Tae Hee


Kim Tae Hee was born on 29 March 1980 (Age: 36) in Busan, South Korea. Her father, Kim Yoo Moon, is the chairman of Hankook Union Transportation Company in 1984. She has an older sister, Kim Hee-won, and a younger brother, Lee Wan, who is also an actor and appeared in her television series Stairway to Heaven. She started her career in entertainment in 2000, when an advertising executive saw her riding the subway, and offered her a modeling job. Right now, she is one of the most popular and in-demand product endorsers in Korea.

Popular drama/shows:

  • Stairway to Heaven - Han Yoo-ri
  • Forbidden Love - Yoon Shi-yeon
  • Iris - Choi Seung-hee
  • My Princess - Lee Seol
  • Yong-pal - Han Yeo-jin


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