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Top 10 Craziest Anime Fights You Should be Watching Right Now!


An anime series is boring without ferocious fights between heroes and villains. In fact, most anime fans are looking forward for action rather than a series’ story. This can’t be helped since watching various anime characters display their tenacity and courage in a battle is addictive. Their fascinating powers and skills made it even more enticing. Among thousands of great anime fights which of them do you think is the best? I have compiled my list of Top 10 Crazy Anime Fights which left a mark in the anime history. These fights are not only great because of infamous characters involved but also because of highly intense action that everyone will enjoy from start up to finish. If you deemed I forgot one anime battle that deserves to be a part of this list, feel free to share your idea in the comments section below. Have a good read and enjoy these thrilling anime battles!


Sena Kobayakawa was bullied during his childhood. He is short and thin so it’s not really surprising. He taught life would be the same as he entered Deimon High but he was definitely wrong. After years of running from bullies, Sena blindly developed superhuman speed. His ability was enough to capture the attention of Yoichi Himura, captain of Deimon Devil Bats American Football team. The determined captains bribed Sena to join their team and be a secret weapon. Sena loved the feeling of being strong as he dashes from one end of the court to another with lightning speed.

Sena took the name Eyeshield 21. He was unstoppable until he met Shin Seijuro, Ojo White Knights’ quarterback. During their first encounter, Shin holds the record as the fastest quarterback in their league. He is not only fast but very powerful as well since he can stop anyone with just one thrust of his harm. His spear-like attack was more than enough to stop Sena leading him straight to the ground every time he attempts to make a run. Eyeshiel 21 vs Shin Seijuro is a must see for every anime fanatic!


Baki Hanma vs Jack Hanma is a fight between long lost step brothers. They both share the same father, Yonjiro Hanma, the strongest man in the world. These two fighters aspire to beat their father and become supreme among all world fighters. Baki Hanma trained hard to achieve superior strength and speed. He is known for his unparalleled flexibility and agility. He might be smaller than most fighters yet he doesn’t consider his lack of size as a disadvantage. In fact, he uses it to easily sneak inside the enemy’s defenses and deliver a death blow. This is contrary to Jack Hanma’s unusual way of fighting. He trained day and night until he was almost skin and bone. To cope with his lack of muscle, Jack Hanma resorted to steroids. Jack is merciless. He will annihilate anyone through brute force. Locking and disabling abilities are no use against him since he can restore dislocated joints in one flick. His speed and power are also unbelievable. The battle of these two young fighters was bloody. Bake emerged victorious yet he almost died in the process which proves how dangerous Jack Hanma is as an opponent.


Natsu Dragneel vs Gajeel Redfox is a fierce encounter of two powerful dragon slayers. Natsu, one of the main male protagonists in Fairy Tail will do anything to save his friends and uplift the name of their guild even to face a formidable enemy like Gajeel. Natsu is the fire dragon slayer while Gajeel is the Steel Dragon Slayer. It’s obvious that Natsu is in a very big disadvantage on their first encounter because Gajeel has much better physique. Moreover, Natsu’s flames are worthless against his extremely tough metallic armaments.

Our hero got beat up badly yet he managed to defeat Gajeel with a powerful new dragon slayer magic. The attack was so strong that Gajeel’s metallic defense was turned into shreds. Gajeel decided to join Fairy Tail and he became a valuable member of the guild. Despite being comrades, Natsu and Gajeel are always ready to take on each other. They are both excited about a rematch since they’re very eager to prove that they are worthy of being called the best Fairy Tail wizard.

Yusuke vs Sensui

Yusuke vs Sensui

Yusuke Urameshi vs Shinobe Sensui is a battle of the past and present. As most of us know, Yusuke Urameshi is the current spirit detective. He is tasked to guard our realm from lost demons and maintain both worlds’ balance. Sensui on the other hand is his predecessor. He was a diligent and reliable spirit detective until he saw the black tape, a visual representation of man’s cruelty towards monsters. Sensui hated humans after that and started to form an elite group of demons having the same goal as him which is the union of both the demon world and ours.

There is no better word that can describe their battle other than amazing! Sensui gains the advantage at first with his absurdly strong spirit power. He can also create powerful suits to increase both his defense and offense. With an advantage in almost any aspect, Sensui killed Yusuke. It was almost hopeless when Yusuke was suddenly reborn through the demon blood he inherited from his father. The match continued and Yusuke won. However, it was something he is not proud of since his father got in the way by controlling his body and ending Sensui’s dream in a blink of an eye.


Ippo Magunochi was once an innocent boy who hates violence and would resort to running or simply let other beat him up until they are satisfied other than fighting back. His future entirely changed upon meeting the current heavy weight boxing champion in Japan, Mamoru Takamura. The goofy but extremely strong champion saw Ippo’s great potential to excel in boxing. In fact, he even encouraged Ippo to join their ranks and train to box as a professional. The road to be among the great boxing legends in Japan was never easy for Ippo especially with the presence of Takeshi Sendo. This bashful boxer also boasts extreme punching power like Ippo. Sendo’s mind and heart are focused to achieve no other than victory. He trains unlike no other and his tenacity is nothing but world class. During their first match, Sendo fainted yet his eyes are still wide open looking bravely towards Ippo. Their second encounter was far more intense than the first particularly on Ippo’s case since he has everything to lose while Takeshi Sendo has none since he was the challenger at that time.

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Naruto vs Sasuke

Naruto vs Sasuke

The future Uzumaki Naruto vs Uchiha Sasuke is an anime fight that will surely shock the anime world. These two great ninjas first fought each other way back when they were just kids. Sasuke decided to leave Konoha that time in search for greater power but Naruto tried to stop him. The duel was short and Naruto lost. It’s not really surprising since Sasuke was regarded as a genius. Naruto may have the Nine-tailed beast’s power yet he can’t fully utilize it that time which is of course a different story if we consider his present ability.

Naruto and Sasuke are both friends and rivals. Though Sasuke emerged victorious, it’s evident that Sasuke is still jealous of Naruto’s potentials. In fact, he is jealous about Naruto’s ability to emerge victorious even against seemingly invulnerable foes. Sasuke despised Naruto for being always the hero. He wants to be more powerful and gain the respect of everyone which he deemed to deserve as the last sole survivor of the Uchiha clan. The paths of these great ninjas will certainly cross again in the upcoming episodes of Naruto Shippuden. Will Sasuke win over Naruto again through sheer prowess in using various forbidden techniques or will Naruto’s absurdly strong chakra be enough to subdue Sasuke and lead him back to their village? Nothings certain other than the fact that this future anime battle will surely leave a historic mark in the world of anime!


Millions of Bleach fans across the globe have long waited for Kurosaki Ichigo vs Sosuke Aizen to happen. The whole Gotei 13 failed to finally put an end to Aizen’s evil plan. Ichimaru Gin, his trusted right-hand who turned out to be a spy and still loyal to soul society was brought to his death after trying the eliminate Aizen’s new heart. Ichigo carried the hope of a better future for soul society yet the difference between powers can’t be denied. Aizen is far superior because of his new heart which gave him immense spiritual force and immortality.

Nonetheless, our hero insisted not to give up. He trained under the supervision of his father and was able to awaken his true form. Zangetsu, Ichigo’s zanpakuto reminded him that he won’t be able to use any shinigami powers again if he utilizes such technique but Ichigo was determined to put an end to Aizen’s evil schemes once and for all. Ichigo gave up his future for the sake of both worlds which is a mark of his true heroism.


Midou Ban is the man who bears devil eyes and one of the main protagonists in Get Backers. With his evil eye, Ban can instill illusions to his enemy’s eyes and lure them straight to their death. He also boasts two powerful techniques which includes devil arm and angel arm. Both these abilities provide him extreme healing powers, speed, and strength. Kuroudo Akabane is also someone worth praising in terms of fighting ability. He uses 108 Surgical Scalpels hidden in his body for both attack and offense. Anyone who dare underestimate his pale and thin body will certainly end up regretful later on. He is fast enough to match the Lightning Emperor, Ginji Amano.

Their battle was short yet intense. It’s obvious that Midou Ban was very careful since he respects Akabane’s abilities. On the other hand, Akabane is aiming to fight Ginji not Ban which is probably the main reason why he ended up losing. Nevertheless, there’s a very big chance that the outcome won’t be as it was if Kuroudo Akabane is really serious and determined to annihilate Ban. Anime fans who failed to witness Midou Ban vs Kuruodo Akabane certainly missed half of their life!


Son Goku is the known protector of our world. He is insanely strong, courageous, and has battling abilities inferior to no one in the universe. Nevertheless, his fight against a horrifying creature named Majin Buu was never easy. This cunning enemy is invulnerable against physical attacks due to his body’s extreme elasticity. His power level is beyond a Super Saiyan 2 and enough to match Son Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form blow by blow.

What made this battle above most anime battles is its ending. If we carefully analyze the event, it is us who defeated Majin Buu and not solely Son Goku. In order to create the Spirit Ball used to eliminate his wicked opponent, Son Goku requested for energy from any life force in the universe. Mr. Satan helped out by convincing all his fans across the globe to raise their hand and give out some spiritual energy for Son Goku. There are countless ferocious battles in the Dragonball Z anime series but Son Goku vs Majin Buu undeniably topped all of them.


Monkey D. Luffy is a bashful young man who aims to be the next King of Pirates. He may be far away from that goal now yet Luffy is getting closer one day after another. This pirate is unlike the usual since he is fair, kind-hearted, and values friendship above all. Luffy won’t allow anyone to hurt his friends and crewmates. He might be simple-minded and timid at times but no one can deny his true potentials. Luffy knows what true justice is and will even risk his life to fight for what he thinks is righteous.

On the other hand, Hody Jones, the captain of the New Fishman Pirate is his complete opposite. Hody’s main goal is the extermination of the human race. He believes Fishmen are superior and building a good relationship with humans is nothing but insane. Hody is willing to sacrifice anyone just to achieve his selfish desires. He even used body-damaging steroids that may greatly improve their strength at present but brings upon horrifying side effects later on. These two strong warriors met in the Fishman Island. Monkey D. Luffy was on his way to the New World when Hody Jones infiltrated the Fishman Island Kingdom and kidnapped the king including his three well-known princes. Their fight is filled with amazing displays of power and speed. It’s also a clash between ideals making Monkey D. Luffy vs Hody Jones a must watch for every anime fan.

Luffy vs Hody!

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Help Improve this List by Sharing Your Awesome Ideas Below! on June 06, 2014:

the best fight is sasuke vs itachi

hunter x hunter on April 22, 2014:


Anon on March 15, 2014:

How is Luffy vs Hody at the top spot!?

In OP itself, we have way better fights. Luffy vs Lucci is a prime example of that. And Son Goku vs Buu, Goku vs Majin Vegeta, Gohan vs Cell etc are way better fights.

Lol on January 25, 2014:

The best fight was nasty vs hades

Tyu on November 06, 2013:

No the best anime fight EVER is Monkey D. Luffy vs. Son Goku vs. Toriko

anime14 on September 05, 2013:

the best fight is ichigo vs ulquiora by far.....

anonomighty on August 24, 2013:

That's your choice for #1? The best fight in one piece maybe debatable (TBH I'dd say its either Luffy vs Lucci, Luffy vs Ussop or SHC vs Odz & Moria), but it isn't Luffy vs Hody.

As far as anime goes, I'd probably throw either a Cowboy Bebop or Trigun fight in the top spot, or Kenichi vs Odin (from the criminally underrated Kenichi: Historys Strongest Disciple).

natsu dragneel on June 27, 2013:

the most epic batle was son goku vs freezer!,

I don't agree with this lists numbers 1, 3 and 10! and I watched all of those animesnumber 10 doesent make much sense, ban vs akabane was a good fight but defenatly not in 3rd place not even in a top 10!, and luffy vs hordy WAS NOT the best fight in one piece, it should have been a lot beter, A LOT jus because its the point where luffy is stronger it doesn't make it the best fight, there are so much better fights in one piece...

Naomi Starlight from Illinois on June 05, 2013:

I only knew 2 on here, YYH and Dragon Ball Z. I'm so old lol.

LeChick on March 23, 2013:

Goku vs Majin Vegeta is without a doubt the most EPIC (in every sense) fight in anime history.

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