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Top 10 Breaking Bad Episodes According to IMDB

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Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest show in existence. It began with the first episode “Pilot” in 2008 where we saw that Walter White is a simple chemistry teacher suffering from Lung Cancer. He wants to provide his family with everything he can. Later, he decides to cook methamphetamine with one of his ex-students Jesse Pinkman. And that’s where the story actually began.

The character of Walter White is considered the ‘Coolest’ character in TV history and why not? He can cook the purest meth. Although, the show is considered the ‘Greatest’, all thanks to the great writing, directing and the moulding of the characters. Not only that but Breaking Bad is one of the only few shows to have the highest rated episodes in TV history. We’re here to rank the best episodes of Breaking Bad.

10. Gliding Over All (9.6)


The list has just started and we have a 9.6 IMDb rated episode. This shows the greatness and popularity of Breaking Bad. This one is not the only episode with 9.6 rating but the reason it is on the 10th number is because of the votes it has on IMDb.

In this episode, We see that the DEA agent Hank Schrader finally figures out the true identity of the infamous Heisenberg. Hank is shocked yet furious that the guy he was looking for was his own Brother-in-Law. However, their game of Tom and Jerry does not just end here.

9. Confessions (9.6)


After Hank came to know the true idenity of Walt, he decided to arrest him with proper evidence. In “Confessions”, Heisenberg decides to play his tricks in order to repel Hank from arresting him. Walter White makes a confession video that blew the senses of not only Hank but the fans too.

Walt confesses that he is Heisenberg, but only because Hank wanted him to be. He further says that Hank was his boss in this drug racket and his physical therapy was paid for by the drug money. The Best thing apart from the confession tape in this episode is when Jesse happens to know about Walter poisoning Brock.

8. Full Measure (9.7)


The third season of Breaking Bad was totally dramatic and suspenseful. Jesse and Walter White knew that Gale, an innocent man, was a threat to them. Both of them though that at some point, they both would get the chance to go on a trip to belize after Gale figures out Heisenberg cooking formula, Gale didn’t have any knowledge about Fring’s plan, though.The mastermind Heisenberg makes a plan.

Firstly, he distracts Gustavo Fring’s workers and then tells Jesse to kill Gale Boetticher so that Gus would not have anyone but two of them to cook for him.This episode got Bryan Cranston his third Emmy for the Best Leading Actor in a Drama series.

7. Crawl Space (9.7)


In the Beginning of this episode, we see Jesse driving Gus and Mike to a makeshift emergency room Gus had prepared. On the other hand, Hank continued on investigating the laundromat with Walt driving his car. Skyler went to Saul Goodman to help with her matter with Ted. Gus threatened Walt that he could enjoy the time he has got because of Jesse, he further says that he will kill Walts family.

After this incident, Walt rushed to his home and started finding the money he put in the Crawl Space. After Skyler told him that she gave the money to Ted, he had a mental breakdown in the crawl space which turned out to be one of the best scenes in the entire series.

6. Dead Freight (9.7)


Dead Freight is the episode in which Walter White puts the live of Jesse Pinkman and Todd Alquist in danger to fetch the methylamine. Mike was also involved but his contribution was not much in this activity. After hours of hard work, they finally succeed in their mission.

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Unfortunately after this event, Drew Sharp, an innoncent kid comes driving his dirtbike and waves hand at the them only to get shot dead by Todd. This incident disappointed Jesse and after some days, he split up with Walter. I mean, you don’t just kill innocent kids infront of Jesse Pinkman.

5. Granite State (9.5)


Granite State was titled Granite State because it is the nickname of New Hampshire which is the state Walt was taken to. This episode was totally emotionally dramatic. We see Andrea getting shot by Todd while her lover Jesse Pinkman watched. He screamed and begged but nobody listened. He was told to cook for them otherwise they would kill Brock too and so he did.

Apart from this, we see Walter White returning from the Granite State and talking to his son after a long time only to hear him say, “Stop it A**hole, just shut up.” Even after facing this much hate from his own family, Walt still leaves all his money for them. He forces his old friends Gretchen and Eliot to lend the money to his family.

4. To'hajiille (9.8)


To’hajiilee is a non-contiguous section of the Navajo Indian Reservation. It is the place where Walt buried his money. Jesse teams up with the DEA agents Hank and Steve Gomez to catch Walt. They plan and make a fake picture in which a barrel full of cash is buried in the ground and send it to Walt.

He immediately goes to that place and calls Jack Welker to kill Jesse.Things didn’t go in favour of Walt as Hank and Gomie were also present there. He tells Jack not to come but he comes anyways. We get to see a fight between armed gangsters against two DEA agents, the fight goes on for several minutes and the episode ends.

3. Face Off


Face Off is quite appropriate title for this episode. A rivalry final comes to an end after Walter White teams up with Hector Salamanca. Gus Fring was being a real pain in the butt for Heisenberg. So, he made a plan that would lead to the demise of Gustavo Fring.

Walter assures Hector vengeance against Gus. He plants a bomb in Hector’s wheelchair which blasts when Gustavo and Tyrus are with him in his room. But the best part is when we see the camera focused on the Lily of the Valley plant that was in the back of Walt’s house. Walter planned it all along, to have Jesse on side and killing his rival in the best way possible.

2. Felina (9.9)


A good finale is what makes a show great. A show can be great from the beginning but the finale is what gives it a final touch. Breaking Bad had one of the best finale’s in the history of Television, unlike Game of Thrones, obviously.

Walt killed those who killed Hank and Gomie, those who kidnapped Jesse. He helped Jesse escape the wrath of Jack Welker’s gang. Knowing that the Lung Cancer would eventually kill him tomorrow if not today, he chose to die instead. He enjoyed his death while suffering pain, he died exactly how he wanted and where he wanted, and that is what makes it one of the best finales.

1. Ozymandias (10.0)


Ozymandias is one of the only three episodes in TV history to have a 10/10 IMDb rating. However, IMDb ratings can change with time if the voters want. Still, Ozymandias is an episode with great writing and directing. In 2014 Emmy Awards, Moira Walley Beckett won an award for the Best Writing for a Drama series for Ozymandias. Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn also won Best Leading Actor and Supporting Actress for this episode.

Ozymandias is considered the saddest episode of the entire series as the fan favourite Hank Schrader dies just after completing his wish of arresting the infamous Heisenberg. Apart from that, Walter Jr. finally gets to know the different side of his father. Walt loses everything in this episode.

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