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Top 10 Best Natsu's Fight Scenes

The author loves Natsu's character and recognized how powerful he is. He's one of the strongest member of Fairy Tail Guild.


Natsu Dragneel

Natsu Dragneel- also known as Salamander and Etherious Natsu Dragneel or simply END. He inherited his power to his foster father, The King of the Fire Dragon Igneel. His flame can increase in a high temperature. Natsu has the ability to eat fire that can give him an immense power and he's immune to any types of flames including explosions. He can incorporates his flames into fighting that can greatly increase the power of his attacks to opponent. As a Dragon Slayer, he is suffering from a severe motion sickness. He can easily be sick from riding any form of transportation or just by simply thinking about it.

10. Natsu vs Max

Natsu vs Max- Natsu is cleaning outside their guild, until suddenly stops and screams when he see Happy sleeping peacefully. Happy wakes up and shout fish (his favorite food) but disappointed when he just see Natsu staring at him. Natsu is complaining to him because he doesn't help him sweeping the backyard of their guild. Happy said that it's his turn to clean it but Natsu disagreed because they were partners and they should help each other. Later, Gray shows up telling them why are they arguing over nonsense. He said that it's happy's fault because he's not helping him. Max appeared with Warren, Vijiteer, and Nab commenting that Natsu hasn't changed even after seven years of missing. He told Natsu that if they were talking to ability, he has improved a lot. This causes Natsu to challenge him into a fight to see how much he has changed.

Natsu landed his first attack with Fire Dragon Fist but Max easily dodges it and attacks him with Sandstorm. He tells Natsu that for the past seven years they were training themselves to get stronger. Lucy and Wendy were shocked to see Natsu almost losing to Max but Natsu tried again to attack him once more. Natsu continued to punch him many times but Max manages to dodge all of his attacks and uses Sand Rebellion to send Natsu in the air. As they continued to fight, Vijeeter, Warren and Nab are amazed by how much Max is overpowering Natsu. They even commented they might have chance to win against Natsu. As Natsu getting fired up, he uses the Lightning Flame Dragon Mode which surprises Lucy and Wendy. The power of his magic shocks everyone and Max forfeits the battle as getting hit by it might get him dead.


9. Natsu vs Erigor

Natsu vs Erigor- all of the members of the Dark Guild called Eisenwald have been defeated already but excepts with their leader Erigor. Natsu's team was able to escape the wind barrier with the help of Celestial Spirit Virgo. Erigor was flying as Natsu chases him using the power of Happy's Max Speed. He was shock to see him and annoyed by his presence and started to attack. He uses the spell Storm Bringer that makes Natsu fall off the trail tracks. Luckily, Natsu was able to change the property of his fire that enables him to cling in the bridge and bring himself back.

Natsu uses the Fire Dragons Roar to attack Erigor but he stops it by using the Storm Wall. Erigor said that it seems that he underestimated Natsu's power that's why he's going to fight him seriously. He envelops his whole body with wind and Natsu tried to attack him again but he failed. Erigor told him that his attack is useless now and flames are powerless against wind. Natsu can't get closer to him because of the wind and Erigor started again to cast a powerful spell called Emera Baram that can torn him into pieces.

Natsu's body is still whole and was able to stand up. He started to get angry because he can't get close to him again and his whole body envelops with fire. Happy notices that Erigor's wind is moving in a strange direction. Because of Natsu's angered he was able to destroy the train tracks and Erigor's wind is moving towards him. Happy seems to know what's happening and tells Natsu that he can't win the battle and let Gray handle the situation. This causes Natsu to be more angry and Erigor's Storm Mail is being sucked away. Finally, Natsu can attack Erigor and uses a powerful magic that knocks down Erigor.


8. Natsu vs Cobra

Natsu vs Cobra- Natsu and Happy runs into Cobra and Cubellios. They have a hard time defeating them as Cobra can hear they thoughts and movements and can dodge every attack they make. As they are looking for a place to hide, Happy commented that he thinks Cobra hates by women. Natsu thinks of a way to attack Cobra through a surprise attack but Cobra can still hear them. Cobra heard what Happy said awhile ago that he is indeed hate by women. Natsu thinks another way to defeat him, he manages to land some attack to Cobra by attacking without thinking. However, Cobra unleashes his full strength as the Poison Dragon Slayer.

Happy told Natsu not to think since their attacks are not hitting Cobra. They are arguing in the middle of the battle. Suddenly, an explosive happens causing Natsu to eat the flames from explosion. Despite that Natsu had recharge, Cobra still overpowers him by eating the poison gas coming from Cubellios. Natsu and Happy are being numb from receiving the poison. Still, Natsu intends to fight Cobra by ordering Happy to drop him down directly to him but he is able to intercept the attack. By a mere coincidence, Natsu unleashes a very loud sound and an impressive roar that could hear throughout the city. Natsu's roar defeats Cobra by using a loud scream and it cause a huge damage by his ears since he has a good sense of hearing.


7. Natsu vs Gajeel

Natsu vs Gajeel- Natsu comes to rescue Lucy who was badly hurt by Gajeel. Gajeel acknowledges his presence and states that he recognized Natsu. Their battle seems evenly-matched. Gajeel suddenly picks up a bunch of metal and starts to eat it, which results to Natsu's irritation because Gajeel can regain his strength by eating his respective element while Natsu can't because there is no fire. Natsu is slowly losing because he use to fight one of the element four and he has an empty stomach. Gajeel tells Natsu to look at what he's trying to protect outside, Natsu sees the Fairy Tail Guild collapsing and he remembers the time when he joined the guild, because of these memories, Natsu hasn't given up yet and tried to attack again.

Happy tells Lucy that if Natsu could eat fire, he might beat Gajeel. Sagittarius hears it and fires his arrow to the machine nearest to Natsu, creating fire which Natsu gladly consumes. Natsu strikes one last time as payback for Gajeel. This causes a very huge explosion and Gajeel's being totally defeated.

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6. Natsu vs Jellal

Natsu vs Jellal- Natsu comes to save Erza from becoming Zeref's sacrifice. He pulled out her from the lacrima and announces that Erza belongs to Fairy Tail and he won't hand her to Jellal. Natsu told her that they need to get back and do some jobs otherwise they won't be able to pay Lucy's rent. Erza couldn't move her body causing Natsu to tickles her. He said that he did it as a pay for all those times she beat him up. Later, Erza told him to leave the Tower since Jellal is too dangerous. Natsu doesn't get Erza means and he punches her in the stomach to loss his consciousness. He then fight Jellal by himself. Natsu assault Jellal with his fist on fire and throw a punch. Jellal was able to dodge his attack but he was hit by a follow up kick. Natsu throws a consecutive attacks but Jellal remains standing. Jellal said that he wants to see the destructive power of a Dragon Slayer. As Natsu rush into him, he told him that he will crush him with his Heavenly Magic.

Jellal overpowered Natsu by using his spell Grand Chariot. He was surprised when Natsu's body is still in one piece as his power is equal to an actual meteor. He also commented that he might have gone overboard as the lacrima starts to crack. Natsu struggled to stand up and chuckled by the fact that he was able to hit Jellal. By hearing that damaging too much the Tower will be troublesome, Natsu hits the lacrima as he is specialized in breaking things. This angered Jellal more causing him to finish him in an instant. As the battle continues, Natsu was able to defend himself and said his attacks has no effects on him that maybe he is holding back because the tower might damage.

It angered Jellal's even more and begins to unleash a powerful magic. Erza defends Natsu and asked Jellal if he will be going to kill her? as she reminded him that Zeref's revival needs a sacrificial body. Natsu yells at Erza and tells to get away but she didn't and told him that she will protect him. Simon appeared and blocks the attack to protect both of them. He stated that he is glad that he could help them and confesses his love for Erza before he died. Erza cries out in sorrow as Simon closes his eyes. Jellal laugh out as he calls their situation pathetic. Natsu suddenly screams at Jellal to shut him up and throws a very forceful punch. He started eating the Etherion and at first his body doesn't accept it because it's not fire but eventually he completely absorbs the Etherion. Natsu accidentally uses a Dragon Force that causes Jellal to be beaten by him.


5. Natsu vs Leo

Natsu vs Leo- Leo continues the ritual with Liberum stating that sealing of his fellow Celestial Spirits in the Celestial Spirit World was part of a plan which shocks them all. Natsu rushes at the spirit in an attempt to stop the Verus. Hisui was able to locate Nstsu and the others as they were run into a fight with Leo. Wendy and the exceeds are trying to get the Celestial Globe as the other spirits tries to stop them. However, Natsu was able to blocked Leo stating that his light will dispel Leo's darkness. Suddenly, the Celestial Globe started to release destructive light beam towards them. Leo absorbs his flame attacks with his darkness .

Natsu is being brutalize by Leo's Sanction of Darkness and mocking the power of a human. Natsu rises again and provokes Leo. He rushes to him again and forces Leo back to the wall. Wendy, Happy and Carla manage to dodge all incoming attacks and reach the Celestial Globe and was shocked by the magic item that knocked them out. Natsu is bothered if they fall and Leo begins to attack him as he is not paying attention in the battle. Carla regains her consciousness and wakes up Happy to save Wendy before falling which gives Natsu's relief.

Natsu and Leo roars collide but Natsu's roar is being powerless against the Roar of Darkness of Leo. He was push back in the wall. Natsu uses his secret art but Leo blocked it by Exploding Flame Blade of Darkness which results to brutalized Natsu once more. Unfortunately, Natsu's magic power is almost drained and collapses as Leo continues the ritual to attain their so called freedom. Natsu gets up again, stating that if they vanish, Lucy will cry and he won't let that happen. Leo charges his darkness in an attempt to finish Natsu but he blocked his attack and starting to absorbs his flame of darkness. He reminded Leo that he will always be a friend to Lucy before he activated the Black Fire Dragon Mode. With the new develop power, Natsu cast a final blow with his new secret art Exploding Flame Blade of Darkness which defeats Leo.


4. Natsu vs Master Zero

Natsu vs Master Zero- Natsu has a good sense of nose that's why he chooses number one because Master Zero was there. He begins to attack him with his flames but it misses as the dark mage easily dodge his attacks. Master Zero started to counterattack and Natsu got hit by some of it. He said that he will be the one who will break as he somehow overpowers him. Natsu uses the Fire Dragon Iron Fist to defend himself from the attack of his opponent called Dark Capriccio and manages to stop the magic. Suddenly, Natsu was shoots by a fire and Jellal shows up. It was revealed that it was him who shoots Natsu and Master Zero asked if he's memories have returned? and he said yes.

Natsu rushes onto him but Jellal shoots him again with fire. The fire won't work against Natsu and Jellal replied that he remembered that fact and also said that Natsu is their hope. His statement surprises Master Zero and confuses Natsu. Jellal stated that the power of a Fire Dragon Slayer will increase from the power of flames. Natsu wonders at the fire shot by Jellal onto him as Master Zero declares that Jellal's memories haven't returned at all. Jellal said that only his memories with Natsu have returned. Natsu rushes towards Jellal and punches him. He accuses Jellal that he's pretending to be his ally. Jellal begs Natsu to accept his flames but Natsu replied that he will never forget Erza's tears caused by him. Master Zero tells them that if they were going to argue, do it somewhere else sending an attack to them.

Jellal blocks the magic to protect Natsu which reminded Natsu how Simon did the same to protect him and Erza. Jellal informs Natsu that if he wishes to kill him he can do it anytime but as of the moment, Jellal begs him to accept the power to defeat Master Zero. In Jellal's hand is the Flame of Guilt, he adds that he doesn't need Natsu's forgiveness but only to receive the power because he believes in him as Erza does. Natsu takes Jellal's hands and started to eat the golden flames. Jellal's count on him, and Natsu thanks him for the meal. Natsu started to attack his opponent and manages to hit him and caused damage. Master Zero recognizes the power from Natsu as Dragon Force. They both charge each other with their most powerful spells, Master Zero with Genesis Zero and Natsu with Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade.

Master Zero opens the Gate of Wraithwrail and orders to consume Natsu's existence. Natsu was send in the Land of Nil where he can't see anything and no strength left. Suddenly, a light appeared and Igneel's voice was heard, asking Natsu on how could he be defeated by something like this? and questioning him as he called himself as a child of Igneel. Natsu remembers his childhood memories and Igneel telling him that he should believe in himself and no matter what happens Igneel will always be in him. Natsu smiles and started to glow and uses the golden flames that burns Genesis Zero, freeing himself from the Land of Nil. In shock, Master Zero sees Natsu in a dragon form and said that he is a true Dragon Slayer and receives a powerful punch from Natsu. One last spell was released by Natsu, Crimson Lotus Phoenix Blade that hits Master Zero and the Lacrima, destroying it and defeat the Dark Mage Master Zero.


3. Natsu vs Zancrow

Natsu vs Zancrow- After exchanging of introduction their power as a Dragon Slayer and God Slayer clash but Natsu is being overpowered by Zancrow. Happy, Carla, Lily and Wendy tried to escape but Zancrow shoots them. Natsu recovers and attacks with Fire Dragon's Roar but Zancrow eats the flame and started to counterattack with Bellow of the Flame God sending them all down. Natsu stands up and smells Makarov who was lying on the ground. Makarov was badly hurt by Master Hades and begs Natsu to escape with the others telling him that they will definitely loss the battle against Grimoire Heart but Natsu refuses.

Zancrow appeared and Makarov tells Natsu to get away because he is no match from him. Natsu trembles in fear but not with Zancrow but to the fact that the guy who hurt Makarov will be wiped out by someone other than him. Natsu and Zancrow begin battling again but Zancrow overpowered again Natsu and traps him with the Last Supper of the Flame God. Natsu tried eating it but failed to do so, Makarov uses his Giant Magic and squeezes Zancrow to stop him hurting Natsu. Zancrow set his flames into Makarov arms telling him to let go or else it's his arms will be gone soon. Eventually, Natsu emptied his magic power for a moment then eat the flames of God that he couldn't eat before. He stated that there are some flames that take a little trick to eat. Natsu then cast his final attack using the Dazzling Blaze of the Dragon God wihich defeated Zancrow.


2. Natsu vs Jackal

Natsu vs Jackal- Jackal's curse has no effect on Natsu as it is heat and explosive types of magic. He was shocked that his explosion was eaten by him. Natsu continues to attack him. He somehow overpowered Jackal but He gets up and tell Natsu that he should listen when someone wants to tell something. Lucy notices Natsu's hands that is about to explode. Jackal stated that his power is to turn anything he touch into an explosive. Natsu ordered everyone to get away from him as he is about to explode. He lied on the ground and a scared Michello runs away and leaves everyone behind. Lucy and Wendy tries to stop Jackal by fighting him. Jackal hits both of them with his Exploding Spiral that causes them to knocked down in the air.

Jackal proceeds to follow Michello but Lucy arrives and caught by his Landmine Curse. Lucy was instruct by Jackal to choose between a pregnant woman or Michello to save. She demands to release both but Jackal refuses and tells her to choose or both of them will die. Unable to choose, Natsu arrives and attacks Jackal saving a pregnant woman and Michello. Natsu hits Michello on the head and said to take a nap because he pisses him off. Jackal reminds him that he doesn't learned because he touched him again but Natsu eats the explosive in his hands causing Jackal to shake on fear. Jackal changes his form into a large beast punching Natsu and creates large explosion.

He stated that no humans is above to demons like him and his comrades. Natsu tells him that they are fighting for their friends that they hurt, whoever they are, that could be humans, demons, or Gods but it doesn't matter, they will fight them. Natsu hits Jackal with his Hammer of the Lightning Flame Dragon sending Jackal through several buildings and beats him.


1. Natsu vs The Twin Dragons

Natsu vs The Twin Dragons- The most awaited battle has finally come between the Fairy Tail and Sabertooth. The battle of the four dragon slayers. Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue. As the battle begins, Sting and Rogue started to run, unexpectedly Natsu and Gajeel immediately were face to face to them and landed them a punch in their face. As the battle continues, Sting and Rouge activated the Dragon Force at their own will and Sting decided that he will be the one to take them both. Sting attack with his Holy Breath of the White Dragon causing the arena crumbling and Natsu and Gajeel falls down in the underneath. Natsu and Gajeel counterattacks him with Sword Horn of the Fire Dragon and Roar of the Iron Dragon but Sting manages to stand up and counters them with Holy Ray. They continued to attack Sting but he can manage to dodge all their attacks and he hits both of them which cause them lies on the ground. Sting is the only one who's standing and he already claim that he won, sending message to Lector as he made a promise to him.

Natsu and Gajeel stands up and started to fight against each other instead, Suddenly, Natsu pushes Gajeel into a mining cart, sending him away from the battlefield. Natsu decided to take them both by himself alone, challenging them into a serious battle. Sting started to attack Natsu with the power he used to kill Vicelogia and Rogue attacks him at the same time using his Roar of the Shadow Dragon but Natsu blocks it with Roar of the Fire Dragon which overpowered his attack. Sting and Rogue continues to attack Natsu but he is too strong for both of them. They still don't give up on fighting him and uses their last spell called Unison Raid: Holy Shadow Dragon Fang Flash. However, Natsu counter their attack with Secret Dragon Slayer Art: Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Edge and it completely annihilates Unison Raid and Sting and Rogue falls down on the ground. Natsu is the only one standing and Fairy Tail's Team declared as the winner.


My point of view

There is no denying how incredibly strong Natsu is. In Fairy Tail Season 3 where he fought the God of Battle Ikusatsunagi, he surprises everyone in the battlefield even Erza praises him. A lot of Fairy Tail fans knows that Natsu is the strongest demon that Zeref created but in Manga I haven't see him in his full Etherious form just half of it, when he thinks that Lucy was killed by Dimaria. I'll be waiting for the author itself to unleash the Etherious form of Natsu in 100 year's Quest because I really wanna see him in that form and how strong he can be.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Does Natsu loves Lucy?
    • Yes, because he always protect and save her
    • No, because Natsu doesn't know any romantic feelings

Answer Key

  1. Yes, because he always protect and save her

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Natsu is the best

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