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Top 10 Best Korean Songs and Comebacks of 2016

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This is a compilation of my 10 favorite kpop songs and comebacks of 2016. These are in no particular order, and it was actually very hard to choose just 10! So, lets get started!

10: Blackpink

With the start of the year, YG entertainment has hinted at the possible debut of another girl group, and many people were sure they were trying to imitate or recreate 2NE1, who've debuted 7 years prior. Personally, I definitely thought that was the case, and Blackpink debuted in early August ready to prove that they're not just a copy of their older sisters. Their debut song, Boombayah, definitely packed a punch and has been on repeat for months to come. Along with Boombayah, Blackpink made a statement with songs Whistle and Playing With Fire. I'm very excited to see what 2017 will bring to this rookie group!

predebut Blackpink dance video

9: F(x) Luna's Free Somebody

F(x) as a group are all incredibly talented, and they are definitely one of my favorite groups, so it was no surprise that I would play Luna's Free Somebody on repeat for months. It's upbeat tempo is definitely one that will get stuck in your head, whether you want it to or not; you'll find yourself humming the beat even if you don't understand what she's saying. Luna's vocals are incredible and the video is flawless and enjoyable for everyone.

8: MOBB (Mino x Bobby)

They're back at it again, this time without Epik High. Back when i heard Epik High's song, Born hater, I was instantly attracted to Winner's Mino and Ikon's Bobby, who were both featured in the song. So, when I heard the were making a unit called MOBB, I was instantly excited. And, I was not disappointed at all with their debut songs Hit Me and Full House. This is more on the hip-hop side of Korean music so if more into rap, this is the unit for you. MOBB has definitely delivered and I'm hoping for a comeback from then, as well as one from Winner and Ikon.

MOBB- Full House Music Video

7: Nct (nct_u, Nct127, Nct Dream)


Okay, this is where it gets confusing, so i'll try to explain as easily as i can. NCT stands for Neo Culture technology. Nct consists of 3 groups, NCT-U, the main group, NCT127, and NCT Dream. NCT-U consists of 6 members and debuted in April 2016 with their single, The 7th Sense. NCT127 debuted a few months later, in July, with their mini album NCT127. The third group, NCT Dream, debuted in August with their single, Chewing Gum. It's rumored that more units will debut later in Japan, Shanghai, and Beijing. Each unit has very different aesthetics so I'm sure if you don't like one group, you'll take an interest in another!

6: 4minute- Hate

I personally don't love 4minute, but i don't dislike them either. There are a few songs from them that i love, and this song is definitely one of them. This is from their album Act. 7, which was released in February, and it personally reminded me a lot of their song, Crazy. I was hoping to see a lot more from 4 minute, but sadly they disbanded In June.

4minute Hate Dance Practice

5: Ladies Code, MYST3RY and STRANG3R

Ladies Code debuted as a 5 member girl group in 2013 with the lead track, Bad Girl. In September 2014, the girls were involved in a car accident that unfortunately took the lives of Eunb and Rise, two of the five girls. Many people were uncertain of the fate of the remaining three girls, and they actually kind of hid from the public for some time. Just when everyone thought they were on the brink of disbanding, they released their mini album, MYST3RY, in February 2016. I've listened to the album and it definitely had a much more somber feel to it than their previous songs and albums, but it was still amazing to see Zuny, Ashley, and Sojung back to health and making music again, despite the accident that happened about a year and a half prior. In October 2016, the girls were back at it again with their mini album, STRANG3R, with The Rain as their featured track. This album had a bit more of an upbeat feel to it and its really exciting to see the Ladies Code girls getting back into music and keeping the group around, but we will forever miss Eunb and Rise.

Ladies Code with Rise (blonde, middle) and Eunb (far right)

Ladies Code with Rise (blonde, middle) and Eunb (far right)

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4: GOT7, Hard Carry

Can anyone really forget the wonderful collaboration of GOT7 and BTS at the 2015 mama awards? While watching that, I had seen the high energy choreography these boys bring to the table, and the dance for Hard Carry was nothing short of that. The song is just as upbeat and is one that's difficult not to love. I wasn't really that into GOT7 prior to this comeback, but I respect them a lot more than I have before and they've shown they're a group that can compete with the best. They've only debuted in 2014, but they've placed their stamp and made their mark, proving to everyone that these newbies have a lot of talent. I'm very excited to see what this year will bring to them, and what they will bring to us fans!

3: EXO, Monster

I will admit, I was never an exo-l. I only liked a small handful of exo songs and, after MAMA 2015, I really didn't like exo; when I heard they were dropping two new songs, I wasn't excited about them at all. I actually had no intention of listening to them. But, when I got around to listening to Monster, I was blown away. This song is so good, it actually made me reconsider how i felt about this group. This song has been in my head, I've learned the dance, this was definitely a bop and despite my harsh feelings towards them and their fans, I was very proud of them and very happy for them when they took home a few awards at MAMA 2016. They are one of the best groups, there's no doubt about that, and i'm very excited to hear about everything they'll do this year. And, who knows, i might actually listen to them a lot more this year.

2: Suga, Agust D

BTS member, Suga, Dropped a mixtape in August 2016, a year after Rap Monster dropped his mixtape, titled "RM". Can I just say, the entire mixtape had me shook! I was so excited to hear that it was Suga's time to shine, and he definitely did not disappoint. Of the 10 tracks in the mixtape, my favourite one was definitely Agust D, which shares a name with the mixtape itself, and was actually Suga's stage name before becoming Suga. He, along with BTS, never fail to amaze me, and BTS is actually my bias group so it's no surprise that I was all for this mixtape and everything it brought to the table.

Agust D Music Video

1: BTS, Blood, Sweat, and Tears

I'm sure you could guess this would be next from the last post, but oh my gosh guys, this comeback is worth the hype! BTS is probably the only group I've kept up with since predebut, because the other groups i've followed and have loved were older groups, such as BigBang and 2NE1. This comeback, the Wings album, the concept, everything from this was absolutely flawless, and I'm so proud of far far these boys have come in only three years. I chose to only talk about their song Blood, Sweat, and Tears, because honestly i could go one forever about the whole album. The concept for the video is unlike any other we've seen so far from this group, Rap Monster's talking parts were on point, Jimin's singing, Suga's rap verses, all of the boys delivered without a doubt to make this beautiful video; honestly I could not have imagined a more flawless video. BTS has never ceased to create amazing new concepts and I'm very, very hopeful that this year will be very Bangtang Boys filled. This group has some serious talent!

BTS, Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Question Time!!

That was my top 10 list of Kpop songs, albums, and comebacks from 2016! I hope some of your favorites showed up on this list and, if not, let me know your favorites. Let's hope 2017 brings many more amazing debuts and comebacks!


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