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Top 10 Best Guitar Leads I Ever Heard...

Jimmy Lyon is best known for his memorable lead on Eddie Money's "Two Tickets to Paradise."

Jimmy Lyon is best known for his memorable lead on Eddie Money's "Two Tickets to Paradise."

If you play guitar or simply appreciate a great lead, you can likely list your must-listen-to solos as well as the name of the song and who plays the lead. I chose 10, I could of had a list 20 or more, but that's too long. And over time I'm likely to tweak my list. So, here's my Top 10 list for now:

1. Larry Carlton "Don't Take Me Alive" The guitarist-guitarist often lent his talent to Steely Dan for pay. One of the few songs that opens with a lead and what a lead it is.

2. Jimmy Page "Stairway To Heaven" Page of Led Zepplin had so many good leads, too many to mention. When "Stairway To Heaven" comes on the radio in my car, I still have to listen to the song. And I still can't wait to hear this memorable lead so many years later.

3. Elliot Randall "Reelin In The Years" Randall was another hired hand for "Steely Dan" Even Jimmy Page has stated this is his favorite guitar solo of all-time. What a compliment from this other famous Jimmy.

4. Eric Clapton "Forever Man" It's short and smoking. I love hearing this lead again and again. And yes, if I had to add blues solos Clapton's lead in "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" is incredible.

5. Steve Lukather "Rosanna" At the end of this song Lukather let's it fly. Yes he shreds, but it's so good.

6. Prince "Purple Rain" The late great musical Prince was a great player. He proves it on his song "Purple Rain." It's melodic, has quite a build and the solo his memorable. It's a song/solo you will want to hear over and over.

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7. Jimmy Lyon "Two Tickets to Paradise" On Ed Money's signature song this rock solid lead contributes to it's long-term popularity.

8. Peter Frampton "Do You Feel Like We Do" From the all-time best selling album "Frampton Comes Alive", comes a multitude of great leads. They are all melodic and tasty. Frampton truly captures the added special ingredient of a Live performance. And yes, the leads with him using a Talk Box are also special. I did see him perform this song live. His performance was most memorable.

9. Eric Clapton "Have You Ever Loved a Woman?" this # 9 could easily be my number 2 or 3. Powerful blues flavored, an emotional lead that will make you cringe with delight especially if you're a player yourself.

10. Pete Townshend "Eminence Front" While with "The Who" Townshend's riff and lead in "Eminence Front" are memorable. It's tasty, creative, catchy, and is among my all-time favorites.

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