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Top 10 Best Fantasy Movies of All Time

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Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

After having seen a lot of great fantasy movies over the years, i decided to make a top 10 list of the best fantasy movies of all time! A good fantasy movie should have some sort of fantasy world, like the world in lord of the rings. It is completely made up. It has its own map, races, history etc. The details that have gone into such a world are amazing, and because it is so detailed it is easier to get pulled into the story. That brings me to the second important aspect of a good fantasy movie: the storyline. The fantasy world can be incredibly detailed, but the story decides the quality of the movie. Even if the special effects are the best there are, without a good storyline they are a waste of time and energy. I included a trailer and a link to the IMDB for every movie.

10. The Scorpion King

This movie features "The Rock" as "Scorpion King". The Rock is a pro wrestler, and that is probably why there are so much action scenes in this movie. The fantasy element is certainly there. The entire world is ruled by the tyrant Memnon who is a master swordsman. He has sorceresses who can predict the future and that is how he wins his wars. Too bad for Memnon that Scorpion King is going to hunt him down. Although the storyline is a bit cheesy i certainly enjoyed it. The action is fun and the characters are interesting. There are 3 movies out right now, but i only recommend watching the first.

Movie info:
IMDb rating: 5.4 Boefie rating: 7.0

9. Jumanji

Some random kids find a magic board-game and all hell breaks loose. they have to finish the game in order to make it stop. The concept of this movie is very original and creative. The board game releases all kinds of terrors on the players when they play it. All kinds of wildlife running through the streets, giant insects, monkeys and more. Watching all the crazy stuff that happens when the game is played is very funny and entertaining. I remember watching this movie when i was a little kid and i loved it! Although the movie is a little outdated, it is still worth watching it.

Movie info:
IMDb rating: 6.6 Boefie rating: 7.6

8. Avatar

After watching this movie, i seriously wanted to be a na'vi. The huge blue creatures that live in a beautiful magical forest tickled all my fantasy senses. The movie pulls you into its unique world of flying birds and floating islands. This fantasy world is so amazing that you will wish you could live there. Avatar has been a huge success and it certainly is deserved. The story is good, but some elements are a bit cheesy. The characters are unique and interesting. The only bad thing about this movie is that it ends so quickly. 2 hours is too short to get into this amazing fantasy world. I want more.

Movie info:
IMDb rating: 8.0 Boefie rating: 8.0

7. Transformers

"My name is Optimus Prime." That is what i have been saying to my classmate for a couple of weeks because of this movie. Now he is saying it too. Transformers is about a group of autobots. They can transform to a huge and powerful machines from a car. Their goal is to save the planet from the decepticons, which are evil autobots. There are 3 transformer movies and each of them is great. There is a lot of humor and epic fantasy action in transformers. The special effects are some of the best there are. The transformers movies are definitely a must-watch.

Movie info:
Transformers (2007): ..............IMDb rating: 7.2 Boefie rating: 8.5
Revenge of the Fallen (2009): IMDb rating: 5.9 Boefie rating: 8.5
Dark of the Moon (2011): ........IMDb rating: 6.3 Boefie rating: 8.5

6. Prince of Persia

After having played the games i was skeptical about the movie. To my relief the movie turned out to be very good. The movie is a combination between adventure and fantasy which is great. It gives a classic "hollywood movie" feeling which i loved. The characters are original and funny, especially the pretty princess. The story resembles the story in the first game which they worked out pretty well. There are a lot of cool action scenes in a magical eastern medieval world.

Movie info:
IMDb rating: 6.6 Boefie rating: 8.5

5. Pan's Labyrinth

A fantasy tale for adults, that is what pan's labyrinth is. It is a dark, grim fantasy tale about a normal girl who actually is the princess of a fantasy world. The girl doesn't know this herself and begins meeting strange mythical creatures. The story is very intricate and compelling. The characters are unique and mysterious, especially the mythical ones. In one scene there is a mythical creature sitting at a table filled with food. This "thing" seriously scared me for life. This movie is truly unique as there is nothing quite like it. It is pure fantasy mixed with a little horror.

Movie info:
IMDb rating: 8.3 Boefie rating: 9.0

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4. Pirates of the Caribbean

I just love captain Jack Sparrow. He is the main character and is usually up to no good. The pirates of the caribbean movies are of the adventure/fantasy genre . In total there are 4 movies, of which the first one is considered the best. It is set in a caribbean world with lots of lush greenery and beautiful blue seas. The characters are some of the weirdest you will ever find. A midget with a huge cannon as weapon, people who turn into skeleton at night and more. The story gets a little cheesy sometimes but in a funny way. pirates of the caribbean is definitely a must-watch

Movie info:
Curse of the Black Pearl (2003): IMDb rating: 8.0 Boefie rating: 9.0
Dead man's Chest (2006): .......... IMDb rating: 7.2 Boefie rating: 9.0
At World's End (2007): ............... IMDb rating: 6.9 Boefie rating: 9.0
On stranger Tides (2011): .......... IMDb rating: 6.6 Boefie rating: 9.0

3. The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia feature an incredibly detailed and vast fantasy world, combined with an epic storyline. I love the kind of movies which show you an entire fantasy universe, it is so easy to be pulled into this world that you will be amazed. Talking animals, minotaurs, dragons, you will see all kinds of amazing mythical beasts just walking around. As a fantasy lover these movies are a must watch.

Movie info:
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe(2005): IMDb rating: 6.9 Boefie rating: 9.0
Prince Caspian(2008):....................................... IMDb rating: 6.7 Boefie rating: 9.0
The Voyage of The Dawn Treader(2010):........ IMDb rating: 6.3 Boefie rating: 9.0

2. The Lord of the Rings

The lord of the fantasy movies is what i like to call them. These movies are just so awesome that i have already watched them several times and played all of the "LoTR" games. So much detail has gone into this amazingly well crafted world that you will be shocked. The lord of the rings has it all. It has a engrossing storyline, an amazing world and great characters. The lord of the rings is a fantasy orgasm. Most of the time you will be sitting on the tip of your chair. If you have not seen these movies your life just isn't complete yet. 3 movies have been produced by Peter Jackson which are all pure magic. A fourth movie is coming end 2012. I recommend watching the extended editions, they will bring you even more joy. There is one downside however, the movies will end and you will be forced to return from middle-earth to your living room.

  • The Hobbit has been released on 12-12-12. Go watch it now!

Movie info:
The Fellowship of the Ring(2001): IMDb rating: 8.8 Boefie rating: 9.5
The Two Towers(2002):.................. IMDb rating: 8.7 Boefie rating: 9.5
The Return of the King(2003):....... IMDb rating: 8.9 Boefie rating: 9.5

1. Harry Potter

My most cherished fantasy movie: Harry Potter. After watching it 3 times i still feel like watching it again. I still remember renting the first movie, after watching it i was hooked! The story is just so amazing it will pull you into its magical world with ease.Harry Potter will make you laugh, cry and tremble with excitement all at the same time! I would really like to have a wand and conjure something out of thin air, that would be so amazing. The characters are diverse and interesting. You really get into the characters because of the long duration of the movies which is great. You really get attached to them. You will actually see the main characters getting older. In 2001 the main characters are teenagers, in 2011 they are adults. So when the movies end you will feel very sad. Your life just isn't complete if you have not watched Harry Potter. Not only the world is magical, the soundtracks are magical too.

Movie info:
The Sorceres's Stone(2001):...... IMDb rating: 7.2 Boefie rating: 9.9
The Chamber of Secrets(2002):. IMDb rating: 7.2 Boefie rating: 9.9
The Prisoner of Azkaban2004):.. IMDb rating: 7.7 Boefie rating: 9.9
The Goblet of Fire(2005):............ IMDb rating: 7.5 Boefie rating: 9.9
The Order of the Phoenix(2007): IMDb rating: 7.3 Boefie rating: 9.9
The Half-Blood Prince(2009):..... IMDb rating: 7.3 Boefie rating: 9.9
The Deathly Hallows 1(2010):..... IMDb rating: 7.6 Boefie rating: 9.9
The Deathly Hallows 2(2011):..... IMDb rating: 8.1 Boefie rating: 9.9

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Krishnavamshi Kesani from Hyderabad, India on May 01, 2020:

I only watched Jumanji and Lord of The Ring movie series. Thanks for the summary. I will watch the rest.

Violet from California on July 28, 2017:

A lot of good movies. Never seen jumanji (or heard of it until the new film trailer i saw recently - looks fun)....but im gonna have to watch the old one first now...heh

Gilbert Arevalo from Hacienda Heights, California on March 06, 2017:

I enjoyed your list. Some of the films I've seen. You've listed some I should purchase at the store sometime. I will keep your suggestions in mind.

Katrina Ariel from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada on January 12, 2016:

Great list! Harry Potter is, of course, epic, as are most of the others. Happy to see Prince of Persia on the list (I loved it, but I'm a girl and enjoyed the romance.) Lord of the Rings is almost above and beyond any list, I think. And I grew up reading about Narnia. I guess, for me, the real goods are in the books, but it's fun to see how the movies bring the words to life!

Hawkest on June 18, 2015:

I personaly found Prince of Persia to be one of the worse out there.

Adonica on January 11, 2015:

Essays like this are so important to brodneniag people's horizons.

Luke Ellis from Nottingham on October 20, 2014:

Interesting list, I'd probably add in more pre-2000 movies as there are some great ones from that period.

silas on July 24, 2012:

u did a good work, all r my fav movies,my fav movie of all time is lor,while reading ur list from 10th to 1st i imagined lor would be the 1st, it's a slight disappointment,but i really liked ur top ten. if u don't mind means i ill insist u to make the same list for anime movies and if do so means don't forget to add how to train your drangon in your list buddy

Boefie (author) from Germany on July 03, 2012:

I'm glad you like my top 10 list, thank you.

Rakesh Juyal on July 03, 2012:

I searched elsewhere for top 10 fantasy movies, but those were really awful list. Now here, ah that is some list I would say is awesome. All movies which like got place in this list. Great Boefie.

Boefie (author) from Germany on June 30, 2012:

The pale man was terrifying! haha.

Jhudah on June 29, 2012:

I like Prince of Persia it's amazing and Pan's labyrinth too is great especially the scene with The Pale Man. Harry Potter is my favorite i cried when the series ended haha.

Boefie (author) from Germany on June 28, 2012:

Thank you!

Dolphan5 from Warwick R.I on June 27, 2012:

Nice List! Well written and engaging. I'm a little older than you so your pick for #1 was predictable.

Lord of the Rings would have been my choice.

Voted thumbs up,interesting and funny. Nice job.

Boefie (author) from Germany on June 27, 2012:

Thank you, Pan's labyrinth certainly is a hidden beauty!

Radikum from Maryland on June 27, 2012:

Decent list! I personally would have had Pan's Labyrinth higher but at least its on the list. Not too many know about that film.

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