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Top 10 Anime with Strong Female Lead

I can't include them all so here are my top 10 most strongest female anime characters and their respective anime.


Listed in no particular order


1. Kill La Kill

The story of Kill La Kill takes place in a highschool located in Tokyo Bay, Japan. The highschool is ruled and dominated by a fearsome student council led by its president, Satsuki Kiryuin. The students wears a unique attire called the Goku uniforms, constructed with a material called the Life Fibers, that grants supernatural abilities to its wearers. The plot follows Ryuko Matoi, a transfer student that wields a scissor-shaped sword, who seeks vengeance for the death of her father.


Ryoko Matoi

Ryuko is shown to have a great physical strength and is shown to be perfectly capable of defeating multiple opponents who are wearing Goku uniforms. She also displays superhuman healing ability due to the fact that she was infused with Life Fibers when she was a child.

Ryoko is also in possession of a number of equipments that greatly increases her combat abilities. Her trademark weapon is the Scissor Blade. The blade is a one half of a giant pair of scissors, and is used by Ryuko like a one handed long sword. She also wears the Senketsu armor that has the ability to absorb the remains of a Goku Uniform to absorb its power.


2. Claymore

Claymore is set in a world where humans are constantly threaten by the creatures called Yoma. These Yoma are humanoid beasts that feeds on human flesh. A mysterious group, simply called as The Organization, creates human-Yoma hybrids soldiers called "Claymores" to fight off the beasts. Like the Yoma, Claymore warriors are powered by the demonic energy called Yoki, that gives them the same abilities of a Yoma.

The series is focused on Clare, as she try to use the Organization in order to seek vengeance for those who killed her loved ones.



Clare possess the standard abilities of a Claymore. She has the ability to control the demonic Yoki energy and apply it to her attacks and techniques. She has learned a lot of different sword techniques under the guidance of other Claymore warriors. She also possess an acute Yoki sensing which allows her to sense and predict the movements of her opponents. Even though she can't access her awakened form, Clare can hold her own ground against Awakened Claymores and Yoma.


3. Black Lagoon

The series of Black Lagoon begins with the story of Okajima Rokuro. He is just your typical Japanese Businessman. Working himself to death, drinking with his clients and constantly being pushed around by his boss. On one fateful day, he finally gets a break when his company sent him to tropical seas of eastern China to deliver a disc. Unfortunately for Rokuro, his boat was hijack by a group of pirate mercenaries, who was hired to retrieved the disc. One of the captors, Revy took an interest in him and decided to ransom him to his company. But Rokuro's company decided against his rescue and instead hired a group of mercenaries to kill him and his captors. With no more life to return in Japan, Rokuro (now calls himself Rock) decided to join his captors and start a new life as a mercenary.



Revy is shown to be an excellent marksman and is considered one of the deadliest fighters in the whole series. She is not limited in using guns and is shown to expertly use different kinds of weapons like grenade launchers and knives. Revy shows no remorse about killing and can sometimes even go in a rampage killing enemies and innocent civilians alike.

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4. Witchcraft Works

The story of Witchcraft Works revolves around Honoka Takamiya, just your average highschool student. But one day he was suddenly attack by an unknown assailant. As he was about to be killed, he was suddenly saved by a mysterious woman who can control fire. Takamiya immediately realized that this woman is his popular classmate, Ayaka Kagari. It turns out Kagari is a powerful fire witch that is tasked to protect Takamiya because of some hidden power that resides within him. This marks the beginning of a new life for Takamiya as his everyday life consists of constant attacks from other witches and the most popular girl in his school following him around wherever he goes and calling him her master.


Ayaka Kagari

Kagari is a fire witch and can unleash various flame-based attacks and spells. She is shown to have complete mastery over her skills and effectively uses her powers on practical purposes. She can also increase her power even further if she taps into Takamiya's hidden power. Kagari can also use a skill called Overdrive that greatly strengthens her pyrokinetic powers and enables her to summon her very own familiar.


5. Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana features a world in a parallel universe called the Crimson Realm. This realm is inhabited by the creatures known as Crimson Denizens, who are able to consume and manipulate the mysterious energy that fuels a being's life called the Power of Existence. However, some of the Crimson Denizens have decided to go the world of humans to consume their Power of Existence to empower themselves and wreak havoc among the humanity. Because of this, the Gods and Lords of the Crimson Realm decided the make contract with few selected humans and grants them great power in order to maintain the balance between the two worlds.



Shana is considered one of the most powerful Flame Haze and is feared by many Crimson Denizens. Part of this is due to her contractor, Alastor, is considered one of the most powerful Crimson God. As a Flame Haze, Shana is capable of manipulating the Power of Existence around her and wielding fire in order to create powerful flame-based attacks and techniques. Shana also to have the profieciency in using the long sword treasure tool, known as the Nietono no Shana.

Shana is also one of the few Flame Haze who can store massive amounts of Power of Existence. Due to this, Shana is capable of summoning her Crimson God, Alastor, to the human world and survive.


6. Freezing

The series is set in the year 2065, where the Earth is under the constant threat of extra-dimensional aliens called Nova. In order to eliminate the alien threats, the Government has develop a training program to develop girls into super soldiers called Pandoras. Each Pandora is partnered with a male, called Limiters, that can give a her great combat support and power boost. The story follows Kazuya Aoi, a student in a Pandora Training School, when he met Satellizer L. Bridget. Ignoring the warnings of his friends and peers, he decided to approach the "Untouchable Queen" and offer himself to be her Limiter...


Satellizer L. Bridget

Satellizer is regarded as among the most powerful Pandora, especially since she does not have a male Limiter. Due to this, she earned the nickname "The Untouchable Queen". Satellizer possess the same abilities of her fellow Pandoras. She has displayed superhuman strength, resilience and highly advance combat skills. Her weapon of choice is a giant mid-handled blade with its blade running down the guard. When she finally accepted Kazuya as her limiter, her abilities are strengthened even more and she has now access to new abilities and techniques.


7. Jormungand

The story of Jormungand follows the story of Koko Hekmatyar. Koko is a young weapons dealer who works under the HCLI, an international shipping corporation. She travels all around the world dealing with different kinds of clients while simultaneously avoiding local authorities and the international law enforcement agencies. She travels with her small crew of bodyguards, who are made up of various ex military veterans and assassins.


Koko Hekmatyar

Unlike her bodyguards, Koko doesn't possess any combat skills and can sometimes feel nervous when she doesn't have any of her men around. However, Koko is very intelligent and has excellent instincts. She's very good in making a deals and whenever she and her team are stuck in a difficult situations, Koko is shown to always come up with a successful plan to win or escape. She is quick to analyze how the potential dangers of a mission and is shown to have expert skills at background checking. Koko has developed encyclopedic knowledge about weapons and can instantly recognize a weapon's characteristics in just one look . She's also a hyperpolygot and has shown to speak a lot of European and Asian languages.


8. Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki tells the story of Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano, a loner who doesn't have any friends. He prefers to write his thoughts and feelings in a diary on his cellphone or talk to his imaginary friend, Dues Ex Machina - The God of Time and Space. However, things changed quickly when Yuki discovered that Deus is not an imagination at all. He turns out to be a real God and has chosen Yuki to participate in a deadly tournament involving 11 other people. The participants are given special diaries, each have their own unique features and abilities. The contestants are given 90 days to survive the tournament and whoever left standing will be declared as the new God of Time and Space.


Yuno Gasai

Yuno possess the "Yukiteru Diary", that allows her to monitor and track Yuki. Together with Yuki's own "Random Diary", they make a very fearsome duo. Yuno is an expert on different kinds of weapons, from fire arms to knives and even bombs. She is also shown to be very resourceful and is capable of making traps or weapons out of random things. Yuno has strong obsession over Yuki and is shown to go through extreme lengths to save Yuki and will kill anyone who threatens to separate them.


9. Blood+

Unknown to the humans, a secret war has been going on for hundreds of years and has slowly having its effects on the modern world. One of the two sides waging war is called the Chiropterans, a huge bat-like creatures that has the ability to change their appearance and consumes human blood. Opposing them is the called The Red Shield. An organization dedicated in the extermination of the Chiropterans and protecting humanity.

The series revolves around Saya, a member of the Red Shield and a pure Chiropteran, as she travels around the world to track down and kill her fellow Chiropterans that threatens the humanity.



Saya is classified as a queen Chiropteran. These means she is far more powerful as a normal Chiropteran. Some of her abilities includes enhanced strength, speed, stamina, instant regeneration, advanced combat abilities and longevity. As a queen type Chiropteran, she has display to be able to heal humans who are on the verge of death by injecting them her blood and making them Chiropteran. Saya shares the same thirst for blood like other Chiropteran.


10. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

The story is set in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2040. Through the mega-corporation called Genom, Japan has now outsource most of its manual labor jobs to the robots called Boomers. Although the Boomers has made life a lot easier for the Japanese, some of the robots started to malfunction and have gone rouge, causing mass panic and destruction around the city. A renegade group called the Knight Sabers, armed with advance cybernetic hardsuits appeared out of nowhere and defeats the rogue boomers. The series follows the Knight Sabers' as they battle the rogue boomers that threatens to overrun and destroy the whole country.


The Saber Knights

The Knight Sabers use Cybernetic Powered Exoskeleton that grants them a number of physical and combat enhancements. Some of the abilities includes superhuman physical strength, speed, flight, and the use of high end laser type weaponry.


Miran Shuleta on February 14, 2015:

This list is very good, me personally, Kurisu from Steins Gate would top this list.

Great Hub!

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