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Top 10 Animated Films of All Time, You Can Watch Right Now


When it comes to filmmaking animation can sometimes get overlooked, even by us we've often picked it last in gym class and failed to give it. Its due but not today today it's center stage, where it belongs these are our picks for the 10 best animated films of all time.

10. Spirited Away (2001)

Mr. beloved fable about a young girl, who accidentally wanders into a bathhouse in the spirit realm and must save her parents from the witch. Who rules it really is the pinnacle of fairy tales, the animation style perfectly conjures a spectacular world of whimsy filled with new delights around every corner setting.

The scene for a story that fills you with a warm and gentle sense of courage populated by characters, even the worst of which you kind of love with absolutely no data whatsoever. We can still confidently say that it is responsible for the most anime skeptic to fan conversions of any movie ever, because it genuinely is almost impossible not to love.

9. Boy And The World (2013)

Almost entirely wordless the Brazilian boy in the world's titular boy upset at his perceived abandonment. When his father leaves to seek out add the town.

Runs away from home and finds adventure, unlike any other animated film you're likely to have seen the movie overflows with a childlike fascination, even the most ordinary things in our world regarding every humdrum part of it as a door that opens up to music and imagination.

Ale Abreu's labor of love invites us to re-experience the world as new, again like children all the terror and wonder that comes with that and so while the story may seem magical. It is the magic of childhood experience rather than witches and wizards .

8. Akira (1988)

So crackling with energy and violence Akira's dystopian Cyberpunk Neo-Tokyo is as explosively alive, as it is toweringly influential the most expensive anime ever made.

At its time Akira is widely regarded as responsible for introducing much of the world to the genre in 1988, when it was released and what an anime for the world to see blade runner at 100 miles per hour, popping pills fomenting revolution and barely veiling .

Its nuclear anxieties and within this reconstructed world of embattled factions vying for the survival of humanity Katsuhiro Otomo dares to focus on the simple tale of childhood dependence and teenage envy, but it doesn't feel petty or slight.

It carries real weight without collapsing into a black hole of melodrama and over 30 years later, it still feels fresh and filled with vim and vigor.

7. Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse (2019)

Simply put into the spider-verse kicks some serious ass bursting at the seams with creativity and personality. Each action sequence manages to flawlessly capture the individual personalities of all its many spider participants not just in its dialogue, but in its choreography, its camera work and its art style.

Good fight scenes are those where each moment of action follows from the nature of the characters involved to meaningful and lasting consequences and that's where Spider Verse succeeds the most it makes it.

So that you really feel the failures as well as the rewarding sync up of the team as they finally pull together, it's also just a really well written movie with a pretty perfect soundtrack and the freshest superhero movie in a very long time.

6. The Wolf House (2018)

There is nothing else quite like The Wolf House, it starts out with a fake vintage advertisement for Honey. Honey made in a Culti German Commune in Chile, that's meant to evoke the memory of Colonia Dignidot.

Where immigrant Nazi Germans settled and then committed heinous atrocities under the dictatorship of Pinochet.

It then proceeds to use that Nazi Cult Artisanal Farmer's market setting, for a retelling of the three little pigs. Where the big bad wolf is a Nazi Cult leader and the pigs are the children of an escaped follower.

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It is stop-motion animated in one continuous shot entirely within one house, where all the animation is either painted on the walls and furniture or built live in front of the camera out of tape and if that sounds like something so weird. You have to see it for yourself, you absolutely should because without a single jump scare or even very much darkness, it is utterly horrifying and you won't be able to look away.

5. Fantasia (1940)

What started as a modest comeback attempt from Mickey Mouse in light of dwindling national interest turned into a devilishly ambitious attempt by Walt Disney to firmly establish animation as a legitimate art form and bring classical music to the masses.

It revolutionized sound technology flopped on release and only reached the soaring heights of which he dreamed. After his death and that's certainly fair the original release was marred by some of Disney's uglier tendencies, it wasn't until 1969 after his death that the studio was able to remake the offending sequences in order to free it from his prejudices and it is now what it always could have been today's fantasia along with to a lesser extent.

Its sequel represents a form of communal synesthesia an opportunity to collectively dream, famous pieces of timeless music into existence together as well as an invitation to simply Marvel at beauty.

4. The Wrong Trousers (1993)

While we've mostly been trying to avoid animated shorts. On this list, we have to make an exception for the wrong trousers. Because it's just so clearly the best in terms of creativity of laughs, per minute of enjoyableness.

If that's even a word there's nothing quite like watching grommet, do battle with a criminal Penguin. Who disguises himself as a chicken, the Claymation is ungodly good.

The physical comedy is genius level, it's animated Chaplin meets Keaton, meets a goddamn Penguin outlaw and having said that twice I feel like I mean do I really need to go on like the heavy is a Penguin that dresses up like a chicken and everybody he's dressed listen how could it not be comedy gold.

3. Toy Story (1995 )

After 25 years, its animation is no longer first rate and it's starting to show signs of wear, but isn't that always how it goes with those things we love. The hardest even with its technology heading towards obsolescence.

Its story is no less meaningful or heartfelt with age, toy story the film that started it all for Pixar is clearly the company's most treasured property.
They've come back to its characters and its world three times with each sequel's announcement receiving accusations of unnecessary money grab and each premier giving way to recognition of a worthwhile return from the soundtrack to the actors to the excitement to the humor to the marvelous little world. They made, they really did capture magic their first time out.

2. Persepolis (2007)

There are very few stories about coming of age that managed to capture genuine honest growth quite so well as Persepolis and as good as the graphic novel is the film does it real justice telling.

The tale of a young girl growing up through the Iranian revolution and its aftermath Persepolis engages with politics, religion, gender, sexuality, repression culture and war. Without ever feeling preachy or theoretical and for many a western viewer unfamiliar with the specifics of life in Iran Persepolis will render its history, its politics and its people in a way that is eye-opening and relatable.

The animation while stark and simple wonderfully captures the feeling of that world and the voice acting in the original French is truly top-notch, our only complaint that there isn't a little more of it .

1. It's Such A Beautiful Day (2012)

On the thanks to the stop bill saw somebody he recognized walking towards him, but he couldn't remember his name. He began to think of things to say, when they'd be close enough to acknowledge each other as they drew nearer.

Their eyes locked uncertain, if the opposite was gonna stop the talk the person greeted bill as bill makes up the phrases what's up with how's it going confused the person blurted out.

Thanks before he knew what he was saying words caught in bill's throat and he replied way they did a sort of awkward half turn and then continued on now confident that the opposite wasn't visiting stop to speak .

They never saw each other again and a day later had each forgotten the whole thing, it's stick figures they're all just stick figures but by the end I promise you. you will feel a profound closeness to one of them, that rivals some of your dearest relationships.

In fact he'll feel like you such is the piercing quality of Herzfeld's insight into the human condition in 60 minutes of lightning fast vignettes about a man named bill as he struggles to hold on to his mind and his memories narrated entirely by Herzfeld himself .

You will be transported directly into the vast complex inner world of that stick figure, who is identifiable only because he wears a hat. To say anything else would be to spoil an experience that is truly one of a kind which is why we think it's one of the best animated films of all time.

So you agree with this list, I am sure we have included some of your favorite films in this list . In this list, I have selected those films which according to me and rating are the best in their category. I hope you like my suggestion.

Runs away from home and finds adventure, unlike any other animated film you're likely to have seen the movie overflows with a childlike fascination, even the most ordinary things in our world regarding every humdrum part of it as a door that opens up to music and imagination.

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