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Top 10 AMV's of All Time


Anime music videos are really something to marvel because of the amount of time and consideration people take into making a compilation of one or various anime to go with a song perfectly. It is a skill that really brings nothing but joy to the creator and viewer, quite in a literal sense. I have seen many perfectly crafted AMV's throughout my life, but some have really hit home or mashed the scenes into an almost ideal sequence that I could never forget about. The creators knew how they would put the song and the emotions the anime was conveying in every scene and made masterpieces in the process.

That is why today I want to share some of the best AMV's I have ever seen with you guys. To keep it totally fair I will only pick one from a selected creator since there are so many to choose from and so much material to use. The scenes have to go with the song and make a blend that is awe inspiring to me. So without any more explanation, here are my Top 10 AMV's of all time:

Tokyo Ghoul- We Are:

Produced by 7Shinden, this AMV is an astounding compilation of the loved and hated anime Tokyo Ghoul. It is quite undeniable though that the scenes go perfectly with the song and the message conveyed to the viewer is quite powerful. It is nothing short of bloody, true and absolutely refreshing in the world of AMV's.

One Piece- Centuries:

It is a fact that Monkey D Luffy is a legend. Rivaling those thoughts of Dragon Ball Z having some of the most loved characters, One Piece has achieved a fan following that really rivals many other groups, especially considering the amount of episodes one has to watch to get the full concept of the relationships and feelings shared among everyone in the anime. The creator animejuniper took special consideration to the fact that everyone will remember this series for years to come and made quite a splendid work of art.

Collection of anime-John the Hellhound:

Gritty and mixed beautifully with scenes from diverse anime, this guy didn't falter for a second through the whole AMV. It's rare to see someone create a new story from an already existing anime just with the song yet he achieved this perfectly. There were times when I even questioned my knowledge of the anime since they were put together so well, not knowing to identify which was which. The maker SilentMan truly has my respect and admiration for such an amazing story put together in such a small video.

Kill La Kill-Break me Down:

It is safe to say I began watching this great anime thanks to this AMV. I couldn't really let go of what I had seen and I needed more of it. Made by MADA fast, yes that is his name, this AMV sees some of the best battles of the series between main characters Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin, the shocking amount of destruction and the calm still presented in the fight and song made this an absolute must-watch for me. Oh and I also listen to Greek Fire now so that's also pretty good.

Sword Art Online- Black and Blue:

It was almost impossible to think that there was anyone out there that could make SAO look even more amazing and legendary than it already did yet these creators Lucile and Zuuki managed to do so only to blow me away. There is really not much to say other than that I loved it, admired it and showed it to everyone I know. Kirito's struggle, his strenght and perseverance were all shown in such a short period of time, it still baffles me greatly. I just wish they would get a game that really encompasses just how awesome this all is for once.

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Kuroko no Basket-One for the Money:

It is simply astonishing. There is no other way to define this. The filters, change of scenes, rushes, and music, it was all just mind blowing. The changes don't feel confusing but balanced and there is never a selection that feels out of place. The use of those times when the characters were in the zone and going at it with their best is what really defines this anime made by Mist AMV. But, I'll let you decide for yourself if you love it or not.

Soul Eater- Dance with the Devil:

Strong and close to the heart despite its strong tone, this AMV perfectly showcases the inner struggle of Maka and Soul with the devil and find solace and peace in each other as they do so. It's been quite some time since it was uploaded and I still occasionally see it because of how much emotion and inner power is demonstrated in it. I also absolutely love Soul Eater so getting such a cool and suave creation from Divilguy was really a gift I cannot get over.

Nichijou- Safety Dance:

Sometimes you just need something absolutely ridiculous, hilarious and basically a mood changer. Well, that is exactly what this greatly composed AMV is. The song is nostalgic, the anime is completely nuts and the mix works for some odd and wonderful reason. It was just an awesome little video to pick you up when you are down, no more explanation needed really.

Anime's Got Talent:

Not adding this to the list would have been a complete lie and sin. This is not only an amazing AMV but also a show we all wish actually existed in which our favorite characters competed against each other in a competition of talents. I know I would be down for watching as many seasons possible. The judges are also a ridiculous yet perfect addition to the already great AMV. It was made by three stellar minds, these being Luna, JazzsVids and Replay studios and you have not watched it yet, you should, right now.

Collection of Anime- A Drop of Hope:

Made by the astonishing mind of Baka Oppai, this AMV was truthful, nostalgic and simply put a pluck at the heartstrings. Many of us consider the AMV genre to be filled to the brim with action and loud songs that sometimes don't even go together but that is not the truth. There are many out there who don't know the emotions and the teachings that many anime convey because of ignorance or whatever you may call it but this is really a call out to this people to show them what can really be seen in these series at times. Slow, precise and heartwarming, it really is a drop of hope.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the definitions but I love it when two of my favorite interests go together so well like AMV's do and I just had to share it with you guys. I hope you all get to see one you really like and maybe even dwell into some new anime or music genres because of it.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

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