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90's Most Popular Action Stars in The Philippines

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Since I am a batang 90's then I decided to make this new hub about the ten action stars in the Philippines that were very famous in the country. Thanks to a television network in the country that give me a chance to watch action movies of the 90's. I would say that since 1996 I've been watching action movies and up to now. I am also hoping that the a new generation of action stars will born. Bring back action movies!

Ronnie Ricketts

Ronnie Ricketts

10. Ronnie Ricketts

Born as Ronald Naldo Ricketts in real life, known as Ronnie Ricketts on May 26, 1965 is a Filipino actor, scriptwriter, film director, producer, martial artist, and Chairman of Optical Media Board (OMB) in the Philippines. He is one of the top action star in Philippine movies. He is famous for his martial arts expertise.

Ricketts was a ramp model before he entered the movie industry in the early 80's. He was first noticed by RVQ's (Dolphy) film production as a potential handsome action star. He was introduced in the Dolphy-Nida Blanca film, My Heart Belongs To Daddy (1982), where he was paired with Maricel Soriano. He was being built as the other love interest of Soriano in the movie I Love You, I Hate You (1983), together with William Martinez, and The Graduates (1986) under Regal Films starring Snooky Serna and Gabby Concepcion. He was cast in several Dolphy-Alma Moreno movies such as Good Morning, Professor (1982) and Crazy Professor (1985) with Aga Muhlach and Janice de Belen.

In 1994, Ronnie started producing movies through Rockets Productions. He was one of the youngest producers in tinsel town, who was able to produce quality films at reasonably low budgets. The company produced films which he himself wrote and directed.

Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia

9. Eddie Garcia

Born as Eduardo Verchez García on born May 2, 1929 popularly known as Manoyis a Filipino film actor and film director.

He was known for playing the role of Leandro Montemayor, the fictional Philippine President on the television drama series,Kung Mawawala Ka (If Ever You Were Gone), and earned his first Best Actor in a Drama Series award at the 2002 Star Awards. He is also known for portraying roles of either the main villain, the lead or a supporting character. He is also known for his trademark humorous lines which he says mostly in action films or comedy films.

He also played as Lolo Carlos (Grandfather Carlos) in the Filipino-American film, The Debut, the Lolo Sinat (Grandfather Sinat) in the film, Deathrow, and even the villainous Judge Valderama in Kapag Puno Na Ang Salop (If the Ganta is Full) and its two sequels, opposite of Fernando Poe, Jr.

He is the only person in the Philippines to be a Hall of Fame inductee of the FAMAS in three categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Director.

He is the only performer in Philippine movie history to win three consecutive FAMAS Awards: Best Supporting Actor Awards for Taga sa Bato (1957), Condenado (1958) and Tanikalang Apoy (1959).

Monsour del Rosario

Monsour del Rosario

8. Monsour del Rosario

Born as Manuel Monsour T. del Rosario III on born May 11, 1965 commonly known asMonsour del Rosario, is a Filipino taekwondo champion who has also starred in several Filipino and international action films. A member of the Nacionalista Party, he currently serves as the member of the Makati City council for the first legislative district since June 30, 2010.

He appeared in Filipino action films as early as 1986. Among his more notable starring roles was in Bangis(1995),Buhawi Jack (1998) andPintado (2000). He appeared in several international film productions, such as Demonstone(1989),Bloodfist 2 (1990), When Eagles Strike (2003), Bloodfist 2050 (2005), and The Hunt for Eagle One (2006).

He joined Phillip Salvador, Aurora Sevilla and Willie Revillame in Joe Pring 2: Kidlat ng Maynila (1990) produced by Four n Films. He also performed with Lito Lapid, Monica Herrera, and Johnny Delgado in Medal of Valor: Habang Nasasaktan Lalong Tumatapang (1991) also produced by Four n Films. His most recent movies were Super Noypi (2005) and Tatlong Baraha (2006).

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Jeric Raval

Jeric Raval

7. Jeric Raval

Ricardo Buensuceso better known by his screen name "Jeric Raval" is a Filipino action star is well known for his leather jacket, leather pants and shiny hair. He starred in action movies in 1991-2002.

Raval was a star of OctoArts Films and was introduced by the movie "Valentin Zapanta: Alyas Ninong" a movie by Eddie Garcia where he played the bodyguard of Ninong and he did his first solo action movie was Primitivo Ebok Ala: Kalaban Mortal Ni Baby Ama together with John Regala, Willie Revillame. He finished his movies with OctoArts Films like Boboy Salonga: Batang Tondo, Estribo Gang: The Jinggoy Sese Story, Biboy Banal: Pagganti Ko... Tapos Kayo!, Beloy Montemayor: Tirador ng Cebu, Victor Meneses: Dugong Kriminal, Barkada Walang Atrasan, Bunso: Isinilang Kang Palaban and Dalawa Laban sa Mundo Ang Siga at ang Beauty.

After he did with OctoArts, Raval make his first movie with Regal Films was "Melencio Magat Dugo Laban sa Dugo" together with Zoren Legaspi, the late Jun Aristorenas and Eddie Garcia for the 2nd time since his movie "Alyas Ninong". Raval disagreed that he was forced retirement due to the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from the court. Raval did the movie "Tawagin Mo Na ang Lahat ng Santo" together with Daniel Fernando, Mark Gil, and Joanne Pascual.

Cesar Montano

Cesar Montano

6. Cesar Montano

Born as Cesar Manhilot, on born August 1, 1962 known by his screen name Cesar Montano, is a multi-awarded Filipino actor and film director.

He started in show business as a commercial model. He played roles in numerous B movies. He then played major roles in several action movies and a brief television career playing the lead role in the television sitcom Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis.

His breakout role is his portrayal of José Rizal, the Philippine National Hero in the film José Rizal. The film is unprecedented as it portrays Philippine society during Spanish colonization of the Philippines and its relevance up to the present day.

He has won numerous acting awards Panaghoy sa Suba (The Call of the River),José Rizal, Muro Ami (Reef Hunters) and Bagong Buwan (New Moon).

Aside from acting, Montano also embarked on a singing career, with the release of his music album Subok lang or Just try in 2000. He has also ventured into film production as well as directing, with Panaghoy sa Suba as his directorial film debut.

After his first Hollywood movie The Great Raid with Benjamin Bratt, he was cast in another Hollywood movie Another Deep Breath which was never actually shot.

Lito Lapid

Lito Lapid

5. Lito Lapid

Born as Manuel Mercado Lapid on october 25, 1995. He is popularly known as Lito Lapid and is a Filipino actor, politician and Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. He entered the film industry as a stuntman, and became an actor.

Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla

4. Robin Padilla

Born as Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla on November 23, 1969. He is better known by his stage name Robin Padilla. He is a Filipino film director, screenwriter, producer, martial artist and actor.

He is both a matinee idol and cultural icon; he is sometimes referred to as "James Dean” and dubbed as the "Bad Boy" of Philippine Cinema; as he portrayed 'protagonist gangster roles' in his films Anak ni Baby Ama,Grease Gun Gang, Bad Boy 1 & Bad Boy 2. He is active in television series programs. He has played important roles in Asian Treasures, Joaquin Bordado, Totoy Bato, Guns and Roses, and Toda Max.

Both the acting and showbiz industry industry are not new to Padilla. He comes from a multi-faceted background, which includes talented performers, and a political family. His father Casimiro Padilla Sr., who was a film director, served as vice-governor of Camarines Norte in the 1970s and assemblyman in the 1980s; while his mother was an actress,and three of his siblings Rustom,Rommel and Royette are actors. His Half brother Casimiro Roy Padilla Jr. succeeded his father's political endeavors, serving as a union leader, a congressman, and three-term governor of Camarines Norte.

His movies with Sharon Cuneta in Maging Sino Ka Man, and Vina Morales in Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum series were blockbuster hits. He figured accidents while filmingTulak ng Bibíg, Kabig ng Dibdíb when he was trapped inside a speeding car that flew into the air, flipped and landed on its roof. Padilla's worst accident was when a blasting scene for Utol Kong Hoodlum burned him literally, which left scars around his abdomen and arms.

Bong Revilla

Bong Revilla

3. Bong Revilla

Born as Ramón Bong Revilla, Jr. on September 25, 1966. He is a Filipino actor, television presenter, politician, and Senator of Philippines. In 2009, he legally changed his surname to Bong Revilla.

Revilla starred in numerous action movies during the 1980s and the 1990s. He also starred in a few movies alongside his father, Ramón Sr., a memorable one being the Viva Films' blockbuster film Dugong Buhaywhich was also remade for television in 2013. He has been involved in a number of comedy films and television shows with GMA-7.

He starred in numerous action movies during the 1980s and the 1990s. He also starred in a few movies alongside his father, Ramón Sr., a memorable one being the Viva Films' blockbuster film Dugong Buhay which was also remade for television in 2013. He has been involved in a number of comedy films and television shows with GMA-7.

Rudy Fernandez

Rudy Fernandez

2. Rudy Fernandez

Born as Rodolfo Valentino "Rudy" Padilla Fernandez on March 3, 1952. He is also known as Daboy, was a multi-awarded Filipino actor and producer. He came to prominence as an action star in the Philippine cinema during the 1980s up to the early 1990s.

Fernandez has won two FAMAS Best Actor awards for the action filmsBatuigas...Pasukuin si Waway (Batuigas...Make Waway to Surrender) (1984) andOperation: Get Victor Corpuz, The Rebel Soldier (1988).In addition to these wins, FAMAS has also nominated Rudy Fernandez an additional 13 times from 1976 to 1998. He also won two FAP Best Actor awards for Batuigas... and for Birador (1998).

The Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) bestowed the 2008 Ulirang Artista Lifetime Achievement Award to Rudy Fernandez, at the 24th Star Awards for Movies. He was also the recipient of the Film Academy of the Philippines FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2007, FAMAS awarded him the Fernando Poe, Jr. Memorial Award.

Fernando Poe Jr.

Fernando Poe Jr.

1. Fernando Poe Jr.

Born as Ronald Allan Kelley Poe on August 20, 1939. He is better known as Fernando Poe, Jr. and colloquially known as FPJ and Da King. He died on December 14, 2004.
During the latter part of his career, he was defeated by incumbent President Gloria Macapagal-Arryo in the 2004 Philippine Presidential elections, a result roundly believed to have been fraudulent. His long career as an action film star earned him the moniker "King of Philippine Movies" (often shortened to Da King).

He was posthumously declared a National Artist of the Philippines for Film on 23 May 2006 by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The award was confirmed by President Benigno Aquino III on 20 July 2012, and was presented to his family on 16 August.

He became an award-winning actor and garnered the most best actor awards at the FAMAS. Among the movies that received awards were Mga Alabok ng Lupa(1967), Asedillo (1971), Durugin si Totoy Bato, Umpisahan Mo, Tatapusin Ko(1983), and Muslim Magnum .357 (1987).

Among his famous movies include playing Flavio in the mythical Ang Pandayseries, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, Dito sa Pitong Gatang and Aguila. His last movie was Pakners which also stars 9-ball billiards champion Efren "Bata" Reyes.

Are you a Batang 90's? An avid fan of action movies? If yes, then let's hear your opinions by answering the poll below!


Ferdinand on August 20, 2019:

FPJ: Da King, Ang Alamat, Totoy Bato, Pepeng Kaliwa, Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato, Ang Panday, Ang Maestro, Agila, Kalibre 45

Bayani ng Barangay Pitong Gatang, Tondo, Manila, at Pilipinas

Ferdinand on August 20, 2019:

If I may add,

Jun Aristorenas, Vic Vargas, Eddie Garcia, Philip Salvador, Cachupoy , Tito/Vic/Joey are among my all time favorites too

Ferdinand on August 20, 2019:

Fernando Poe Jr. The King of Action

Lito Lapid The Icon of Action

Chiquito My Personal King of Comedy

May on March 23, 2018:

My idol is Lito Lapid since I was a young girl never miss his movie no matter what!!! Mabuhay..

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