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Toma (2021) ‘Review’


A musical biopic uses creative tricks of cinematography to show and tell story about famous and legendary folk singer Tomislav Zdravkovic (1938-1991).

Film directed by actor Dragan Bjelogrlic, someone who spends years proving himself as intelligent screenwriter and director.


Story shifts from 1991 to his childhood years, adulthood and music career. He found inspiration in his own personal experience, especially tormented and turbulent love stories.

His magnificent music and lyric were inspired by his love life that often portray unhappy moments followed by illusion.


From his first love, gipsy girl Ruska to Silvana, his unrequited love with whom he never manage to consume relationship, his first wife Nada who cheated on him and finally Goca, his last wife with whom he had a son.

Ironically, she seem the only one who could helped him with his gambler issues, she would make him recover quickly but when his cancer returned as a viewer you could predict the ending to this story.


There is a lot of nostalgia and sentimentality for those who belong to Yugoslavia, and anyone who doesn’t have a clue who he was could actually find some identity and empathy with character.


Toma was definitely a winner but he suffered some losses, losing Silvana is possibly the greatest lose of his life. Apart from his unrequited love which manifested with such speed that he even decided to give her a song as a gift; a song that brought her popularity once again when things felt lost.

Her death was slap in the face and in the movie it’s captured with such perfection that it leaves you with eyes full of tears.

If you don’t cry during that scene, then you might in the end during Toma’s last goodbye.


One of the greatest tricks director and production team pulled was adding plot that involved doctor treating Toma and doctor’s wife.

It’s tragic subplot that show doctor dealing with his wife suffering from cancer and dying soon, even tough it didn’t happen in real life, Toma dedicates song to her and it is really touching and sad, it breaks heart.


Movie is for sure a ”love letter” to any generation that grow up with his music, it will remain for many years to come.

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