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Tom and Jerry Movie Review

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Tom and Jerry Movie Review


Tom and Jerry are funny. Tom and Jerry are so rambunctious. Tom and Jerry are so mischievous! Are you a fan of Tom and Jerry? This article contains a movie review of Tom and Jerry the movie. The movie, Tom and Jerry is a blend of movie live action and movie animation where all of the animals in the movie, including Tom and Jerry are animated while the human beings are real human movie actors.

Humans in Tom and Jerry the movie are seen walking their animated pet dogs, for example.

Besides for Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse, the main character in Tom and Jerry the movie is a human named Kayla.

Kayla needs a job

Kayla is a young adult in need of a job. In her desperation to get a job, she steals someone else's resume to make it look like she is an experienced hotel event planner.

This actually works for Kayla, at least temporarily as she gets hired to plan a celebrity wedding at a famed hotel.

A protagonist and a villain

Despite being deceitful and underhanded to get ahead, Kayla is a clear protagonist in the movie.

The hiring manager that begins to be suspicious of Kayla's lies is actually framed as a villain for much of Tom and Jerry the movie's duration.

To catch a mouse

In Tom and Jerry the movie, it is not long after Kayla is hired for her position at the hotel that a mouse (Jerry) is spotted within the hotel.

That is simply unacceptable and Kayla volunteers herself to be on the case of trapping the mouse and getting it out of the hotel.

Before long, Kayla meets Tom the cat and helps to get him "hired" to help her to catch Jerry. Tom gets to have a uniform and everything!

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Hiring a cat

Of course, the hiring manager that has already begun to be suspicious of Kayla thinks that it is absolutely ridiculous to hire a cat but the hiring manager's own supervisor is more open to the idea.

Tom and Jerry the movie is very cute and comical

Clever Jerry the mouse outwits Tom the cat and Kayla repeatedly as they try to catch him. Tom and Jerry the movie is very cute and comical.

Hotel property destruction

In Tom and Jerry the movie, the level of hotel property destruction that ends up occurring while just trying to capture Jerry the mouse is unbelievable. There is a lot of physical comedy involved in Tom and Jerry the movie and ultimately, things come crashing, falling, and breaking.

At one point in the movie, it seemed that Jerry had been caught but wait a minute, there he goes again!

A wedding ruined

Ultimately, in Tom and Jerry the movie, the celebrity wedding that the movie character Kayla helps to plan gets ruined. A trampling by two spooked (animated) elephants is involved in this Tom and Jerry movie scene.

Celebrity Colin Jost played the groom-to-be in the movie.

Not qualified for the job

Kayla finally reveals that she was not really qualified for the job that she took but she had thought that she could do it.

Reconsidering the wedding location

With the help of a guy that she had befriended at the job, Kayla rethinks the wedding location and tries to get the couple to have a ceremony and reception at Central Park.

Teaming up to do some good

Towards the end of Tom and Jerry the movie, the movie characters Kayla, Tom, Jerry and others all team up to do some good. They end up helping for the wedding to still take place, but in the park instead of in the damaged hotel.

Tom and Jerry the movie

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