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Titanic: Who could cut Jack and Rose instead of DiCaprio and Winslet


The Catastrophic Spectacle

The catastrophic spectacle Titanic directed by James Cameron belongs inextricably to the golden fund of world cinema. Who does not know the romantic story of poor Jack and rich Rose - he won a ticket to the "unsinkable" Titanic in poker, she rented one of the most luxurious suites. They spent the most beautiful moments of their lives together and promised each other that they would never part again. Unfortunately for them, one fateful night, the pride of humanity collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic and ordered itself uncompromisingly to the bottom. The frantic and tragic struggle for rescue is still alive today and continues to entertain even years later. The main roles were taken by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet , but it didn't have to be like that at all, because there was a wide variety of potential adept.

DiCaprio and Winslet were not Cameron's number one choices. Although a number of ace actors were considered for the role of Jack Dawson, led by Matthew McConaughey , Chris O'Donnell , Billy Crudup and Stephen Dorff , Cameron soon decided that these talented gentlemen were too old for the role of the twenty-year-old. He himself was eminently interested in Jared Leto , but he refused to come to the audition. For a while, it appeared that Jeremy Sisto would get the role , but camera tests with Winslet showed an absence of chemistry. Even Tom Cruise applied for the part , but he asked for an incredible amount of money. Finally, casting director Mali Finn shined, which introduced DiCaprio to Cameron. And it was done.

That being said, Winslet wasn't sure either. The role of Rose DeWitt Bukater was successively offered to Gwyneth Paltrow , Winona Ryder , Claire Danes , Gabrielle Anwar and Reese Witherspoon . However, all the aforementioned ladies refused, and only then did Winslet begin to pursue the role. Even though she had already passed her camera tests, she constantly bombarded Cameron with messages, letting him know how much she wanted a ticket to the movie Titanic . The legendary director finally realized what a treasure he had in Winslet and cast her in the female lead role. And it should be noted that no viewer can complain about the lack of chemistry between DiCaprio and Winslet.

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