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Who Is Tingting AMSR?

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The ASMR community is filled with new, and now relatively "old", artists. There are so many tingly voices that it's sometimes difficult for newcomers, and even connoisseurs, to tell who are the best ASMRtists. Let's explore one ASMR artist; Tingting ASMR.

Tingting ASMR


Before we travel any further, let's ensure that we know what "ASMR" actually is. ASMR stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response". This describes the feelings of tingles that can occur from certain human interactions. ASMR is generally associated with feelings that arise from sound, but it can also be triggered by touch, as well.

Tingting ASMR's Youtube Channel

  • Tingting ASMR - YouTube
    Hello, my name is Tingting, welcome to my ASMR channel! I will be creating videos to help you relax, tingle, and sleep. There's a lot of stress in this world...

[ASMR] Relaxing Ancient Chinese Pharmacy

Who Is Tingting ASMR?

Tingting ASMR is an ASMR artist who has been creating content since, at least, April of 2017. She has a very gentle and caring voice, a voice that easily soothes the listener. Many of her videos involve makeup roleplays, where she pretends to do your makeup. She also makes videos involving hair treatment, including one of my favorite types of ASMR roleplays; the lice check roleplay. Tingting makes a great many roleplay videos, in general. She also has a tendency to speak in a soft and slow whisper. I, personally, prefer ASMR videos where the artist chooses to talk to the listener. Some people do not enjoy this, and prefer verbal silence. Everyone has their preferences and proclivities. By the way, she also does do more traditional ASMR videos. By traditional, I mean those kinds of ASMR videos where the focus is more on creating sound and visual stimuli, not in make believe nor with an overarching theme.

[ASMR] Doctor Scalp Check and Treatment

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More About Tingting

According to Wikitubia, our artist is a Chinese woman who was born in December of 1991. (Wikitubia) As of the writing of this article, she is 30 years young. She does perform Chinese roleplays, showing a deep respect and love for her Chinese heritage. Tingting ASMR was even born in China, according to my source. (Wikitubia) Her English is proficient, and the English speaking listener can easily understand what she is saying. In Tingting's videos, her personality shines through her work, as caring, sweet, kind, and attentive. She comes across, in her works, as someone who the observer would love to be best friends with. She comes off as your best friend, as someone who has known you intimately since childhood. When she talks, she sometimes will even do things, like ask you a question. This increases the feeling of the scenario being an actual interaction between close friends. She will even repeat words, which has, at times, been a popular theme in the ASMR community. Her kindness emanates from her every action and word, making her videos a delight for the senses, as well as the soul.

Tingting has a massive channel following, with 2.21 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. This doesn't necessarily include the other, unsubscribed, people who may know of her, and those who may even listen fondly to her videos. She was even listed as number two in a list of the "31 best ASMR ARTISTS", in 2021. (Osborn) Tingting ASMR also has almost 15 thousand followers on Twitter. The woman has 76.4 thousand followers on her Instagram, as well. Moreover, she has over five thousand followers on Facebook.

Tingting's Instagram


Tingting ASMR is one of the best ASMRtists I have come across, in my years of being active in the community. Her voice, and ability to roleplay, along with her personality and natural talent make her one of the most influential and enjoyable ASMR artists to listen to. Her voice is a great guide for the spirit on its journey into the lands of dreams. She's one of my all-time favorite ASMR creators, and she's one of the few ASMR artists whos videos are, in my personal opinion, almost always perfect.

[ASMR] Helping You Get The Best Sleep Ever


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