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5 Timeless 80s Songs

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Icon of the 80s and beyond, Michael Jackson.

Icon of the 80s and beyond, Michael Jackson.

The 80s was an era of big shoulder pads, big hair and big pastel colors. It was big! A lot of the fashion and music of the time come off as schlocky and corny but much of the music is actually timeless and was good back then and still stands up to this day. Here I present several songs that I say were good at the time, withstood that day's conventions, and so still exist as iconic songs today.

Here is my list of 5 timeless 80s songs.

Freddie Mercury from the famous rock band, Queen, who had many hits in the 80s.

Freddie Mercury from the famous rock band, Queen, who had many hits in the 80s.

Down Under - Men at Work

For me, this song is timeless. I liked it back in the 80s when it came out and I still like it. It's got that calypso vibe characteristic of this band, a sort of pre-Ska band that used subject matter that was a departure from the standard pop love song. The song is catchy and makes you want to dance, with great visuals and storylines, and the lyrics are well-crafted. There is some comic relief in the song but the music itself is well-executed and creative, and Colin Hay's voice and delivery is sublime.

Oh, Mickey - Toni Basil

Possibly one of the most visually appealing music videos of the early 80s, with cute cheerleaders and cute Toni Basil singing the song, the tune itself is also arguably the catchiest on this list. It has a chorus you can imagine a gaggle of teenage girls at the school cafeteria chanting in unison for the fun of it or for their latest crushes. Toni's punk sensibility also adds to the appeal of this song and the music video, punk being somewhat of a mainstay of sorts during the era.

Just pure 80s fun.

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I Love Rock and Roll - Joan Jett

Rock and roll, baby! Joan Jett has that tough girl appeal, I'm sure there were plenty of teenagers crushing over her back in the pastel shoulder pad 80s. She stuck out like a sore thumb and was a relief and departure from the plethora of bad fashion choices of the 80s. Another punk rock icon, that layer of punk in her songs strangely makes them timeless.

And who can't rock out to this song? It's the kind of song you break out into at the office and end up having the whole crew singing along. Rock on!

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

I mean, c'mon. That beat. Can't get over that beat. And then the bass-line. And then Michael Jackson's distinctive exquisite voice leading into this story of false accusation and injustice. Pure Michael Jackson magic.

But it got even more magical watching Michael's performance of the song, introducing his signature moonwalk move. During an era of breakdancing, it just can't be beat. The drama, the danceability, that voice. Magic song for sure!

Michael Jackson's Iconic Performance of Billie Jean

Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

This song used to come on the radio on the school bus when I was a kid and the driver would blast it and the kids would go crazy. It's just that kind of song. Again, that distinctive beat, that bass, that storyline, Freddy Mercury's incredible voice, the drama. You hear that bass-line and you know that song is coming and it moves you. Truly an iconic song of the 80s!

These five songs stand out in my mind as far as music of the 80s era, that I loved back then and still love to this day; because they are universal and not bound by era, trends or fads. It's all just good music with themes everyone of every generation can relate to. The music is music that immediately makes the brain and body respond, with rhythms and subject matter that inspires and elicit emotion held by all.

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