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Tiger and Bunny 2 on Netflix

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And like that, I was excited.

And like that, I was excited.


Tiger and Bunny 2 premiered Friday April 8th 2022 on Netflix, and fans are excited. I should know because I thought the second season would never happen. It had been a decade, and there was no news of a second season. As a result I at least was pleasantly surprised when I saw a trailer for Tiger and Bunny 2 three months ago.

But things that led up to the second season was a process, of which we’ll get into.

The boys are back in action

The boys are back in action

How we got here...

Back in April of 2021 it was announced by Anime News Network that there would be a Tiger and Bunny Season 2. The plot was set after the events of Tiger and Bunny The Movie:”The Rising.” And on December 2021 the second season was announced to be released on April 8th 2022 on Netflix with 25 episodes.

Honestly despite my excitement for the second season, I was worried about the English dub cast since Tiger and Bunny 2 was going to be a Netflix exclusive and not licensed by Funimation. However I had forgotten that the cast in Funimation’s dub was outsourced to LA. And thankfully the original cast got to reprise their roles. And the reception on “My Anime List was 7.66,” which is fair given what the series is.

I reached out to Funimation to see why they didn't get the license, and they told me, the following:"Acquiring a title is a lengthy process, and Funimation is constantly researching new acquisitions, but at this time we're temporarily unable to offer this show, but rest assured, we're working closely with our licensing partners to continue to bring you all your favorite anime on Funimation."

Which is where I feel like an idiot, because I'm aware of the process of licensing anime. The negotiating process and bidding. This made reach out to Netflix, but haven't heard back from them.

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I expected him to be like Booster Gold... Oh how wrong I was.

I expected him to be like Booster Gold... Oh how wrong I was.

The Conclusion...

All and all while I’m disappointed that it’s featured exclusively on Netflix and not Funimation(now Crunchyroll), I’m glad Tiger and Bunny season 2 exist. Especially since at the risk of being redundant I was certain this wouldn’t happen. But in hindsight since Tiger and Bunny got two films, I should’ve figured we’d get a season 2. That’s what I get for not paying attention. And from what I've seen the first six episodes, and I will give my first impressions later.

Tiger and Bunny 2 Main Trailer

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